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      • Originally posted by GChilders View Post

        Midaz I cannot agree with your suppositions as to the superiority of symmetrical motors v/s asymmetrical. I have replicated many of these designs and found all of them to be superior to the symmetrical method of winding. If all you are looking for is performance at any cost then you are still incorrect in your assumptions.


        Hello Gary, many thanks for your deep and detailed message. For the last five days I have waiting to really reply but due to some circumstances was not able to. All the same you more or less stated what I had in mind.
        Some people seem to forget that this thread is really of R&D nature. The primary trait of a hypothesis is that something can be tested and that those tests can be replicated. To this end you correctly stated how our R&D Asymmetrical motors are evolving one step at a time. UFO has led the design and development based on the outcomes of the prior experimental model of these motors. UFO at no stage ever declared that particular model was going to the final perfect model. Hey symmetric motors have been in the game over 100 years+. UFO and team have covered great deal of ground just in few years. The R&D just means that it is in a constant development and better and better asymmetric motor configurations are presented by UFO based on the experimental results of the prior models.
        Some individuals as you stated wanted asymmetric motor should be built with same gauge and length of wire as the symmetric motor to compare them side by side. I say to those guys, "I want a motor that will be a motive workhorse that will use power economically." I do not care if it needs more copper wire.

        @UFO please keep the R&D going and lets concentrate on our goal. As Gary stated this R&D thread (and UFO's other threads) are open source. It appears some really wanted to use the opportunity to use the open source work of this thread as their own.

        @UFO you are greatly respected and admired for making your work open source from the DAY ONE. You saw the light by keeping your work open source . Compared to the symmetric electrical systems of the 100+ years, you+team are moving forward at light speed ahead with this alternative asymmetric electrical engineering science R&D. For example, LINUX succeeded by being open source and look what happened Kapanandez's (for profit) energy machines. After all these years, the bankers with whom Kapanande signed the intellectual work behind his work, to this day have not produced a single unit.

        For 2015, my goals are
        1. Build and test ALL NORTH IMPERIAL MOTOR
        2. Build low lenz generator based on the Syair Putra Generator concept.

        Gary, UFO, and all the hard working members of the UFO-TEAM the warmest of warmest regards.



        • Re: Gchilders post 7351 and my unipolar progress

          Originally posted by GChilders View Post

          Midaz I cannot agree with your suppositions as to the superiority of symmetrical motors v/s asymmetrical. I have replicated many of these designs and found all of them to be superior to the symmetrical method of winding.
          "The benefit of cold electricity is in the cooling of the coils! Nikola Tesla discovered this effect and UFOPolitics has discovered it in his own winds."

          Very nice analysis Garry!

          Paul LaViolette in his book The Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion discusses microwave patents that have leaked out from aerospace corporations where inordinate energy gains are reported, and a corresponding drop in temperature of the surroundings. So if a coil taps into the zero-point energy field for the back-emf response, as opposed to just leaking energy from its own field back into the wires, ask yourself just how would this be manifested in our own surroundings except by a drop in temperature.

          Hopefully we can get by this and continue to share results.

          My Unipolar work: motor running way hot, amperage very high, ~4A, for this size motor, not like my double rotor load of 1.3A. I attribute my errors in judgement on the low quality meters I am using, which I thought the coils were coming in close to or maybe over an ohm. I thought that I might be getting extra resistances at the brush heads and connectors that I thought might keep the calculated resistances in line with my meters. So I thought I was getting some kind of compromise on the each coils' total resistance coming in around an ohm. NOT! I would say my calculated resistances were exactly correct, and coming in a .75 ohms on the coils I shortened to squeeze in the quadfilar. I need to go back to the trifilar AND now I want to run a little over an ohm, and am shooting for going from the 18' I had of the trifilar (1 ohm calculated) to 24', which would put it at 1.33 ohms ea. My original problem was low amount of copper. So the solution would have been to go with longer trifilar all along. Ufo thought that the trifilar would be insufficient, but this motor is really kind of smallish, don't let the 3/8" shaft fool you...
          Up, Up and Away


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            • observation

              Hi Admin, Just to get this offtrack for a minute , ...
              When a magnet approaches a piece of steel,..what happens?
              Thanks for any answers.


