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  • Yes They Will Melt...

    Originally posted by Cornboy 555 View Post
    Hello UFO, are you saying that the comms could reach a temperature that could melt the solder?

    If that's the case i will rethink how to connect wires. The coil wires enter into the brass tubes about 8mm. The tubes are 4mm dia, and have a 2mm hole drilled in them.

    I welcome any comments you may have UFO.

    Regards Friend. Cornboy
    My Dear Friend...I have done that (soldering wires to comm) in small little motors...and yes, the soldering becomes "liquid/fluid"...spreading/splattering nicely around all the inner stator frame walls...

    And it is not necessarily the temperature at commutators...but Radiant Energy Arcing...SHE can take off all the chromed surface of a Gator Clip...submerged in sweet water...leaving it in bare copper...and, in a very "cold" and fast process...

    Yes, definitively I would think about it...


    Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


    • Garlic Deliveries.

      Thanks UFO, i will sort out a new type of connection, for coil wires to comms.

      And please, i know you are not picking at my work, i understand that you always try to help, feel free to comment on anything i do.

      I am but a learner when it comes to electric motors, as you know.

      @ Sampojo, boards are here, and they have a heavy, quality feel about them, thanks heaps for your time and effort, on this.

      As soon as UFO discloses plans to build a flying machine, i will make up a garlic delivery List.

      Warm Regards Cornboy.


      • OT but you did say GARLIC

        Gearing up here in 9 more days to have our Garlic Fest. Have some good spreads of the stuff here too.
        Anyhow, back to the motors/gens.



        • Originally posted by machinealive
          Hey UFO

          I finished getting diodes soldered in, thought I would do the 50 v run again. UFO, this motor is working really nice. The bearing is good now.

          50 v , Hg switching - YouTube

          Now, UFO, can you host on your website. Check out this vid tech zombie put out. UFO, I really don't want to post on this forum anymore, you pick another one, if you cant host. This video, lays out exactly what I would have thought would happen, Eric's addicted to substance and Aron addicted to fiat, reconfirms my sane judgement of trusting you.
          There are only about 10 people here that I want to work with, and even then, my suspicious mind, still wondering. There is too much subversion, everywhere.

          Shredded Messiah - To Save the Work of Eric Dollard - YouTube

          It's time to go.

          Ok maybe for me its time to step up.

          Nobody of you knows me. I post little if not nothing. I do not have contact with any of the participants in this, or the other UFO thread. In fact, i have no contact with any of the EF members.

          I do howerver follow this and the other UFO thread from post 1. Read every single post. I have no background in this matter for me it is a barrier to contribute. In fact i have no education. I also don't have beef in any of the drama that is going on.

          Maybe this is the time for me to contribute to the people involved in this and the other UFO thread, and play a part in which i indeed can contribute. Not on the subject itself, but on the side line.

          I own a large forum. I have enough bandwith and licenses to host a a website. Considering i have no connection to the energy (or alternative energy) world, i would be able to put up an 100% independant website. I do not need to own the domain name. I will not accept money, neither will i charge money.

          I know UFO is skilled enough to do it himself. But in my ever so humble opionion it would be a waste of his time and effort to deal with running a website.

          It is just an idea. Think about it.
          All the best,



          • maybe it is time . . .

            Originally posted by machinealive
            Hey UFO

            I finished getting diodes soldered in, thought I would do the 50 v run again. UFO, this motor is working really nice. The bearing is good now.

            50 v , Hg switching - YouTube


            @machine – nice run . . . . ~ We Will Win


            Last century you were not sophisticated unless you lived in a house with Hot & Cold running water, the tables are about to turn, we plan to make this century go into the history books as the time every house got wired for Hot & Cold electricity.!!!

            ( Cold for local use, lighting, etc. and let’s use the old hot grid to feed power back ( for the users that haven’t converted yet or if you want to run antiquated equipment that doesn’t have its own internal supply ) a necessary transitional step )
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            • Lady.

