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  • Making independently wound "asymmetric" motors with only 1 commutator

    I think you can make independently wound electric motors with only one commutator. To be a Tesla style motor they must comply with Tesla patent 390414 as Ufo has stated in this thread, the key of which is the motor must have independently wound coils. It is my theory that, contrary to the stated need for two commutators, it may be done with just one commutator. The conditions are that the motor must have an even number of poles/commutator segments, and it must be wound as many of Ufo's earlier designs, with a given coil having a N coil group on one side of the motor with the winding jumping across the shaft to generate the S coil group, with the wire end of whole coil exiting out the other side of the single brush set. easy-peasy. This will exclude his homopolar designs. Haven't done this yet, so many fish to fry, may try it teaching my grand kids sometime soon... I would not try it on motors with less than 6 poles. I will also be targeting closer to 2 ohms resistance per coil, trying to get similar amp draws as the original shell of the Edison style motors, as this will make performance comparisons much easier.
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