              • Originally posted by shylo View Post
                Hi Admin, Just to get this offtrack for a minute , ...
                When a magnet approaches a piece of steel,..what happens?
                Thanks for any answers.
                Both the magnet and the steel have microscopic magnetic domains.

                In the magnet, the microscopic magnetic domains are fused or cumulatively locked into a certain direction to produce a magnetic field.

                In the steel, the microscopic magnetic domains are not fused, but relatively free to spin within the structure of the steel. So, they will align themselves with the external magnetic field produced by the magnet, causing attraction regardless to the direction (North or South) of the magnet.


                • Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
                  Hello Dana,

                  I am addressing this post to you for two reasons:

                  One, because your name was mentioned by me and Midaz during our arguments, and I wanted to clear any possible misinterpreted comments.

                  I mentioned your name because it was your motor the one sent to Imperial Electric for testing, but I know it was because Midaz ask you to do so, the same way He asked me as well when the tests failed, and your motor was damaged, that was the only reason Dana.

                  Now in this Second part, I would like to ask you to keep "driving" this Thread, take full charge of it, as I will not be able to do so, for the next weeks that could add months, I do not know, and can not "run an estimated time" here.

                  I have Two Imperials seating, that I have not been able to even touch because of how complicated I am at this point.

                  If you can not do it for any reason, no problems, no sweat, let me know...

                  Kind Regards Friend and many thanks in advance!!

                  Hello UFO many of us wish you the all best. Please take your time as necessary. There are only 24 hours in a day and no one has 25, as they say.
                  I was also looking to a version Putra's generator. You have presented your ideas together with all the CAD work. I am still waiting to learn open source CAD Prog called Blender which is a professional free and open-source 3D computer graphics software. For now so pressed for time. As you point out R&D is just that. It is on going work progressively moving closer to its goal. Furthermore it open source. When we talk about hours, I must say, you have devoted countless hours for the benefit of members and for the world at large. I do remember this is on top of your day job. We know that we are moving closer and closer to the goal of success. There is no success without failures. Look at the history of NASA in the early days. There were so many big time failures and they happened despite billions of dollars available to them. We do not have billions$ but we have the drive and small budgets.
                  Please just focus on your projects and lets not worry about the NEGATIVE environment.

                  @UFO warmest regards


                  “We build but to tear down. Most of our work and resource is squandered. Our onward march is marked by devastation. Everywhere there is an appalling loss of time, effort and life. A cheerless view, but true.”

                  Nikola Tesla


                  • Thanks for this great response Garry...Part 1

                    Originally posted by GChilders View Post

                    Midaz I cannot agree with your suppositions as to the superiority of symmetrical motors v/s asymmetrical. I have replicated many of these designs and found all of them to be superior to the symmetrical method of winding.

                    @Garry Childers:

                    Many thanks Garry for writing this post, and am sorry I couldn't get back to you before.

                    I took the freedom to 'spread out' a bit, your original post, in order to be read better as well as to answer by paragraphs. As by doing this plus adding my responses, it summed to more characters allowed per single post (12,000). therefore, this whole post-answers would be divided in Two Parts.

                    Yes, Symmetrical Motors are designed for the type of 'Consumption Society' we all live in...they are closed systems, continuous closed loops of windings, without even a single fraction of time dedicated to a 'brake or idle' stage, a disconnection from sourcing input. Reason why they burn crispy whenever they stall, lock up, etc.

                    If all you are looking for is performance at any cost then you are still incorrect in your assumptions.

                    The windings that I proposed to UFOPolitics are simpler but are still Asymmetrical and intended to be used in an asymmetrical motor.

                    I would never take the attitude that you have and disrespect that you have without at least testing the suppositions that you are posting.
                    Thanks Garry.

                    First, our goal here has not been to create a motor that outperforms symmetrical motors at this point.

                    It has been to prove that there is a glaring flaw in all of the symmetrical motor designs.

                    They consume too much energy to make them practical for transportation, and to create a model that is practical for transportation.

