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  • Originally posted by Turion
    You're right. Time will tell.
    Yeah David take it easy and let everyone riding the MM train fall
    back to sleep.

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    • Ok. After so much focusing on toroidal part G (and I really wish good luck with part G in the other thread because I would really love to see this device succedding) it is time to go back to the foundations.

      KISS philosophy : Keep It Simple Stup..

      Two electromagnets in repulsion with two opposing fields to move the magnetic lines back and forth along the center induced coil to create flux cutting induction (E = v·B ) in the induced wires without any movement, and therefore without any dragging ( Virtual motion = No Lenz effect )


      • BTW, this is one of my test devices

        Two set of three identical coils. 90 mm diameter and 50 mm thickness. 300 turns. Wire 1 mm diameter.

        I will not share any further pictures because all it is represented in the previous one. I already posted some pics and results in OU dot com forum some months ago.

        This is just to show that there are more builders than those who proclaims themselves as builders, one of them without even showing yet any picture of a coil.


        • If you want to get some quick results with two electromagnets in repulsion just test this simple circuit with 4 diodes to give two alternating signals. Easily and in few minutes you may get around 30% efficiency.

          Remember that the coils (electromagnets) create a filter (RL filter) over the input signals and they get smoothed and then both signals get superposed partially, which is more similar to the signals proposed by Figuera in the 1908 patent. This is just a quick test for non-believers in induction done with two electromagnets in repulsion.

          Input signals

          Output signals - after RL filter ( Filter time constant = L/R = 0.007 sec. )
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          • Hello guys lets make a "new" start.
            Copied some quotes from patent 44267 with essential text, with focus on the reationship between S, N and the y coils.

            1) therefore, the intensity of the magnetic field , this is, the flow which crosses the induced circuit.

            2) by two series of electromagnets which form the inductor circuit, between whose poles the reels of the induced are properly placed.

            3) fixed and motionless, composed of several reels or coils, properly placed.

            4) The machine comprise a fixed inductor circuit, consisting of several
            electromagnets with soft iron cores exercising induction in the induced circuit,

            5) TEXT from HANON post#835
            Why did he mention that "in no case it has to be any communication between the induced wire and the inducer wire"

            ( I could not find the exactly right text, original, Help me Hanon? )

            To succeed with the Figuera concept we have to concentrate our effort on the "transformer"-part. How to send out power to the Y-coils whithout that fellow don't kick back to primary? A "magnetic DIODE transformer"! See hanons question!
            When we have solved this task then we can go back and improve the G-part.

            This is how I see things here. / Arne
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            • "How to send out power to the Y-coils whithout that fellow don't kick back to primary?"

              By properly placing induced coils, where reflected flux from S with an induced S pole will find an alternative route for the Y-BEMF through N coil. The bucking N-Y-N config topology doesn't allow that.
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              • --> kEhYo77
                No luck to me when I tested that.
                Perhaps this transformer is too similar to those we use daily. Or the bucking path not being balanced enough. When max output occurs with load, also the biggest back kick occurs. At that moment one primary via "brush" is more or less "connected" to +, low impedance. The other pimary is not (G-resistance/ inductance in between) high impedance. And with air gaps the performance is well below 100%. We want OU

                Below in my pictures you can see my interpretation how the magnetic paths may go to avoid back kick. Primary "talks to" secondary but secondary can't talk back because the magnetic paths are perpendicular. First pic Sideways to Prims. and Upp/Down to Sec. (like a speaker) / Arne
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                • "Why did he mention that "in no case it has to be any communication between the induced wire and the inducer wire"

                  I think it simply means, no electrical connection between those 2 coils.
                  But just my opinion.


                  • "" I could not find the exactly right text, original "" Now I have. It's from patent No. 57955 (1914).

                    "" ...os, pero sin que en ningún caso haya comunicación alguna entre el devanado inducido y el devanado inductor

                    => ""but in no case has any communication between the armature winding and the field winding""

                    N.B. no communication in reverse of course !

                    This is the OU-builders Holy Grail number One: Do not kill the dipole (input, prime mover) / Arne


                    • Pathetic

                      I'm sorry for interrupting what ever you people are trying to accomplish here but i have to clear the air from the disgusting stench coming from Turion's mouth.


                      How pathetic and disgusting of you to bad mouth me like you did. you know i am having major financial difficulties and am scraping by. that's really pathetic coming from an old man man that should know better. but that is not the worst of it, he said not one month ago that he was going to try to fund me in my efforts. as i knew he was LYING HIS ARSE OFF but i went with it. of course it was all BS from the start so you see people DON'T TRUST THIS LYING BACK STABBER as far as you can throw him. i wonder if his wife knows he is a LYING, BACK STABBING, TRASH TALKING S.O.B.

                      i would post every pm he sent me but he is being perfectly pathetic on his own.

                      again i am sorry for interupting what ever your trying to do.

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                      • MM, Turion, All
                        Please, gentlemen, restrict such talk here. Use PM. I'm anyhow not interested.


                        • Originally posted by seaad View Post
                          MM, Turion, All
                          Please, gentlemen, restrict such talk here. Use PM. I'm anyhow not interested.

                          Why did you wait til Turion Man chimed in to tell everyone to be quiet?

                          If you people want to spread grief on our key members and think you will
                          somehow be hidden so you won't be corrected? You have another thing
                          coming. It has been clear who sides with who and you all have shown
                          us who and what you are.

                          Let me put it another way, you may ramble on all you like. You may ignore
                          and demean those whom you are jealous over spewing your arrogant
                          lines of ridicule but then don't expect that you will not be put in your place

                          As far as I can see the information you all post has been there since the
                          beginning of time yet you elbow, kick, bulldog anyone who has a working
                          unit that YOU SAY is wrong.

                          So many have shown their true colors this time and I never forget an
                          encounter. What Dave has offered you right from the first post, way
                          back was exactly what you need to hear and he still would help you
                          even after you zhit on him, he is that great of a person.

                          But you have no idea what I am talking about so this is a waste of time
                          for you, I apologize.

                          So I guess I had better be quiet like you command?


                          • similar tec like figura
                            japan patent
                            Attached Files


                            • DETAILED DESCRIPTION
                              [Detailed Description of the Invention]
                              [0001][Field of the Invention] The power supply for electric vehicles, generator for plant [0002] The power plant of the [Description of the Prior Art] former is generated with the energy by nuclear fission etc. using a fossil fuel, uranium, etc.
                              [Problem(s) to be Solved by the Invention]Although the method of converting mass to energy has nuclear fission and an annihilation reaction by combination of nuclear fusion, other particles, and an antiparticle conventionally, the antiparticle cannot perform extensive generation by some labors in the present technology, but utilization is still impossible. Then, anti-magnetism is one of those can carry out extensive generation by some labors instead of an antiparticle. If there is anti-electrical and electric equipment of an anti-electron and antiproton, naturally it will be predicted that there is also anti-magnetism and an antiparticle and anti-magnetism will become equivalent in terms of quanta.
                              [0003]If there is an annihilation reaction of an antiparticle, naturally, there is also an annihilation reaction of anti-magnetism and it has taken out the big energy generated at the annihilation reaction by combination with right magnetism and anti-magnetism as electric power. Although an antiparticle is if it is simply generated around the black hole in Dr. Hawking's theory, it is impossible for us to obtain the antiparticle.
                              [0004][Means for Solving the Problem]Then, if a ring-core type magnetism mini black hole is built artificially, anti-magnetism is easily generable with slight energies. When it describes with Drawings, structure of a magnetic mini black hole, By a method of Fig.1, a plurality of coils of an about 50-set 50 phase are wholly rolled in the same direction like 2, and 50 sets of leads on the winding start side are packed into one, and it is considered as one pole, a total of 50 rectifiers 3 are altogether prepared in a direction of the winding finish side on the pole of the same +, and it collects into the surroundings of the ring core 1 one.
                              [0005]If the coil 5 for three phase alternating currents is arranged the outside and inside a ring-core type magnetism mini black hole, and an about 600-Hz three phase alternating current is passed inside and they are made to generate a revolving magnetic field like Fig.2, If induced voltage occurs in a coil of a ring core and the output current is rectified, it will become a very smooth direct current by a plurality of source resultant pulse numbers and capacitors 4. In about 25 sets of a single-sided half of 50 sets of coils wound around a ring core, Induced voltage of a forward direction occurs to a rectifier, and induced voltage of an opposite direction occurs in about 25 sets of the remaining one side half, Since current flows into a coil of a single-sided half of a ring core, positive magnetism occurs and current does not flow into a coil of the remaining one side half, there is no electromotive force, but equivalent anti-magnetism by an equivalence principle is generated, and a rotary type pear of right magnetism of Fig.3 and anti-magnetism is generated instead of.
                              [0006][Equivalent description of anti-magnetism] Although there are an electromagnet and a permanent magnet in a magnet, only in the single-sided half of a ring core like Fig.4, densely, about a coil, when winding current is sent, the inside of a ring core has little magnetic resistance, and magnetic flux becomes the one closed electromagnet A which aligned at the single tier. However, two magnetism of rightward facing the left like Fig.5 occurs, two points which collided become a n pole and the south pole, and the massive ring core placed into a revolving magnetic field like Fig.5 and the magnetism which the induced current by a revolving magnetic field flowed through and generated in the short-circuit-winding type ring core become A and a B-2 piece magnet. If an induced current flows into the ring core placed into the revolving magnetic field, A and the B-2 piece magnetism which faced each other will usually occur.
                              [0007]In the case of the ring-core type magnetism mini black hole of Fig.3, In spite of being placed into the revolving magnetic field, A and B-2 piece magnetism occur in the direction which aligned at the single tier, It is not because unlike the case of ordinary electromagnet Fig.4 B was only ****(ed) by the magnetism of one side A and it aligned, It means that an anti-electron is electrified physically at the surroundings on the ring-core B side, it considers that it is equal to the magnetomotive force which occurred since anti-current flowed, and the anti-electron is flowing physically by the equivalence principle of an electromagnet and a permanent magnet even if the anti-electron is not actually flowing into the surroundings of B, and anti-magnetism was generated. Anti-magnetism is in direct proportion to output power, and is generated. Only when the ring-core type magnetism mini black hole is placed on in the hall [ by a revolving magnetic field / electromagnetic ], pair creation of the equivalent anti-magnetism is carried out, and in ordinary electromagnet Fig.4, the magnetism of the whole ring core only turns into a series of closed right magnetism.
                              [0008]The point which it is careful of needs to make output current the smoothest possible direct current, in the pulsating flow of exchange or change with an intense output, in the magnetic flux which occurred in the ring core, a direction changes with change of output current continuously, magnetic flux flows out outside then, magnetic energy is lacked, and pair creation does not break out. Since an inductance is high, a voltage drop breaks out. Since the pear of the right magnetism which carried out pair creation into the ring-core type magnetism mini black hole, and anti-magnetism annihilates, magnetic flux is not emitted outside but is nonresistant to an outside revolving magnetic field, It does not act on an external three phase coil, but the three phase current of an input has the power unrelated to the size of downstream output power by Lenz's law, and it is substantially fixed. Input power is the agency energy for inducing a pair creation reaction, and is not the energy of direct-output electric power.
                              [0009]Like Fig.6, by returning the electric power of 1(4%)/25 degree of a dc output as electric power of a three phase alternating current inverter, and circulating through it, pair creation and an annihilation reaction can be caused continuously and continuous big electric power can be taken out by electric power multiplication. Power generation as output 15kW can be performed like input 500W as an example.
                              [0010][Effect of the invention] This permanent generator is an electric power growth machine using the annihilation quantum reaction of anti-magnetism and right magnetism, Since the power supply for electric vehicles and the large-sized thing for plant can also be built, and a fossil fuel etc. are not needed like the conventional power plant, since big electric power can be generated even if small, but infinite space serves as resources, it becomes energy saving and pollution-free permanent clean energy.
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                              • Originally posted by qwekw View Post
                                similar tec like figura
                                japan patent
                                Hi qwekw,

                                Could you tell the patent number?

                                Thanks, Gyula