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new or best type of home heating energy available?

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  • new or best type of home heating energy available?

    I will be moving into a large, older home between now and March of 08 and the only heat source is a wood insert in the fireplace in the den. Is there any reliable new source of home heating devices available on the market now? I've checked into wall mounted radient heat that can be controlled in each room but the instalation cost can be spendy. Any ideas? The house is located near the coast (9 miles from beach) in Oregon. Are any of the things mentioned on this thread good for home heating?

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    heat for home

    Hi Rhozzi,

    the E Heat panels are good quality and low cost. All you have to do is mount them on the wall and plug them in. I can't imagine how installation would cost much. I think it is not much more difficult than hanging a picture.

    Jessica has some of these exact ones in some rental property, maybe she can tell you what was necessary to mount them.

    Also, I'd look into painting the interior walls and ceilings and mix the ceramic paint additive to lock the heat in. You will use a lot less energy to heat.
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      heat panels...

      One type of radient heat panels I found have to be hard-wired into the house by an electrician and considering the rooms are quite large, it would take 2 or more panels per room. I'll look into your suggestion. Thank you. Rhozzi