                    I watched with interest the grand prix event that you posted on the site expecting to see an event that would demonstrate the practical nature of electric motors. What I saw was a racing event that allowed two cars to be entered into the event because the batteries from one car would not last throughout the entire event. No one has ever said that symmetrical motors cannot perform powerfully! What has been said is they do so at an unacceptable cost!
                    Thanks Garry

                    The knowledge that I have gained from working on these motors has been invaluable.

                    The results at times disappointing, but, that is the nature of Research and Development.

                    UFO is to be commended for tolerating these insulting attacks from those who have tried to discredit his findings.

                    You may have missed my post about testing the all north wind that UFO developed.

                    Initially I was less than thrilled with this design. When I later posted that I tested it to destruction you may not have caught the admiration I now hold for this design.

                    I put over 200 volts through this motor! It survived! That is an admirable feat in itself.

                    Yes, I did eventually keep pushing it up until it failed, due not to the design of the motor but the failure of the epoxy I used to handle the awesome torque and rpms that the motor was turning .

                    There was no burning of the commutator or the brushes. The design provides amazing power and amazing performance and that test used only the motor side to drive it, the generator side was not connected to anything. I have always gotten more power from the asymmetrical design than the symmetrical motors when I connect both the generator and motor sides to the battery source. I have only tested with batteries, for the simple reason that most will not be plugged into a wall socket when they are on the road. Any test with a wall socket will not be the entire picture as the car or motorcycle or r/c toy will not be plugged into a wall socket when they are performing.

                    All my pleasure Garry, and many thanks again.

                    My recommendation for trying other windings was a pragmatic one. It takes time to wind them this way.

                    Testing an idea is necessary to give it validity. I will go through the trouble of winding these, but have decided to make several tests that will give them all an even footing.

                    1. As I see it the two commutators are what separate the symmetrical from the asymmetrical motors.

                    2. The stock symmetrical wind has an advantage in that it has two motor cycles per revolution where as the asymmetrical has one, unless the generator brushes are used to power the motor also.

                    The asymmetrical has the advantage in having more wire, and more coils.

                    I will give the point to the performance of the symmetrical motor in this only because of it's simplicity and cost basis per motor. I take all of that away from the symmetrical because it does not provide for a method of capturing the spent energy for use in the production of energy in recharging the battery.

                    We can accomplish the same result by powering both sides of the motor with a direct connection to the battery.

                    I have done so and can report that the torque and rpm gain is phenomenal.

                    The problem is that it drains the battery just as quickly as the symmetrical motor does. 3. The greatest benefit of the asymmetrical motor is the control it gives us over the methods that we can use to drive and capture the power being fed to it and how cool it runs compared to the symmetrical motor. There is a reason that these (symmetrical) motors are rated at a certain amount of voltage and amps.

                    There is only so much amperage a wire can take before it melts when used in a symmetrical method.

                    This is where your true lack of understanding is exposed and most other detractors are also.
                    Completely correct Garry, the Symmetrical do have the advantage to cover a wider, max allowed per rotor circumference magnetic interactions or what I call the Throw Out Angle in Asymmetries...or a "Cycle"...Symmetry divides equally the rotor constantly, through looped interactions, from a two stator/two brush system, in exactly Two Sides at 180º apart, while the 4/4 (4 stators/4 brushes) at exactly 90º.

                    I do agree, as many people here, who understand true motor interactions, that Symmetry utilizes the 'perfect' angles of maximum interactions that the geometrical circumference of rotor allows, and this attribute is definitively an advantage for motor work.

                    But, like you wrote before..."The Price We Pay to achieve this attribute is unacceptable".

                    Symmetry reverses input at every single coil, as soon as it trespasses the Symmetry Plane defined by brushes, killing the natural input when coil 'brakes', idles at off stage, like Tesla said...'make/brake' that is the name of the game here.

                    By constant reversing of input in a 'per single coil' in series connected to the looped circuit, we are not only killing dipole, killing radiant energy...but, rotor coils get too hot when a constant mechanical load is applied for a certain and limited time...the whole thing starts to smoke, smell...and will eventually burn down insulation on copper windings, shorting out unit if we persist on forcing the load.

