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    Warm Greetings to All,
    Just wanted to share this amazing experience with everyone,

    Quantum K Healing is a 23 minute website experience that enhances the Quantum K manual's healing potential and brings it to the unlimited audience through the Internet. Colour and sound is used to stimulate ones senses and you are asked to only sit comfortably, relax and engage passively with the data on the screen as it automatically moves from one concept to the next. Best of all, you can repeat the experience whenever you wish, drawing from it whatever you need at that time...

    Quantum K - Free Healing Experience

    Blessings Always,

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    Hi Chaunte,
    My sis discovered the website a couple of weeks ago. Strangely enough, we passed it on to many people and not very many reacted or even acknowledged, far more said thanks for sending it on - and these were all people ostensibly involved in all manner of things esoteric. I found the experience intriguing cos the statements covered all the aspects I've become familiar with over the years doing seminars or even from my childhood. Maybe some of the concepts scare some people. Anyway, those who tried it liked it very much. Great website and Mr Kemp is very kind too. P.S A healer I know tested the resonators with his pendulum to see if they really neutralise the negative mobile waves - and they did!


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      Maybe people can't wait all 20MB data to be downloaded and play?

      Interesting website . The pdf also explain the concept well too.


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        What has it done for you Chaunte or someone you know who has used the website?