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  • Originally posted by Cadman View Post
    Originally posted by matu at OU regarding the Figuera magnetic circuit



    • More OU devices with poles in repulsion. Look carefully their polarities and compare them with Clemente Figuera 1908 patent:

      Link to the webpage in PDF translated into english

      Bucking coils

      Hans Coler

      Daniel Dingel (or Dingle)

      Floyd Sweet (VTA)


      • It is actually very easy to see why Figuera chose DC over AC.
        all you have to do is make two column's for each one, one positive aspects and one negative. you will see the negative aspects under AC fill up rather fast as does DC positive aspects.
        DC electromagnets are far superior to AC electromagnet on many levels and remain in the knee of the hysteresis curve reaching efficiency levels unobtainable by AC, plain and simple. then by varying the currant slightly with part G, a constant E field is attained in the same relative space of the secondary from both primary electromagnets, just as Maxwell and Faraday had predicted and William Hooper had proven 70 years later.
        no fairytale pixi dust needed like in other proposals, just a simple part G magnetic device that splits the currant into two separate feeds from opposing magnetic fields, allowing each feed to be varied in currant in complete unison.
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        • Hi marathonman,

          I tried following the thread on OU for a while but got tired real quick of all the arguing about which way was the best way to build this device. I just reread again your excellent description of how the device works. I have studied the drawings quite a bit also and I agree with your assessment of how it works. My question is has anyone actually built a modern version of this device and gotten it to work? And has anyone come up with a relatively easy way to make this device solid state? I have some ideas about that but as the title says why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already got a nice solid state circuit designed. I am thinking a couple of power transistors driven in class A amplifier mode by two sine waves 180 degrees apart should allow you to control both coils as you describe. Thanks for any info you can share.

          I disagree with you on one point. Overall AC has a lot more advantages than DC. But in certain situations and devices DC has the advantage and this device is certainly one of those.

          Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone.


          • replication

            Yes, there has been a replication of the 1908 patent but unfortunately he does not or rather will not come forward. i guess he is protecting his family and i can respect that.
            according to him, he took an 100 amp alternator that has brushes built into the fan hub assembly and converted it into part G controller. he said the key to non sparking was the grinder he used to grind a flat spot on the wire face. he said he ground it at the speed which the device operated at and that the finished device had so little wear in operation that he was completely taken by surprise.

            after months and months of intense study of part G, it's rotation and interactions with the rest of the system, i realized i could use PNP transistors on the high side to mimic the rotation of the brush. in a make before break set up, i could replace the rotating brush to make the system completely non moving and still function just like the original part G should all while allowing the receding electromagnet's inductive kick back into part G as it is shoved out of the secondary core to allow self sustainment. if one was to place taps at certain intervals around the core with PNP Mosfets in a make before break scenario, rotation could be completely synthesized and operate in the same manor as the original device parameters.

            i have designed a timing board to allow an adjustment of the make before break timing and the power Mosfet board but i'm not ready to place it in prime time just yet, still need a few tweeks. the cooling fins can be had on ebay for a decent price but the power Mosfets are really expensive.

            PS. i forgot to tell you, the device replication has been running for a year and a half at 5 kilowatt output with plans to expand to 15 kilowatt to be completely grid free.

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            • pcb manufacture

              I have found and use this pcb board manufacturer. the quality is good, the prices are unbelievably low and shipping is very prompt. i have used them for about a year now and i am VERY pleased with their service. if you need any boards made, do yourself a favor and check em out, you won't be sorry. the link is to their web site is below.

              China PCB Prototype & Fabrication Manufacturer - PCB Prototype the Easy Way


              • timing board


                The timing circuit i chose is a Schmitt inverter ic through an AND then decade counters. the output is protected by high power Photodarlington Output Optocouplers. i also gave the board the ability to adjust the make before break timing giving me a little more control. i chose to mount the high power PNP Mosfets on a separate board so i can have maximum thermal management, encasing the two fin sets to form a tunnel to be cooled by a set of fans in a push pull set up. the fan control board i designed allows me to use three fan sets if so needed with thermal adjustments to be set for what ever temp i so choose.
                by the design parameters i so chose, i will have the ability to completely mimic the rotation of the original part G device while maintaining all it's proper functions while remaining motionless in it's operation.

                contrary to certain Figuera followers, part G can "NOT" be omitted if self sustainment is to be the goal. if the inductive kick back from the declining electromagnet being shoved out the secondary is not preserved and stored for later use, then self sustainment will NEVER be attained. you will end up with a device that needs a constant power supply and that is not what we want. then all you have left is a complicated "transformer" but certain individuals can not grasp this concept of reality and so chose the easier path of ignorance and deception instead of studying and researching the patents in depth.

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                • That sounds good. I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out for you.

                  Take care,
                  Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone.


                  • designs

                    The design software i use is DipTrace, first pic is timing board (work in progress) second pic is PNP power Mosfets on separate board ( good to go) and third pic is thermal fan controller board.
                    moving forward.
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                    • Originally posted by marathonman View Post
                      I have found and use this pcb board manufacturer. the quality is good, the prices are unbelievably low and shipping is very prompt. i have used them for about a year now and i am VERY pleased with their service. if you need any boards made, do yourself a favor and check em out, you won't be sorry. the link is to their web site is below.