                    This is very similar as when we connect all our gates of an Asymmetrical Machine to Input...except, that at certain time, whenever we see temp rising, based on sensors...we can 'remotely' disconnect this operation anytime through our console panel instruments...or a simple switch...or by automatic electronic circuits...hands free equipment while we keep 'driving' down the streets.

                    We can not, ever, disconnect a Symmetrical Motor from doing what they do. Just because it is their main principle of operation, simple.[/QUOTE]

                    (To be continued on following post)
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                    Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                    • Thanks for this great response Garry...Part 2

                      Continuing from previous Post:

                      The benefit of cold electricity is in the cooling of the coils! Nikola Tesla discovered this effect and UFOPolitics has discovered it in his own winds. Until the last two months of testing I did not understand this effect that UFOPolitics was trying to expose to us.

                      It wasn't until I went back to the cold electricity coil of UFOPolitics and started using a pulser with it that I truly got an understanding of the difference.

                      I still need time to fully explore this effect. But it is possible to use the same size wire, the same length of wire that a symmetrical motor uses and get much more power and rpms and use much less energy with an asymmetrical motor.
                      That is a bold statement. I will make another, the standard method of using pulse width modulation is inferior to using incremental increases in frequency and leaving the pulse width consistent and I have proven so and will demonstrate so.
                      As you increase motor speed with pulse width modulation it has the unfortunate result of increasing amperage draw and thus increasing heat in the motor coils. This tells me that energy is changing form and although consumption of energy is increasing that increase is wasted in producing heat.

                      In my tests of using incremental increases of frequency and leaving the pulse width consistent the motor coils stay cool to the touch.
                      Yes indeed, and in every single post and video I have dedicated to explanation of Asymmetry, I attribute to Nikola Tesla this great discovery about 'make and brake' in a simple!

                      Is great that you had gone back to my older thread Garry, to get the essence of all this 'enigma' related to pulses feeding coils...

                      Here I will use this part to suggest a simple experiment:

                      Get a Coil, like the ones I have shown on that thread, say 200 turns of 18 gauge on a plastic tubing delivering between 1-2 ohms...pulse it with a simple PWM, and obtain the 'Cold Side' through Diodes from Coil...then feed a Symmetrical Motor from that 'Purple' side, the cold side...and watch it behave.

                      The truth here is that the electric motor industry has had over a hundred years to improve their designs and some of the greatest minds of the world to do so. And failed to gives us a product that could make it through an entire race without needing to be charged up.
                      That is a dead end road Midaz and I am amazed that you think that any solution will come from them.
                      If they do so...they will be killing the "Gold Eggs Goose" ...or Oil as primary Energy dependance.

                      Garry, the problem here is that 'they' have not only 'retarded' the Motor Industry from developing...but primarily the Electric Generator developments.

                      I have been busy testing and building and retesting and rebuilding, not sitting on my butt waiting for someone else to come up with answers for me to take credit for.

                      UFOPolitics deserves credit and not the disrespectful attacks that you have exposed here lately.

                      He has never attacked anyone that has not attacked him first.

                      The claims he has made I for one have found to be true. I continue on this path because I think it is the most innovative approach that I have seen so far.

                      I now have begun to appreciate what UFOPolitics has been trying to teach us about the effect that he is talking about.

                      Truth is not something that is taught, it is something that is caught.

                      Magnetism and electromagnetism is something that has baffled men for centuries. Even Tesla himself, as great an electrical engineer as he was, admitted that he did not understand how it worked. He understood that in the end the result would not be in closed symmetrical systems, what you put in is what you get out.

                      The real power is in asymmetry. There is a sea, a veritable ocean, of energy surrounding us that is begging to be tapped by the most creative minds of our generation.
                      Thank You Garry!

                      You have exposed yourself Midaz and I have concluded that you are in the enemies camp.

                      There are many that have come to discourage and discredit and you are one that claimed to have a team, where is your team Midaz?

                      Those of us that are here are on UFOPolitics team. We are throwing our support to him because unlike those who have not tried to understand through replication, we have.

                      I respect the opinions of those who replicate.

                      Those who work with their replications to tune them, to understand the principles of electromagnetism.