              @ Machine, thanks for the 50v vid, it is surprising how such a low pulse rate ( Hertz ), drives your motor at those revs, Wow.

              The green lady looked strong at you rear brushes, i know team imperial, is trying to drive that gen head, but it would be interesting to use the output brushes with diodes, hooked up to different loads, just to see, not trying to take you away from your path here, have Fun.

              @ Hitby, i like your view of present and future, thanks.

              Regards Cornboy.


              • Superb Machine Alive!!

                Originally posted by machinealive
                Hey UFO

                I finished getting diodes soldered in, thought I would do the 50 v run again. UFO, this motor is working really nice. The bearing is good now.

                50 v , Hg switching - YouTube

                Hello Friend,

                WOW, that looks awesome!...She is kicking!

                See My Friend?...that is the name of the game!

                Remember when We were pulsing static coils in the very beginning?...what did I highly recommend so many times?...To start dialing SLOWLY UP...As it is the way Radiant will enter your Coils...and Now Your Machine Coils... very strong and consistent...and dress up those coils in "Purple Energy"......from there...there are no limits, my friend...You've "invoked" HER within your Machine...and SHE comes to You...

                Your Machine is at top shape, excellent run!

                Now, UFO, can you host on your website.
                Yes We can...and Yes We will..

       is designed to do just, You can create your own Personal Blog, Your completely private hosting domain in nano seconds (Not even Me would be able to log on as Administrator in your Blog)...""...There you can load YouTube Videos that can be watched within your Posts/Pages...not re-routing you to YT Servers......You could post all your data...delete,block Anyone you do not "Piace" (Like), do whatever you feel is your own place...with your own Web Panel Interface (Backend)...load pictures, make a Gallery, Albums...links whatever...
                We will create first, subdomains of all of You Guys... The Excellent builders of Asymmetrical show ALL your work, or whoever and whatever you want to add there...

                Just give me a few I can transfer all Data to a Private/Dedicated, Faster and bigger Server...and open up certain "valves", amplify some storage and performance... to set everything at Apache You guys could make your own places...

                And of course you could also post on Main Site as well. But I will be reproducing this Thread and the Second One in a Private Subdomain...<>

                I was explaining this to Cornboy in another Post...

                I am not move out of here completely...unless We get kicked out...
                But, at We will have a "More Compact" Place to work quiet, and all data as CAD's Diagrams, videos, etc...will be easy at hand...

                Promise it will be all free of "Legal Tender Notes" charges...

                I will cite below...a couple of Paragraphs that I loved so much... in Peter Lindeman's Free Energy...

                "...There is really only ONE FORCE preventing the public availability of free energy technology, and that is the unspiritually motivated behavior of the human animals. In the last analysis, free energy technology is an outward manifestation of Divine Abundance. It is the engine of the economy of an enlightened society, where people voluntarily behave in a respectful and civil manner toward each other. Where each member of the society has everything they need, and do not covet what their neighbor has. Where war and physical violence has become socially unacceptable behavior and people’s differences are at least tolerated, if not enjoyed.

                The appearance of free energy technology in the public domain is the dawning of a truly civilized age. It is an epochal event in human history. Nobody can “take credit” for it. Nobody can “get rich” on it. Nobody can “rule the world” with it. It is simply, a Gift from God. It forces us all to take responsibility for our own actions and for our own self-disciplined self-restraint when needed. The world as it is currently ordered, cannot have free energy technology without being totally transformed by it into something else. This “civilization” has reached the pinnacle of its development, because it has birthed the seeds of its own transformation. The unspiritualized human animals cannot be trusted with free energy. They will only do what they have always done, which is take merciless advantage of each other, or kill each other and themselves in the process..."
                So many beautiful things enclosed in just a few also the "Dark Side" of the Human-Animal behavior...White and Black...Day and Night...Light and Darkness ...but Light will win in the end my Dear Friends...

