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  • machinealive
    still watching,

    Although I have been busy lately, I still have the imperial sitting and waiting for me to hit it with about 150v 40amps.

    Ok Ill stand up and say it.
    My name is machine alive, I'm 43 years old and I have a learning addiction, I spend all my extra money on experiments, equipment, and books. I spend so much time in my other world, I also almost lost my real life business once, and now I have to focus a little more on that. It's finally getting back on track again.

    See, were all the same, lab rats of different shapes and sizes.

    I sure do appreciate everything you've shared UFO, and sacrificed.

    I've been tinkering with my sensors. Just finished a buffered ac volt/power meter, hopefully it works. Finished a nice little 2 phase generator(smooth), and am focused on the toroid and the big generator.

    UFO, you said your imperial would just not beat the alte, almost. So, what was your data? Did you make a video? DUDE, COME ON.
    Sorry, but I know my imperial works better then yours ,
    So you gotta tell me what your results were, and as soon as I GET A CHANCE., I'll beat your imperial.

    Maybe Ill drop one in a bike this spring, when it warms up, I'm sure midas will help. And You can bet your life, that I'm still working on the dual stator.

    Regards my friends

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  • iankoglin
    Kogs Progress to date

    G'day UFO and Team
    When I finish my 2 projects (almost there) it's no good building motors and not having /showing in a practical use and that is why I have these projects to show these motors in use.
    First My Bicycle one of the small My Motors I am re winding them as my first rewinds were not balanced and were getting hot. I think that when I measured the Ohms on each armature coil It measured 7 Ohms but I forgot and did not measure the Ohms of the DMM which varied according to the ambient temperature so I measures each coil and they measured 7 ohms and the DMM measured 4 Ohms so in fact each coil was only really 3 Ohms As I was unwinding the motor I found that I had not wound exactly the number of turns on each Pole so I used a counter on the 1000w motor So I am waiting for some finer wire to rewind these 2 motors.

    After I rewind these 2 motors I will wind the one Imperial P56 motor 14 winds per half pole using 1mm diam. wire

    Second then the tricycle the 1000w ZY Chinese motor It is wound with .6mm diam. wire and 25turns each half pole and so each Pole is 2 x 25 = 50 turns measured with a DMM is 1.4 Ohms minus the DMM=4 Ohms is 1 ohm per pole.
    The motor runs smooth and does not get hot nor does the Monster driver it draws unloaded at soft start 2 amps fast star tup 3 amps settling down to 1.2 amps.
    I have left the wiring from the motor to the battery original that is each opposing set of brushes is in parallel.

    I still have to design and build the Tricycle it will be done using Plywood. I just now after much searching for have been given a Peerless 100 Limited slip diff/axle from a motor mower that my engineering friend had /found in his shed. The axle will have on each end a wheel hub to fit onto the Double rimmed 20" (500mm) Bicycle wheels, the Drive sprocket will be bolted to one side of the diff housing and the Brake disc will be bolted to the other side My Friend will be machining the mechanical parts for me as I need them. The front wheel will be in spring loaded forks.

    I will keep you all updated as I progress

    Kindest Regards to you my friends

    Kogs still progressing

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  • iankoglin
    Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
    Hello Wonza,

    Yes, You are right...around 1.5 years, to be more precise... in July 11th 2014, @ 02:15 AM ,US, Eastern Time it would be exactly Two Years...

    Well, unfortunately you were not able to keep replicating further on bigger machines, actually just a few kept working and still working on them, PLUS the required Monster Pulser Controllers to reduce Amps Draw...
    Some of the "few" (actually you could count them with one hand, meaning...less than five) great replicators of Imperial have abandoned their so far advanced models and effort...what a pity!...but I guess they were either disappointed...or got distracted into more "promising" territory...I am not sure which reason...but it is a fact.

    I have spent I don't know exactly how many dozens of hours designing Models for "Last Minute Debutantes" showing weird structure configurations (poles/stators wise)...which I solved them all in nicely- time consuming CAD Diagrams...and so far, I have never heard from them ever again...

    I have designed beautiful and very promising machines likes MAG3...which Cornboy555 is in the hard and costly process of building it from scratch...but then again...Money and Time issues what really set Us all back from finishing this Open Source Work that in the end would be for other future generations to enjoy the benefits of living in a World Free of Oil Burning Machines.