                      To work on the original version to try to understand that if the results are not the same that possibly they have done something different.

                      Every change in wire size, wire length is going to produce different results because the resistance in the wire is different. This alone will give different results. Repulsion v/s attraction will give different results. There is not a clear winner in each of these categories because one will be lead to compromises. One has an advantage in one area and the other in another.

                      If your goal is to have two motorcycles to be able to finish the Isle of Mann race then by all means pursue that route and good luck in your endeavor.

                      My goal is different. I want to be able to drive across these United States without stopping at a service station for fuel or a wall socket for a charge!

                      I want to be able to accelerate in a reasonable amount of time to 70 mph and then cruise to recharge my batteries.

                      We are on the very tip of exploring this technology.

                      Our understanding is infantile, but progressing daily. Symmetrical motors, and gasoline and diesel motors are a thing of the past.

                      The future is in Asymmetry.

                      My issue with all that come from your point of view has nothing to do with race or nationality or culture. It is the same old battle between the wealthy and working classes of our nation. The wealthy look for a model that can elevate their wealth to a higher level at the expense of the workers that develop and build the technology that they use to expand their principalities.

                      True capitalism no longer exists in the Americas for the simple reason that the politicians on both sides of the isle are in the pockets of the large corporations. Let us not forget the legacy of the large bankers and power brokers of Edison's and Tesla's time.

                      How the banker JP Morgan used his wealth to force Edison into selling his business to him because Edison did not have the money to fight his bogus patent infringement case.

                      Let us not forget that when Tesla exposed the real motive behind developing Wardenclyffe Tower was to provide free electricity to the public that the response was to withdraw all funding from his project. If there is no money to be made the capitalist will not fund it.

                      The only way that this technology will be expanded and developed will be through open source testing.

                      Racing proves nothing when it comes to this technology if everyone in the race can put as many batteries as they want and as many cars as they want on the racetrack! Lots of money spent, and look at the price increase that we have seen in vehicles.
                      The huge price increases in oil and the taxes we must spend every year for a technology that could have freed up all of those funds to give a higher standard of living for every family in the world.

                      @ UFOPolitics

                      I must say that having been on this thread for over two years now and seeing the scathing attacks against your designs you have remained remarkably calm this time. Kudos, and good success on your future endeavors. I am still here developing the technology that you have so kindly shared with me, seeking to improve in my own way the findings that I have discovered on the way.


                      Many thanks my Friend Garry for this excellent post!

                      Kind Regards to You and to all truly and fair Members on this Thread!

                      Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                      • What a clown...

                        Originally posted by Midaztouch
                        Since MIDAZ was the main person of focus in the last two posts! And I don't like for people to speak for/get the wrong impression/misquote me.
                        Listen boy,

                        The last two post were addressed to Garry Childers, as the 'main person' and 'focused' about his conclusions, comments and real testing with Asymmetrical Machines versus Symmetric ones.

                        But now that you jumped here and post on my thread...let me ask you...did you read well Garry's Title in that post?

                        It clearly reads:

                        ANOTHER USEFUL IDIOT

                        Any comments about that very fair earned "Title"?

                        I've got two years worth of build experience with TESAL'S asymmetric motors... Not two months!
                        First, it is NOT "TESAL'S" spells TESLA's

                        Build experience of two years?...

                        did it really take you that long, but I mean that long, to wind the ONLY Motor you've ever touched in your life??!! still with the old configuration of N/S Pairs? that long really??!!

                        Boy, You are really slow!

                        Just because it is the ONE & ONLY Motor you have ever built.

                        Oh!, I forgot that you had to wind it like six or seven times before it poorly ran...but two years to wind it!? even for such many times of still an awful long time boy!

                        I already knew all above 2 posts information!
                        I could care less if you did or did not know about this post from Garry, it is My response to Garry's post, period.

                        This is my thread, I write here to whoever and whenever I please to, if you do not like it leave boy.

                        You wrote you would not post here anymore?...what happened?...your double personality is so unstable that it becomes uncontrollable?

                        Try some PMS pills boy.

                        I didn't say the motors don't work/spin well.