                Warm Regards

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                Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                • Originally posted by machinealive
                  Hey UFO

                  I finished getting diodes soldered in, thought I would do the 50 v run again. UFO, this motor is working really nice. The bearing is good now.

                  50 v , Hg switching - YouTube

                  G'day Machine
                  Video looks good can't wait to have my P56 motor working
                  I notice you have Dana's Monster drivers do they really weigh a pound
                  How long did you run them did they keep cool

                  Kindest regards to you my friend

                  Kogs always watching/learning


                  • Guidance

                    Hello UFO Et al, i love the idea of a seperate forum on your website, where we can work as a small dedicated group, and we can still post our works findings here, for everyone.

                    It is a safety valve, just incase something happens here.

                    I think it is best not to get involved in the politics of what is happening, here, we shouldn't get distracted from the task at hand.

                    On another note, i should have every part i need to assemble/ test JS Monster boards, ( thanks Sampojo ), next week, because i am challenged in this area, i will do it step by step asking JS, on the other thread to guide me.

                    I have a question UFO, if you don't mind, i need to order a heap of Diodes for the MAG3, stators and rotor, to set up all coils like the first thread static coils, my battery bank consists of 12v 100ah deep cycle marine batteries, so there will be some inrush amps.

                    I have set my parameters at 1200v 60amp, with the idea that i can parrallel the diodes, but the recovery frequency i am not sure of.

                    What frequency do i need to filter her Majesty out, i can find diodes of this nature with SiC tech, but can't afford them at this stage, do i need faster than 100 nano seconds, to claim her.

                    Of course i encourage anyone here to answer, that may guide me.

                    Warmest Regards Cornboy.


                    • Thanks Ufopolitics

                      Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
                      Hello My Friend Ming, and Thanks for kind words.

                      Related to Radiant coming out...

                      Picture this Motors as a super fast rotating water sprinkler...shutting streams of water at 360º...where water is Radiant...
                      Then We have this "collecting tubing's" called Brushes...where only "some water" gets through them...and we receive it at the other end...

                      Radiant comes out on the "way back" through your Input well as your output (besides and REVERSED from the normal Hot Output) yes, Diodes go exactly the way we did on our first that static coil...this time they are Dynamic...that's the difference.

                      I set them static to "observe the effect better"...

                      Think of electricity as a fluid, just like water... my friend...and you will understand it better every day more...

                      Have You done this Test below?


                      Please note that Diodes are BLOCKING Hot Flow, according to the way Polarity produces at Generating Output....then you read Electrical Flow with you will see HER (Radiant) the beautiful purple Plasma Ball...bouncing up-down on Neon Electrodes...

                      REMEMBER...Pulse Input very VERY not go High , cause you could damage Meters and you see more Orange light on than Purple...that is your HOT SPOT...then STOP there!

                      If You have not done this Experiment...please do it...and also do it on Input...same set up.

                      Please let Us know...Thanks!

                      Warm regards

                      My dear friend Ufopolitics

                      Thanks for your instructions. I just saw this post of yours. So I haven't done the test you've proposed. But I will do it soon. I just finished another one. A real 12 pole. But I guess the resistance per pair is too low, 0.6-0.7 ohm. And this motor is up to 3500 rpm at 12v. If I increase the input to 17v, it reaches an awful speed that it's like it is gonna blow.... So I turn it off and start to think of another related issue.

                      As my opinion, a lot of inventors have successfully used Tesla's theory to tap into zero point energy field, such as Don Smith. He used to say that the output power of his device, is proportional to the square of the input voltage. Means if we double the input voltage, we make the output Four times. And he claimed that this is why Tesla always use high voltage. Now I'm thinking of make another 12 pole motor, using a little thinner wire, more turns, higher resistance., making the operating voltage higher, and the current lower. If Don Smith is right, at higher voltage, there should be more radiant energy coming into the motor. This is my thinking. I'll start try it right now, and I'll try the test you've proposed right after I finish this.

                      Thanks again my friend.




                      • Hi Ming,
                        you mentioned the importance of high voltage. In the other trhead I posted recently my notion regarding short high voltage pulses.
                        Let's look at the chain of facts like I understood it:
                        • Radiant seems to be stirred at sudden decaying magnetc flux. Hence we need to build up high flux before decay.
                        • Magnetic flux is related to current in our coil. Hence we need to get high current before decay of magnetic flux.
                        • It does not depend how long this current was active before. Hence we can decide to use high voltage and short pulses. (Ok not fully true. Magentic flux is told to have a viscosity (see Naudin). Hence it is not totally coupled to current like a solid rod.)
                        • Short pulses prevent high losses by coil resitance - it can stay cool.

                        • If we calculate power in a resistor: current contibutes linearly while voltage contributees squared. Hence it is important to have short pulses at high voltage in order to get low losses in coil resitance..
                        • If we calculate energy in a coil current contributes squared. Hence it is important pushing current ASAP.
                        • Fortunately last two notions above cooperate quite well and foster each other.

                        I doubt UFO motors run with µs pulses KV grade. They need a certain amount of true hot current in order to turn.
                        But what about running Ufo motor at sweet spot and add a short high voltage spike just before end of pulse. She will vote this excess current as invitation independently from how long it lasted before. (Just an idea for later investigations. Please do not try it now)

                        Besides all those notions voltage as such might have additional impact. If swithced on it emits longitutinal waves instantly while electrons still stay asleep in metal grid. Some picoseconds later they are energized by the logitudinal wave and start walking. They definiteky are not pushed by voltage as we learned at school.
                        Energizing electrons dos not consume battery power because this energy originates form higher dimension - trigerd by 3D voltage, but only triggered! If we had a material where electrons stay longer asleep we can switch off voltage BEFORE closed current fircuit flows back into our generator or battery. Swithed to another circuit electrons can do their job in another closed circuit. This is what T. Berden and Bedini suggest.
                        Similar actions seem to be active at resonance and special setups.
                        Imagine: at resonance you have nodes with voltage and no current and anotehr one with current but no voltage. All at same time.
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                        Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                        • Machine...just... may I ask you to hold on ...patience, please ..
                          Whatever you want boss.


                          I notice you have Dana's Monster drivers do they really weigh a pound
                          How long did you run them did they keep cool
                          The drivers I have now were ones that I etched. Dana's came the other day. And one of these days I'll finish populating it. I probably used a 1/4 lb of solder on mine. I didn't really run the drivers in the last video hard enough to get them warm. They were only switching 12 v, to close relays. The motor sounded so nice, now that everything is secured, tight, that I think I will run 1 or 2 more batteries, with gen then with small load, then try straight drivers, switching motors.

                          Johnstone, I was already thinking of trying a fly back transformer, maybe 4 of them. Then use the spark gap at the commutator. If we used 4, each with own 12 or 24 v , that might be enough to spin motor very hard. Than we have our spark gaps replacing brushes with drag, which will really speed things up. I just haven't had a chance to think enough about it.

                          Have you tried anything like that before UFO?

                          Cornboy, if I have a chance I will try that for you. You mean energize 4 gates, but use diodes to run lights etc, like pulsing 1 coil initially. I did that on my scratch motor, it always came as a loss of motor performance. I decided that it was easier to just use the radiant to help run gen, use the gen for all electric needs. You only get so much, and any drain, of any energy, effects motor performance. But that was on cheap, homemade scratch motors. Maybe be different with imperial.

                          Thanks for offer slick, but I think UFO a good plan. Maybe UFO could use some help, with his web page upkeep.


                          • Sampojo, were you counting on me to buy four boards, I really hope I don't need them, but I will still get them, if you made them for me.


                            • Green Stuff.

                              Hey Machine, i didn't want to take you off track, what i meant was, just use input brushes to run motor, and use output brushes, through single diodes, just to clip the wave, and to filter out the reverse flow, leaving the hot, to maybe the high voltage side of a microwave tranny, MOT, or something similar, maybe with an AC cap in parrellel with tranny, and then in series just to see.

                              Then see if you can load the low voltage side, and measure it, maybe through a bridge.

                              Just trying to find the best way to use Radiant, to our advantage, for battery replenishment.

                              UFO has stated that by doing what i am saying, that the iron cores ca become magnetised from the one way flow, which is detrimental to performance , so if you do anything like this, only do it in small amounts to observe.

                              Please don't jepodise your setup in any way, to do stuff like this.

                              The last time i played with mot's i just bought new microwave ovens from K Mart, for $49.00, which gives you a quite decent, 240v to 2000v tranny with a low voltage takeoff as well, and a 2000v cap, although the cap has a bleed resistor, so you dont get zapped, make sure you short it first, you never know.

                              There are so many options, for using the green stuff, but let's stay on track and understand what we have already.

                              Warm Regards Cornboy.
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                              • High Voltages/Short Pulses...

                                Hello Guys (This post specially dedicated to Ming, Sir John Stone, and Machine Alive)

                                Related to Run Asymmetric Motors with High Voltages/Short Pulses.

                                The Main Issue We should have in Mind about the Creation/Generation of a Strong Enough Magnetic order to establish Heavy Interactions Response (Repulse-Attract)

                                Short timed periods of High Voltage...will not be enough to develop the required magnetic field Strength to generate a robust rotation.

                                Like John Stone mentioned...creating "fusions" of both pulsing methods will do work, and yes John, preferably at "Ending Time" of sweet spot flat line at square wave (on time)...just like an "h" spike, but reversing the letter.

                                @Machine, no, I have not done those tests with spark gaps instead of brushes/commutator...However, I have been testing possibilities...but just "slightly"...

                                If You are gonna try with four Fly Back Transformers...make sure you are not using "normal" commutators...arcing would do like "sandblasting" that copper...

                                Whenever we get a type of Machine like this running...and performing as they do with Comm/Brush...then we got a "Supernatural" Machine...

                                As the Material, we will need either Tungsten, Carbon or some High Temp/Arcing Resistance Alloy...the shape should be like a "Bulldog Spike Collar", instead of a "Normal" Commutator based on Curved Surface Elements ...

                                If We -again- apply N. Tesla,E. Gray and V. Utkin...We will be better paralleling Caps to our Coils...besides the Resonance points between Coil-Cap...Capacitor will "Assist to Store" by causing a delay time long enough, in order that Coils could build the required stronger Magnetic Field...EVEN, after disconnection from spark...and, if we go further into this application, the Asymmetrical Positioning of Cap Plates to Magnetic Field from Coil (Perpendicular Planes)...will allow the Electric Field to create an Increasing Wave, instead as the Symmetrical Decaying type we all know (Vladimir Utkin applying Tesla's Asymmetrical LC)....since Electric Field would be then, assisting Capacitor Storage...then we will have a Constant Reciprocating/Mutual Assistance...

                                The only complex side I see the very accurate calculation of Cap Delay (Capacitance value)...versus the Angle/Traveling order not to last "too much"...or it will get stock to next Stator in sequence...or not "too short" that the "Jump" will not allow next "in turn" Coil to get energized properly...

                                However, I am very sure it could be achieved...

                                The Advantages a type of Commutation like this would bring, are Superb...we would be able to "Fire" Coils at very short Angles (Even, every Five (5º)...without creating ANY Mechanical Drag...(72 Spark Guns/Shutters)...As also, we "not necessarily" would need to fire in a Sequential 1,2,3,4...But like 1-3, 2-4, and as many possibilities as our minds would allow to test...while Amperage...Amperage?!...what was that?...

                                @Ming:...This whole post applies to your next Build/ also remember to ALWAYS have in mind the Magnetic Field...very fine wire, many turns= very high resistance will lower Amperage...and will allow Higher Voltages...BUT, Magnetic Fields would be very weak...

                                Warm Regards to All

                                Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci