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  • Lenz Force and Repusion Fields...

    Hello to All,

    Been busy for a while, and just a few minutes to post about Lenz and its relation to Repulse Forces...

    First, in a Repulsion Field we have -at least- Two B-Fields facing each others, and while many have written that they cancel...I do not think so...B-Fields, considered Vectors of Directional Force are there at all time during repulsion interactions, causing the compression we all feel...don't you think if they would cancel...we'll still be able to feel this magnificent forces fighting each others?

    The ones that we could say that "apparently" Cancel...are the N-S Vectors in Attraction, actually not cancelling but giving birth to a new Field of different and greater geometrical configuration as the two originators...

    In the Figuera case, we have that same High Compression Repulsion Field exactly at the center of the secondary core, and as we displace N1-N2 in unison (if we do not keep them in unison, the centered field will loose compression, and induction will drop) the compressed field would move through secondary core and coils back and forth generating an induction.

    Lenz, in this kind of induction would have to "split" in two vectors, To a "Dual Travel"... depending on the compression field displacement, therefore Lenz would tend to cancel to zero in every back-forth displacement (which represents a full cycle here) of the Virtual Repulse Compressed Field movement.

    This Thread would just be opening "the gates" for the new approaching horizons and future possibilities we never had before, or never thought would be ever possible at all... related to the old concepts like: "Induced EMF", "Lenz Forces", Cutting "Imaginary Lines of Force"...etc,etc

    If you want to do another experiment...just take off that iron core from the secondary...then start moving the compressed field at primaries coils-cores...and would observe almost no induction at all compared when iron was what does this tells you?

    Does it tells you the Imaginary Lines of Force were still "Cutting" the conductors now?...and they supposedly were doing so...but why no induction now?

    This simple experiment tells you very clear, that induction starts at Iron Core first, then it transfers to copper coils...simple.

    Regards to all

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    Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


    • Mario, J_dove,

      Could you post a picture of your test devices to see the differences?


      • No fulin

        I don't believe you. ha, ha, ha, ha.
        things that make you go hummmmm !



        • Vector Potential

          While i will leave my true feelings of Feynman aside , (as i think he is an idiot) the vector potential is rather a vague attempt of QM or TR vain attempt to rationalize a magnetic field caused by the vaccum of space acting on mater as a whole. with out mater there would be no magnetic field causing duality of space which is nothing but high and low pressures of Eather it self.

          i tend to agree with NT as all matter receives it's energy from an out side source. thus we are no better than a plant that receives it's potential from the vacuum of space.
          imagine that !

          every molecule in space is connected to this sub fraimwork of space, whether from plants, animals or the very molicules that occupy our iron cores. each one utilizes the space vacuum as a conducting mechanism for energy that allows us to exist in space. without this conducting mechanism, we would not exist.

          wow, to many beers last night.

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          • Jeff,

            I used two coils with a NN on one and a SS on the other and had a magnetic closed circuit
            I'm not sure what exactly your setup looks like?

            In the attached picture is what I mean. It can't get any simpler in representing the basic setup. Two opposing magnets with core in between with a slidable coil on it.I've also tried longer cores, ferrite and iron. When I short the coil it get's harder to move it back and forth. You have to move it pretty fast to see the difference between open and shorted of course, else you won't feel the difference.

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            • Lenz force

              I much appreciate your response and yes I made a setup just as you show in your photo.
              But as I said I can't detect any Lenz force and I moved it as fast as I can by hand . I also made a setup as I stated which is as the video posted in POST 870. It was in Spanish but you only need see it to understand what was going on .
              I will try to post a photo later this evening so you can see mine . Am not exactly sure how to post photos on here .

              My coils are commercial made solenoid coils of 120 ohms each . .375 H .
              I have no answer as to why we get get different results ,
              Not saying your wrong just don't see it in my setup .
              I hope to continue with the device and also like to discuss this with you .
              Again , thank you for your reply to me .



              • Induction


                Referring to the end of post # 1089 about the experiment.
                induction is still taking place whether the iron cores are present of not. iron atoms act as amplifiers, amplifying the magnetic field increasing induction as much as 50,000 time the original field.

                J Dove;

                easier to click post reply.
                type reply.
                go to website, upload pic.
                click pic, right click, copy link.
                click yellow mountain
                paste URL in post.
                submit reply.

                Free pic hosted from Hanon post # 1081 at bottom is link to pic hosting site. entergetic only allows a small amount of space for pic posting so it is better to post pic on other site and link pic.

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                • Jeff, I think I know why you don't see the same as I do. My coils are low resistance/inductance coils, If I remember correctly it's about 0.5 ohms or so.
                  Are you familiar with the low drag generator coils principle from other threads?

                  When shorted, the high inductance of your indued coil creates a phase shift of the CEMF magnetic field, so it doesn't counter the inducer. Instead of shorting the coil, try putting a resistor as a load across the coils, maby in the 50-100 ohm area. Or try a low resistance/inductance coil and short it.



                  • Toroid sequence short video

                    Hello to All,



                    A short video (much better this time) about the Rotation of Fields in Part G Toroid, reflecting the stages of linear displacement on Primaries Fields.

                    And below is the main diagram at 0 of sequence:


                    Basically I would like to bring up just some main details I have specified about Diagram above, as they are essential to understand the video displacement:

                    First note I have pictured the Compressed Field as a Teal (lightest aqua blue) at Part G Positive Arrow, as also being a resulting product from both N1-N2 Primaries, realize that this Center Field does not change shape during rotation at G Part nor at Primaries, Only the Two N1-N2 Fields Expand or Shrink at the different angles in Primaries only.

                    Please note that at both angles, 0, 180 and 360 the Compressed Field in Primaries is exactly at center of Secondary Core.

                    I have set all displacements of Brush-Positive Arrow every 45 at Toroid.

                    At 90 N1 is at Max Expansion, N2 is at Max Compression at Primaries.

                    At 270 N1 is at Max Compression (receding), N2 is at Max Expansion at Primaries.

                    Finally, note that at the Toroid Winding and the Intersection with Positive Arrow, I have "painted" those specific windings in RED, where they turn, meaning they split that positive input towards both sides of Toroid windings, therefore they WILL Generate the same Polarity Field, in this case North.

                    Picture this movements like a Dual Outlet Hydraulic Pump attached through Hoses to Two Acting Pistons in a Push-Pull timing arrangement. So, when one piston is reaching Max Compression, the Second one is Exhausting its Pressure back on the Pump through the return Valve.

                    Please, trust me when I say this device works it is basically the same principle on the Generator am working on.

                    I believe in order to really build something successfully, you must either love it blindly...or just trust it will work.

                    Regards to All


                    PD: I may be editing this post for a refresh your browser every now and case I forgot some important detail.
                    Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                    • @Marathonman...

                      Hey MM,

                      Friend, I don't know if this idea about the "Floating Rotating Positive Brush along a wired Toroid to Self Excite" is on the Figuera's Device, which I read -many times- in its Original Language, which is also mine, Spanish...but, honestly I really do not care, and am not here to debate about that part with you...

                      I am just writing this words here, to greatly Congratulate You Big TIME, because of sharing it with all of Us here in the open!!!

                      I now start to understand why Figuera's called that Part "G"...and not X, Z or E...?

                      G for Generador?...or Generator? maybe?

                      Many thanks Friend!, as this not only serves me for the Figuera Device, but to also apply it to all my other developments here.



                      EDIT 1: As I am sure you may have tested this set up before with taps and separate commutator and it sure works...but have you tested it DIRECTLY Brush to exactly EACH WIRE...ONE BY ONE?

                      Am writing this because while making this diagrams and video sequences...driving it with taps which are distant from each others may cause the Field to "Jump"...which really is not a bad it would only reflect on Output Sine as"h" Jumps, still outputting but not as smooth when wire per wire contact.
                      But all that could be filtered = rectified through electronics.

                      So, now I believe it is really worth it to make that huge Toroid-Commutator Design...
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                      Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                      • Program ?


                        What cad program are you using ?

                        "but have you tested it DIRECTLY Brush to exactly EACH WIRE...ONE BY ONE?"
                        no, i have not.

                        'Many thanks Friend!, as this not only serves me for the Figuera Device, but to also apply it to all my other developments here."
                        well i guess i have accomplished my goal of changing the lives of people around this world through the blessing of this information as was ordained to me.

                        YOUR VERY MUCH WELCOME ! this thread was growing stagnant so i figured it could use a good swift kick in the backside to get moving again.

                        Jumping is not good, fluidity of movement is our goal. that is why my part G has a transistor tap at each wrap of wire around the core as low loop count will attain the goal of currant reduction.

                        so as Figuera used thick wire in his part G then so shall i.

                        in your next video use the set N set S part G naming structure to promote newcomers clarity of the Figuera device with ease of patent association.

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                        • Originally posted by j dove View Post
                          My coils are commercial made solenoid coils of 120 ohms each . .375 H .
                          I have no answer as to why we get get different results ,

                          As your coil has such a big resistance you probably are just obtaining a tenth of ampere, or less, so your magnetic field is to weak to be noted. I think Mario is refering to that in his last post.

                          I think those tests should reflect the Lenz effect (dragging) in the system , as Mario got it, because those tests are doing motional induction as in all current generators: using movement. The key is to do it motionless to avoid dragging, or braking , as you prefer to call it.

                          If nothing moves, nothing can be dragged (braked)


                          • Lenz force

                            Hanon and Mario,
                            Thank you both for your info , I see what your saying and as it maybe you are correct in it .
                            I have not a generator as of yet to test only this crude set up as I have explained . I hope to get some materials together so that I at least may make an attempt at a device . I am rather particularly at my construction of my devices so I am sure it will take some time to make .
                            I very much appreciate your advice to me , thank you .

                            MM ,

                            Thank you for the info about posting photos and I see as it was Hanon that gave the link to site . I have not yet tried it as don't really have much to show anyone .
                            Again I appreciate your giving info on you work . I also plan to construct the part G with electronic switching . Look forward to hearing about yours.



                            • Part G Core

                              Here is a shot of my part G core before i started winding/assembling.

                              as you can see it is three 522 va cores resined together. when i finish winding the other half i will post that pic.
                              cores were bought from Bridgeport Magnetics on line. Toroidal Standard and Custom Cores by Bridgeport Magnetics

                              i think they are around 15 bucks a piece.
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                              • What I still do not understand is why the toroidal part Gneed such a huge wire ( according to a previous post : 1/4" rectangular wire. This wire may withstand up to 100 amperes).

                                Even if the 7 electromagnets of each row are wired in parallel and connected together to one tap of the toroidal part G the required wire should have a section as 7xWire_electromagnet. Even this rule just will require a much smaller wire in part G winding. Please correct me if I am wrong.

                                Another question: What about stacking 3+3 MOTs of around 900 watts each if the central leg is cut out to converted into a "C core" ( 3 C cores + 3 reversed C cores) with just half wattage each (450 watts) ? I think it will be fine.
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