                        I said "The N/S, pairs and groups wind designs are NOT superior(not enough reason to change the status quo) to OEM motors in a fair comparison...
                        AWG for AWG, turns for turns, watts for watts, and inputs for inputs!... You know... An unbiased comparison.
                        Who wrote those 'fair comparison' rules? did?...I figured that.

                        Symmetry chooses to poorly wind a rotor because its configuration and series connections, leaving lots of empty space through whole pole slots.

                        Asymmetry is a completely different arrangement within the coils circuits and brush, who told you we have to 'constrain' our windings according to a different configuration?

                        You should know all that...but well, you were having trouble winding that motor for two years...maybe you forgot, short term memory is a bummer, isn't it?

                        If we are to follow 'your rules' for a 'fair comparison' it must be done in a 'part for part' as well...right? the 'extra commutator' would be cataloged as an 'unfair extra item' above the symmetric model.

                        And so the 'Extra Brushes' required to switch that 'Extra Comm'...oh! but wait!...that brings double the mechanical drag on Asymmetrical Motors than Symmetrical right?, what do we do then to 'abide' by 'your rules' here boy?

                        Listen, rookie, whenever a Motor Equipment Manufacturer decides to use an "X" Motor for their tools or appliance, they do not go by 'your ridiculous rules', they do not choose motor by counting the number of turns, wire gauge or number of nada, they just choose the motor based on its performance specifications. They could care less about the 'internal affairs' of the chosen motor.

                        The more you open your big mouth, the more you set yourself in ridicule in front of such a big audience.

                        *The A1Mo-Gen by Midaz, Tesla's "Gift"..."Electromagnetic Reactor"... Now, that's a REAL game changer!
                        You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about...and again, my recommendations are to fully engage whatever part of your small brain grey cells that are still working with your big mouth.

                        [B][I]Hello, Tesla was a REAL Genius! People wrote books about him! Opened up museums all over the world in his honor! People have claimed his work stations as historical sites! Made movies about him. Not to mention the millions of people who have spent countless hours of researching his patents. Tesla's work is bigger than overinflated egos that claim Tesla's Asymmetric Electrodynamic Machines are mine. Due to the stipulations of patients coil winds.. It's all Tesla's'.
                        Listen, big mouth/small brain...if it wasn't by MY FULL DISCLOSURE here, where you have spent two years winding a single would have never, ever, even find out who Tesla was.

                        Your small brain is so small, but I mean so small...that is not capable of even starting to discern Tesla's Patents before a serious, critical overload.

                        So, the applause is OVER! It's time to move on. Don't mention/reference my name here anymore because I'm gone!
                        That was what you said the last were gone...and you are again, annoying this excellent thread with your 'advertisement' about your second wind in two years of the ONE and ONLY Motor you have ever put your hands on.

                        On my behalf, it's not about me! It's all about Tesla's work! A better alternative than what's been presented on this thread... And from my "Observation" so far, the A1Mo-Gen is Light Years ahead!
                        It is not about you?...what about: "MY A1 Mo-Gen"...or "A1 Mo-Gen by Midaz"

                        It Ma MoGenMo Bro! wassup boe?

                        Keep it Clean and Green

                        In my World, I classify guys like you as..."Too much Noise, Too much Smoke and very little forward advance"...similar to those old and small capacity farting machines with a wear out transmission clutch.

                        You don't even have what it takes to start playing with me boy

                        You keep posting here and I will make your "MAMOGENMO" as well as You, look so ridiculous-from a technical and a personal point of view, both- you will really have to leave not only this thread but the entire Forum site.

                        That was a statement, not just a warning, I mean it.
                        Last edited by Ufopolitics; 02-05-2015, 05:25 PM.
                        Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                        • Why not help Brian516 instead?

                          Originally posted by Midaztouch
                          Fake Wizard of OZ

                          You have the audacity, the tenacity to claim Tesla's work is a scientific comedy!

                          Let's review...Your Designs

                          N/S... Amp monster! Let's name it "Old Sparky! A fire hazard, waiting to happen!

                          Group winds... Magnetic density at zero torque zone! Joke! Garbage! You were trying to convince me to build the Imperial like that!? Me?!, _ell NO!

                          Pair winds... Close missed, nope!

                          Strike 3!!! Your out!

                          Son, It was a good effort! No crying! Your out! Now, sit on the bench! Now, your angry and being a poor sport!? Ok, Where the video review?!

                          Everyone is waiting for you vid of your 5pole designs -vs--5pole A1Mo-Gen
                          I know you don't want to watch that! It's in HD, as clear as a beautiful day!

                          You remember the A1Mo-Gen. You said it was... Stupid, lacked intelligence, will catch fire, and most importantly... It discredits all of my(UFO/Raul's) work! I wouldn't never design crap like that. Then hung the phone up in my face!

                          28pole 20KG/45lbs A1Mo-Gen is ready for BATTLE against any of your feeble Tesla designs!

                          I see that you've been to my thread and YouTube channel.
                          How do you feel that the A1Mo-Gen did 1730 RPMs @12v Battery that can't take a full charge..
                          Also torque would not stop/stall with a 220lbs/100kg man, me, trying my best to stand on the shaft!

                          Keep it Clean and Green

                          I guess you need me for your ratings. Since you work is over rated!

                          Why don't you go and do your job at your Thread?

                          Why are you not helping Brian516 to make his small five pole in detail?... like I did on my Thread so patiently and with so many members?

                          C'mon, clear all his doubts and questions he has with your MAMoGRAMo, oops sorry bad spelling!...meant Ma AMoGenMo...

                          What is your obsession with this Thread and with me in particular?

                          Finish your motor, put it on the Bike, run it...and film it...if you go at the speed of light for over 200 plus miles...believe me, I would be the first one to congratulate you...but if not...if it goes 5 miles per hour at full throttle, screaming and smoking...OMG, then I would not like to be in your shoes after all the smoke you have created all over this Forum...

                          But, please, do not take another Two Years plus to do that...

                          Remember that everything you have learned is THANKS to Me, Myself and, demonstrating it works for you will add a plus to me...BUT, if it don' just you there, all by yourself...taking all kind of skeptics and conservatives jumping on your site all over you...not here...I did not do it...I will just answer:

                          Looking for Midaz?...Oh no, He does not lives here anymore...he moved, but I will give you his address here ...You could find him there.

                          And yes, I will do seat back and relax...while watching SHOWTIME...

                          Yeah, I know, sometimes life is miserable and 'unfair rules' may apply...which are not even on both sides...

                          Raul (Papi)
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                          Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


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                            • Imperial_all_north_overlapped_pairs

                              Hello to all,


                              This is another option to wind the All North Pairs configuration, this time based on overlapping the coils in the pair, and not completely independent like it was proposed before.


                              On my previous five poles from Radio Shack motor, I used overlapped coils in the pair, having a common pole for both...but, when I adapted this config to Imperial and larger machines, I used adjacent, separated coils in the pair, not overlapped, my error...I never claimed I can not make mistakes, nor that 'I am perfect' guys...human nature.

                              When we overlap coils, as close between them as geometry allows, creating a greater common area, the magnetic field spreads and become stronger than separated coils in series, just because we are concentrating the high magnetic field pressure on the intersection or common area from the overlapped section, and this can only be done with all north configuration, since we could never overlap a north and a south pair without 'chopping' magnetic fields.

                              On the Imperial Diagram above, we have P1 and well as P15 and P16 being energized by making contact to both commutator elements in both circuits, this 'High Side Interaction' happen every time during rotation alternating with full engagement of just one Pair at a time or 'Low Side Interaction'. Therefore, it could be seen the concentration of four bisectors at High Side from the two pairs being fired at both ends of rotor 180º apart, as you guys could notice we are magnetizing a total of Eight (8) poles in rotor from two overlapped coils in pair are overlapped, as pairs overlap between them.

                              And of course, we have a great gap for adjustment of this Four -very compact- Bisectors during High Side...either getting them closer to repulse or North Stator (5º)...or setting them at 'Neutral Zone' (exactly half way between both N-S stator bisectors) ...or closer to attract mode(10º-15º)...then comparing results for all three timing adjustments.

                              So, this is the way I will be winding one of my Imperial Rotors in the All North a near future.