                      China PCB Prototype & Fabrication Manufacturer - PCB Prototype the Easy Way
                      Wow, they are cheap! I nearly electrocuted myself not long ago building mains-powered stuff on veroboard. This would seem a safer route! Thanks for the link.


                      • part G

                        While resistors may seem tempting they do nothing but get hot, waste power and high power resistors are damn expensive. in the patent, the device is shown in it's most elementary form (resistor) for understanding of the function and never states resistors, as in plural sense and is connected to the commutator bars thus to set N and set S.
                        the only other way to resist currant in Figuera's time was through the use of a magnetic field in which he used in part G.
                        that is why part G has a core;
                        1. to use two opposing magnetic time varying fields to change currant intensity in complete unison.
                        2. to store the inductive kick back from the receding electromagnet being shoved out of the secondary.
                        if you negate #2 your device will never achieve self sustainment, part G is mandatory.

                        just something to think about in your journey.

                        your welcome.
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                        • Blast from the past

                          This video i found is from Barcelona Spain in 1908, the time of Figuara's patent #44267 as he was living their at the time. i can not tell if the street lights were DC or not but by observing the video and the technology, i would say yes, they were using DC then. it doesn't really matter because i know the 1908 device is DC ran.
                          take a ride from the eyes of the master. Mr Figuera himself.
                          ps. tram cars are DC driven.

                          A Ride Through Barcelona 101 Years Ago
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                          • Hi Marathonman,

                            I have seen some info about this device on the P.J Kelly handbook but never really looked at it in detail. After having read your explanation a few posts ago I tried to get an idea of what is needed to accomplish the needed action in the coils.
                            Maybe I'm oversimplifying things, so correct me if I'm off…

                            We want the 2 opposing power coils to basically alternate each other. While N is turned ON its magnetic field starts building up in a ramp, at the same time coil S has been turned OFF and its field is decreasing. We want to be able to collect and store the energy of the 2 collapsing fields.

                            The easiest way I can think of is to use power mosfets. The one driving the first coil with a 50% duty cycle square wave, the one of the second with the inverse square wave of the first. Even better is to be able to control the duty cycles in sync, for that we could use a SG1524 or similar dual flip flop chip as a drive signal.
                            To collect the collapsing field of each coil we could make the coils bifilar and use the second wire to collect back to the battery via diode. Or make a half bridge mosfet setup for each coil and collect from the power coil directly via diodes back to the battery.

                            I think the square wave signal could work, as the current rises in a steady ramp and so is the decrease if routed back to the battery. Depending on size and load impedance, frequency and duty cycle could be adjusted. The magnetic fields strengths would be similar to the crossfade of 2 audio tracks.

                            just some thoughts,



                            • Timing

                              No sir, that would be incorrect.
                              the two primary sets are taken up and down in opposition in unison causing the formation of a double strength E field. notice i said "UNISON" because without the exact timing of both primaries one taken up, while the other down, induction will fall to the peak of the increasing electromagnet. currant is only reduced enough to clear the secondary then raised again while the other is reduced.....never off !
                              see both primary magnetic fields are occupying the same relative space in space, causing the two motional electric fields to form in the same direction complimenting each other so when the unison motion is broken, induction will fall to the peak of one electromagnet. this very fact has eluded many replicators to the point of putting the research down when in their frustration they failed to realize this very fact.

                              also, there is no collapsing field to be collected in the Figuera device "EVER". if bemf is present, induction will fall to the peak of one. as the increasing electromagnet basically shoves the decreasing electromagnet out of the secondary, the energy in that confined space of the core will be shoved out the back of the primary feeding part G's core being stored like an inductor, to be used in the next half rotation of the brush. this very action allows the Figuera device to be self sustaining.
                              part G's opposing fields allows this action to take place blocking the field energy from draining out, thus allowing the declining electromagnet to feed it every half turn of the brush.

                              i would suggest you study all figuera patents before you attempt replication or further postings to grasp the concept of Figuera's dream device.
                              go to Hanon's web site and download all the patents and study till your eyes bulge out.

                              if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and i will explain the best i can. i have 10's of thousands of hrs study and research in the Figuera device, basically devoted my life to it.

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                              • I see many people popping in on this thread over a LONG period of
                                time with each person pointing out with dramatics their thoughts on the
                                subject. Then the guys like me get lost wondering which way to turn
                                or thinking that maybe someone out of all these people could throw
                                together a quick video or even lay out an experiment that shows the
                                reasoning for any conclusion.

                                Nope. None of the above instead what we have are boasters who play
                                a game of cat and mouse. Next the little people chime in with real world
                                questions based on real principles who are shooting in the dark and always
                                shot down.

                                Why don't we all just say that none of us knows what's really going on
                                OR show an example to prove that you do understand. Cause I sure
                                don't and can't follow all of these long lines of gibberish without some
                                honest to goodness experiments in the said direction.

                                Turion and Mario both have picked good questions that were cast off
                                without a care, questions I would have asked if I were smart enough on
                                the subject, questions that looked like to me should get us all involved
                                with a hands on experiment.

                                Nope again. No way, just more speculation.

                                Will someone with a need to get to the bottom of this explain what this
                                is all about? Is there and experimental principle that anyone can show
                                here that gets us all to another new plane of understanding?

                                I mean isn't that what we are here for?

                                Nope, just rambling without a clue and this is making me wonder if
                                I am going mad.
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