    G'day UFO
    I can see You are very distressed at this time and the disappointment of not seeing the progress of others replicating your disclosure.
    I for one and I am sure the rest of the active Team really appreciate what you have shown us but like you have said most of us have to earn money so we can continue with this great work I read all the posts and with the exception of the time wasters who only try to disrupt the flow of these great threads.

    It was asked what use was these Asymmetric machines going to do for the poor of this world and you explained how a generator could be run by one of these motors and power a house and you started by demonstrating how a Imperial P56 motor which you modified easily could be connected up to a Mecc-Allte generator head so quite a few of us bought these Imperial Motors to replicate what you were doing.

    The Imperial Project is still alive
    I do not remember how many Imperial UFO kits were purchased I have seen how a few rebuilt their machines very quickly connected up to a Mecc Alte or similar alternators and some showing their progress even lighting large lamps showing that their machines were in fact working. and John Stone came on the scene with his Monster driver and asked for at least 3 replicators to build these monsters of which started then an in-depth discussion of the actual switching on and off of these motors and you showed how by switching serially each brush on within one cycle or hertz that the amp draw was considerably reduced. then there was the discussion of the complicated programming of the actual automated driver of these P56/alternator Builds AND this is where the shift from building the machines shifted to building the Program to drive the Electric motor/Generator which Dana started then along came Garry Childers and the programming is still in process Garry needed to build the monster drivers and also an asymmetric motor so as to continue with the testing of the programming

    So after this there was what appears to be a stand still as far as the Imperial/Mecc Alte goes. It is not at a standstill it is in progress.

    Midas' project is also alive it also involves not only himself but Dana is helping him in the driver that John Stone said he would help him by designing the driver this project is I believe at least a 12 month project

    I am sure MachineAlive also is active and really appreciates as you help him in his build

    Light is still active

    Cornboy's mag 3 Project I am sure he will finish it is still alive

    Dana is still active

    John Stone is very active

    My Project is still alive
    I like many others have never built or re wound a motor before I have finished winding about 6 motors and the last one the Chinese 1000w is so far the best so I am in the process of rewinding my rewinding of the last 2 MY1060 motors. I did these motors first so I could gain the winding experience to wind the 3 Imperial motors I also purchased so I can continue in this project
    There are others like sampojo and ajaya999 they are active and progressing There are many who just look and follow along

    There are really many active on this thread some just not seem to be

    UFO I am sorry you lost your source of income but am really pleased that you have disclosed what you have and like the others we will progress so please keep up the good work as we also need your help to progress.

    Kindest Regards to you my friend

    Kogs still progressing

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  • GlenWV
    Still around & in the game.

    Greetings Mr. UFOPolitics:

    Just a quick 'I'm still around' and am in the game.

    I have the two larger Imperial motors which you designed the windings for. (P66 frame.) Right now, I am waiting on my machinist friend to complete a shaft. The new shaft will extend out several inches on each end of the motor.

    A pair of the P56 frame Imperial motors are also sitting in my basement awaiting treatment for their 'symmetrical dysfunction'.

    My UFO coils, one is over 8 lbs., have been experimented with, applying charge to 10k AH LABs sitting in the driveway. One pulser used to drive these coils is Bob French's drawing and the other based on the diagrams provided by Mr. John Stone. I've tried several different FETs that were available to see how they played. (Smoked a bunch of them.)

    I have a 5kw generator mounted to a stand, just waiting for the P66 frame motor to be completed.....

    So, I reckon there are several folks around who aren't saying much, but are chipping away at this as funding and opportunity allow.

    I will say this: Thank you sir. Thank you very much.


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  • ajaya999
    I'm here sir along with my son

    Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
    Hello Wonza,

    But am sure someone out there...will get the message I have planted and keep going with it...until we all finally see it happening...someday.

    Dear Sir,
    I'm here along with my son - who is 11 year old belonging to the next generation - to make it and prove OU. My son (hope you remember calls you Vishwaroop) was in fact asking me about my progress in this and demanding a time line to finish this.

    Sir, I promise - with the guidance you already gave in this thread - I'll make some machines from scratch and prove your designs bring in OU.

    Now I'm telling you sir I don't need further guidance. I'll make them myself with the help of your earlier posts. I will never give a scope for the time to prove your designs work great. All I require from you are your best wishes.
    Come back to you very soon sir.
    Regards and Namaste


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