                              And there is something else I want to add here:

                              This is an Open Source Thread ever since I opened here, therefore, is an open Thread for improvements from any member replicating here, I propose a winding type and only when we build it and test it, we would be able to know and write the real results and overall performance of the new concept versus prior method, as to compare it to previous designs. So, if it has not been can not be 'predicted' or assumed' what it would do just based on 'thoughts'...

                              However, I understand many of Us have the experience from many models being built over our time here and before this thread, now, this is a priceless experience that allows just by looking at a CAD design...we can tell how strong and great it would be...or what the possible withdraws and failures it could bring...which is a great attribute for whoever has it.

                              As well as there are no Designs better than the other...I love them all!, just because... 'IF' we have not done first the older ones...we would have never come up with top notch is the law of EVOLVING, of Development...basically in this Open Source Technology, where everyone could test, compare and share results.


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                              Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                              • Video testing of an "Old Machine"...

                                Hello to All,

                                The "A1 MOGEN" Single Coils Thread" said to be an "improvement" to MY ORIGINAL MACHINES...uploaded a recent test video plus some odd comments shown here:


                                In that video is clearly shown a WRONG setting on the reflective tape being on top of bare shaft metal, which is even more reflective than tape...therefore, fluctuating and not steady readings are shown, tape background surface must be BLACK

                                PLUS, Tape MUST BE on the Radial side of shaft because of such small surface on shaft front face versus recommended tape size.

                                Note: Video Frames are numbered based on original video order

                                VIDEO FRAME#201301=3,743 RPM's

                                VIDEO FRAME#201312=3,743 RPM's

                                VIDEO FRAME#201550=6,680 RPM's

                                VIDEO FRAME#201580=10,000 RPM's

                                Now, below is a previous video I uploaded back on 4/4/2013...about the Imperial P-56 (same exact machine on above video) but wound with the "old" and first configuration North-South Pairs...some may have seen it, but some have not, therefore, I am showing video here so we all can see the Potential of this Old Style Motor running at 36 Volts...which eventually WILL be superseded by the new All North Pair windings...:


                                We all can see the Test Results:

                                1-ONE GATE>>>Switch 1/P1 ON (Video Time: 04:03)>>>3584 RPM's

                                2-TWO GATES>>>Switch 1 & 3 /P1 & P15 ON (Video Time: 04:18)>>>3787 RPM's

                                3-THREE GATES>>>Switch 1,3 & 2 /P1, P15, P8 ON (Video Time: 04:55)>>>4200 RPM's

                                4-ALL FOUR GATES>>>Switch 1,3,2 & 4 /P1, P15, P8, P22 ON (Video Time: 05:14)>>>4374 RPM's

                                Tests on ANY Motor MUST be done with the proper testing equipment, that shows Total Voltage PLUS DC Amperage otherwise it is considered a VOIDED VIDEO TEST.

                                The All North Pairs, even the Original Design (NOT OVERLAPPED PAIRS) which of course, I will also make, would be superior in overall performance (TORQUE AND RPM's) than the test shown on above video, PLUS much lower Amp draw and less Voltage consumption.

                                A Comparison Test between two different windings MUST be done EXACTLY with the same STARTING Battery Voltage shown on DMM as previous test, AND the same circuit connections as shown above

                                So, ...please...Don't let anyone CONFUSE YOU and TRY TO FOOL YOU with the WRONG CONCEPTS plus readings that represent absolutely NADA!

                                Torque is excellent!
                                Means absolutely NOTHING, no matter how big is written... without applying to motor a HEAVY MECHANICAL LOAD DEMONSTRATED ON A VIDEO WITH THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT.

                                So, NO ONE have to believe in just words and comments without the RIGHT TESTING, BACKING THE 'BIG MOUTH' CLAIMS.

                                1-Starting Voltage, before running Motor MUST be shown.
                                2-From Start Voltage we can deduct the Motor OPERATING VOLTAGE while running/testing
                                3-DC AMPERAGE DRAW MUST BE SHOWN...

                                If the person conducting this tests, don't have the proper equipment, or don't even know how to use it...then VIDEO IS NOT A VALID TEST...SIMPLE!



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                                Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci