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  • no ranting

    Excuse me ! i don't see not one once of ranting in my post.(simple english) if you can't understand the Figuera device try the advise i gave Mario, read and study the patents. that's as plain and simple as i can put it guy. wow, to blast someone for their knowledge on a particular subject is just completely wrong.
    i even stated if there was a question just ask. now what do you want to know? just ask instead of blowing off at the mouth.
    no one was "blown off" as quoted from you. i responded with an intelligent answer that apparently you didn't approve of and if that is the case, i cant help you their.

    if you don't understand just ask!

    Ps. simple experiment, as stated in my long description post, take two opposing magnets glued to a nonmagnetic strip. with a loop of coil in between. move magnets back and forth and you will see galvanometer move with double the intensity as one magnet alone.
    this is the same action of the Figuera device. read about William Hooper and it might clear things up a bit, also read my excellent description post 873.

    sorry you have been mislead until now.
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    • Okay Okay I'll try it. This is where I am suppose to bow out gracefully
      by saying (Like the last 10,000 people have) thanks I'll go back and
      re-read the patents again and since my patent reading abilities are
      garbage I'll see you in about 20yrs.

      No you didn't do anything wrong but I am frustrated with all these
      threads that don't give any tangible connection to free energy production
      or shall I say I don't see anything here yet. There I go again asking
      for any kind of direction to the result.

      Yes I would like to know what it is, not what it is not. So far the others
      have found out what it is not. They ask to gain a point of
      reference and WOW they are just left hangin. No one ever
      said you were ranting, it's me doing that come on.

      Many devote religious men come and go leaving us with the same
      ole classic line "GO READ THE PATENTS" Ya know science being
      the cornerstone of worship.

      I guess I have that line down to a tee.

      Come on "M" Man you can help me further into this than that can't you?
      Since you are offering a deeper understanding, surely you have an
      experimental validation?

      Okay I got the part about the coil of wire and the magnets, now what
      are you doing with it? Or what can be done with it? Or what could I do
      with this to show some sort of result that will benefit others in that the
      principle shows the viewer that something never before seen is taking


      Because frankly I don't see what you see or do you see something I don't see? See how I am drowning here and those who have come and gone
      have already drowned for lack of any sort of communication with

      Not because of you, because this is a highly complex entry. I am hoping
      you are the man to spearhead this darken path for some of us.

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      • Slow down n' breath

        Wow ! you need a vacation or less medication.

        what the two opposing magnets are doing through movement are creating two motional electric fields that just so happen to support each other creating a double intensity E field. both induced are in the same direction and this is exactly what is happening in the Figuera device.

        that is two Motional Electric fields with both induced in the same direction. this can NEVER happen with N/S set up, it has to be N/N for this to work causing the B fields to be effectively canceled but the remaining E field remains intact. the secondary according to the patent is "properly placed" in this zero B field zone.
        slow down and let this wonderful information sink in and read post 873.
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        • Originally posted by marathonman View Post
          No sir, that would be incorrect.
          the two primary sets are taken up and down in opposition in unison causing the formation of a double strength E field. notice i said "UNISON" because without the exact timing of both primaries one taken up, while the other down, induction will fall to the peak of the increasing electromagnet. currant is only reduced enough to clear the secondary then raised again while the other is reduced.....never off !
          see both primary magnetic fields are occupying the same relative space in space, causing the two motional electric fields to form in the same direction complimenting each other so when the unison motion is broken, induction will fall to the peak of one electromagnet. this very fact has eluded many replicators to the point of putting the research down when in their frustration they failed to realize this very fact.

          also, there is no collapsing field to be collected in the Figuera device "EVER". if bemf is present, induction will fall to the peak of one. as the increasing electromagnet basically shoves the decreasing electromagnet out of the secondary, the energy in that confined space of the core will be shoved out the back of the primary feeding part G's core being stored like an inductor, to be used in the next half rotation of the brush. this very action allows the Figuera device to be self sustaining.
          part G's opposing fields allows this action to take place blocking the field energy from draining out, thus allowing the declining electromagnet to feed it every half turn of the brush.

          i would suggest you study all figuera patents before you attempt replication or further postings to grasp the concept of Figuera's dream device.
          go to Hanon's web site and download all the patents and study till your eyes bulge out.

          if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and i will explain the best i can. i have 10's of thousands of hrs study and research in the Figuera device, basically devoted my life to it.

          Hi MM,

          I think I'm seeing it correctly, but maybe I didn't use the right words. I'm someone who needs to visualise the basic concept in his minds eye, see the involved processes at work…
          What you describe with the 2 opposing magnets glued to a non magnetic stick moved back and forth is actually the basic process I meant. With field collapse I mean the flyback, not counter emf or back emf. So if I turn the mosfet of one coil ON the current/mag.field increases to its maximum point. When I turn it OFF the current/mag.field decreases (but still in the same direction) at a rate dictated by what the coil is connected to. In the case I mentioned it would be connected to the source battery. This results in the even up and down ramps in current/mag. fields of the to coils as show in the attached drawing (very crude..)
          Now, I know that in the original the varying currents and storage of returning energy was done with the special part G rheostat or variac. But, since we know the basic actions we want to take place, I thought what I described earlier could still do what we want.

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          • Right On the "Money" MarathonMan!

            Originally posted by marathonman

            [...THE BEST POST OF ALL...]

            Hello MarathonMan,

            It is very nice and comforting to see that at least One single person on this whole Forum is "seeing" EXACTLY what I have been repeating over and over all over this place.

            You are RIGHT ON driving EXACTLY into the real thing. The real "secret" that has been hiding for so long...

            All this time we could have JUST moved THE MAGNETIC FIELD (What I call the "Virtual", Massless, Weightless Magnetic Field and of course including the Electric Field, knowing that always Both Fields come Along...).

            You have got the perfect and MAIN "law" for this to take not EVER, allow for those Fields to Collapse.

            About "Part G"...I built it:


            Out of an Old Car Alternator slip rings...a Commutator and some brushes I designed to be able to spin at high speeds without separating from contact.

            The only difference between Figuera's Patent and what I am just about the way I am exciting coils...Figuera does it in a Linear-Reciprocating (Straight Back and Forth) action, while I am doing it in a Rotary Fashion...but the principle is Exactly the same.

            The bottom of all that IF We follow all the Fields "likes", we will get a perfect induction at the "Secondaries", which could be also called "The Induced Coils" or the "Generating Coils", etc,etc.

            I also call this Effect to "Mutate" the Fields along the cores, without allowing them to ever collapse.

            The other VERY Important that We also could do this same effect by using Only N-N or S-S facing towards the "Secondary" or "Induced"...And the advantages I see by doing this are:

            1-Coils Voltage Polarity never reverses, so only One Brush could be used while connecting a "common" kind of ground to all coils in the "Primary", or DC Exciting Field...

            2-This set up lead Us to use less complex Electronics circuitry for FET's to drive this translation of the Fields in Solid State, by using either a High or Low side signal, but only ONE SIGNAL, while we keep the other line directly connected to one end of the coils.

            The Coils geometrical arrangement between Primaries and Secondaries could be done in any "color" we all choose...straight, linear like Figuera...or closed rotary into any shape like an Ellipse, a Toroid (like Steven Marks TPU), or simply even a square or rhomboid geometry will work as well...just because it don't long as the Induced is "sandwiched" between both Inducing or Exciting Fields as it follows a sequential, -non stop- continuous pattern.

            This is the key to Free Energy guys...we spin that Virtual Field through any arrangement of ferromagnetic core elements without ever allowing it to collapse...and vualá comes free energy.

            Doesn't it feels bad thinking that Mankind could have done exactly this same thing over two hundred years ago...without ever needing to rotate those super heavy, tons of heavy steel rotors to generate electrical energy?

            Plus...If we consider that All Generators ever built out there...are not sweeping Double-Crossed Inducing Fields between "Secondaries" or "Generating Fields"...but just One Field at a time...that is a waste of -at least- Half of the Energy EVER Produced...

            Oh did fill up the pockets of all Oil Cartels for that long...

            The "Hidden, Secret Game" is over...

            I am wishing you the best of luck and success in all your future builds, as am very sure you will do get there!!


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            Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


            • Nice post UFO!
              I think you really understand it!
              With your great build skill i will not be surprise if you be one of the first to show us a working prototype.

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              • MM,

                Thanks for reviving this thread. It is always good to get skilled people involved in this project. I hope trolls do not come to f*** up this good conversation.

                Everyo e: Please study in deepth the 1908 patent https://figueragenerator.files.wordp...uera-44267.pdf

                And please note the patent notation trick to hide the repulsion between both inducers fileds.

                Rectangle N and Rectangle S could had been called as Rectangle A and Rectangle B.

                This is the real secret.

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                • Bro Mikey...experimental verification....mechanical analogy


                  • Hanon, are you 101% sure that this is the case with N and S poles being wrong? I know the patent says that it is a simplified drawing.
                    To me the whole drawing looks more and more like rectangular coils from top view. The wires touch to those rectangular lines and in the center of each coil there is an indication of what magnetic field of that coil is facing the top, the bottom is hidden and is opposite. Also, it look to me that the resistor array part might have been a cylindrical, cored inductor consisting many turns between taps and working as a variable choke. I'll try to check something similar on my setup.
                    I am not trying to sway you or anything, I'm just seeing what I see.
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                    • @hanon
                      The one Figuera concept which has obsessed me for a looong time, is that variable DC current WITHOUT COLLAPSE.

                      In my mind it drove its own path and staked altogether with the Ken W. concept about opposing poles. (high pressure space)

                      Suddenly both gave sense, and I made a setup to observe its rightness.
                      I am actually winding some coils over a ferrite ring to improve it.
                      I can see in cacharreo that Figuera is indeed well alive.


                      • Looking at Magnetic Fields...

                        Hello to All,

                        This is the way I see the magnetic fields on this patent...


                        Above is the same exact image from original patent...except for the color lines and numbers are mine.

                        I have set the contact brush at three basic positions (1, 4, 8), and based on the resistor diagram plus the connections of the DC Field feeding All Coils, Figuera is feeding at all times (no variation) the negative side, while He passes the Positive (High Side) through the contacts and resistors. (note the "+" sign at center of rotary disc.

                        So, in Position 1 the North Magnetic Field (Blue Lines) is at its Max Value, while South is at Minimum Values, since South Coils are receiving the Sum from All Resistors in series at its Positive Input. (note the South (Red Line) all the way back at position 1, while the Blue Line (North) is all the way to the front, closer to induced, secondary coils.

                        Position 2 is a "Half Way" where all coils are receiving same feeding, same resistance at positive input. So, Magnetic Fields are Identical in strength...or somewhere about, since Figuera has 13 resistors, so position 4 is NOT exactly Half Way...maybe an error...Idk...and IMHO I do not think this is relevant at all.

                        Position 3 is the complete opposite to position 1 where the South (red line) is all the way to the front (Max South), closer to Induced secondaries, while North (Blue Line) is all the way back as the weakest field, since it is adding all resistors in series to its Positive feed.

                        When we effect this variation through time, Both Magnetic Fields Polarizations fluctuate between High Mid and Low strengths in a smooth fashion thanks to resistors, as resistors also do not allow for both magnetic fields to ever collapse, even in the "in-between" contacts.

                        It should be understood that at the other side of the resistor box, are another six contacts which complete the full 360º rotation from 9 to 14 at commutator.

                        Maybe you all know this by now (I know for sure MarathonMan does)...if so, just disregard this post and am sorry.


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                        Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                        • Sorry UFO i have tough you have understand...
                          But you drawing is wrong... The primary is always in bucking!!!
                          N-N or S-S but not N-S...
                          It is always bucking but varing the intensity of one of the bucking coil at the time.

                          MM please correct me if im wrong!


                          • Originally posted by Wistiti View Post
                            Sorry UFO i have tough you have understand...
                            But you drawing is wrong... The primary is always in bucking!!!
                            N-N or S-S but not N-S...
                            It is always bucking but varing the intensity of one of the bucking coil at the time.

                            MM please correct me if im wrong!
                            Hey Wistiti,

                            Oh am sorry, but I went by the N-S Letters...and took them as poles...

                            But do not worry, it works as well for N-N or really don't matter, that could be changed by simply rotating the coils 180º and test which way give you more energy.

                            The point here is what happens to the magnetic fields, how they fluctuate back and forth with the secondary in the matter if all north, or all south or in attraction mode, N-S or S-N.

                            Do not complicate yourself with minor details...try to focus on the invisible fields and not allowing them to ever collapse...


                            Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                            • Originally posted by Jeff Pearson View Post
                              Bro Mikey...experimental verification....mechanical analogy
                              Thanks Jeff
                              I like the experiment, the endless talk is fine too. I still have the iron
                              filings I used in grade school. After studying the patent I'll come back in
                              a few years to see what device came of this.

                              I want to see hanon device. I'll keep watching for that.


                              • I think the polarity of the primary field really mathers... It must always be in
                                Bucking ... Test it, i think it is the best way to see it! 😉