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    Not a necessity

    Yes you are correct Alsy. Radionics, Psychotronics and Psionics are just tools. We don’t need them “if we realized” our full potentials. Being omnipotent God-like, so to speak.

    Now the question is; why do people need P.A.T.H.S. or why do we have cars, or these frequencies and sine-wave generator, why do we have our computers and our very own cell-phones? Of course we NEED them to HELP us make our lives easier.

    Like my aforementioned individuals Abrams, Drown, Hieronymous, (when I started last year to post, if you read all my posts in this thread) , they use these machines to “help” them to heal their patients, find out what minerals were in stones/ores, made crop yield faster, and so on. A sort of miracles in their times.

    I am not saying here ordinary humans need to exercise Radionics/Psychotronics/Psionics to aid them achieving their goals; they don’t have to. However if there’s a need for an edge why not use these tools? Why take a boat rather than a plane, if there’s a need to get to your destination much faster? And if we’re talking about safety, that’s another story

    Since 2003, I have been studying Radionics…then I heard about Psychotronics…and lastly Psionics. These 3 mostly likely to be the same and all function in quantum way but varies on features and capabilities, they are not “exactly” the same. As the way you stated re your experience, I could say, it is “more of” in the scope of Psionics. Or no devices at all were used as for my experiences in occult/strange things. It can be done by someone/entity with a powerful mind.

    And oh, about dials and stick-pad; to “tune-in” to your “target” and/or “trends”, you don’t need those really. For me that’s an obsolete method already, because I realized an alternative set-up. I also found out one of our colleagues is doing almost the same way. I can explain it if someone asked (but not my set-up ). Though if you need to find out something, or set your rates obtained way back from Drown’s era, then you need those dials re radionics.

    I guess it’s my two cents worth!

    P.S. Do scrutinize these machines especially these so called “manifesting machines” as it is related to my previous post why. Some bought expensive machines that are now collecting dusts. Especially for mundane purposes and you have a very limited budget and you want to invest on these so called manifesting machines/devices. I advice anyone, don’t buy any and will spare your hard earned blood-and-sweat money! Although these machine could help too, (but not as you as expected it) but if scrutinized, “almost” of what they say are just marketing scheme.

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        Tachyon is Best for Manifestation

        My own theory why it is best to use Tachyon energy for manifestation compared to Orgone energy, disregarding or supporting why dowsing confirmed, “YES”, is; “the energy/ies must be in suitable form” for the goal we wanted to be efficiently manifested re manifesting machine. We all know every action, events, thoughts, objects, cells, DNA, and so on, have certain vibration or frequency signature and this is known and widely accepted fact even in science community. Now, what if the manifestation machine’s power source/transmitter (orgone energy and tachyon energy are transmitters) is not within the range frequencies and/or cannot reach those (high) frequencies of our desired goals? Will this manifestation machine still work? Will this manifestation machine capable of transmuting its lower vibrational energy power source (mostly orgone) to high vibrational energies? I don’t think this machine is capable of evolving/raising its own power source. What might be happening is that an operator using this kind of machine (or device) is only charging his self and it’s the mind that unconsciously transmute this lower vibrational energies to a higher frequencies to be “in synced” with the intended goals. Also orgone is a low vibrational energy state that equated slow wave, if so, is it analogous for not having fast/best results re manifestation? And lastly about orgone, the misconception is; they all talk about powerful energy, orgone energy in huge amounts for faster manifestation--how about also considering, “suitable energies” next time?

        An energy which is faster than the speed of light indicated a very, very high frequency that equaled to widest range of frequencies, (almost) a guarantee to cover and to be in synced with our desired goal. In addition, there are debates that it couldn’t be possible that tachyon energy is “faster than a speed of light”, but with double blind dowsing, we obtained “YES”. As orgone energy is low vibrational, it is ascertain under Tachyon’s scope of frequencies. Now, if tachyon is faster than a speed of light, would it be faster for manifestation too? If we can manipulate Tachyon energy and with our mind intent riding within this faster than light wave “acting as a carrier wave”, a transmitter of our desire then it would be theoretically probable to reach its destination (our goal) much faster.

        Fast and Powerful, Two Requirements for Successful Manifestation

        An energy being fast isn’t good enough for manifestation, it must be powerful too. Based on the “Law of Attraction” and the “Law of Deliberate Creation”, when we desire or by continuously thinking of something with a lot of emotions into it, we manifest it. As I think about it, this is very true to me, as when I intensely desire of something it almost always manifested.

        The energy for manifestation must be powerful enough to override or break the barrier of our perceived physical reality made of energy as well, but in highly condensed form. Thus, in order to manifest our desire in our physical world we need to supply it with continuous “sufficient” energy, shaping and condensing our desire bit by bit. And this energy generally comes from our intense emotions we put into it. Every now and then thinking about our intense desire and even taking it when we sleep.

        Now, one of the laws of creation (nature) together with the notion of time is to bring back everything else to equilibrium, as I read it (Aaron post) and it is very true. If we don’t put adequate attention to our desire, then the probability of manifesting it, is a guaranteed failure or will take a long, long time. As a consequence of the consensus of nature together with time will attempt naturally to dissipate our thought--a desire potential.

        So apparently if we want fast manifestation by looking to all of this, we need a supply of continuous FAST (to race against time) and POWERFUL energy (to force and shape our desire).

        All the best!


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          I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with hulda clarkes synchrometer. I know it is not strictly radionic not that i am really sure what would be required for something to be radionic but it fulls in there somewhere i am sure.


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            Yes it falls somewhere...

            But honestly you don't need to find frequency/ies or rates. Your intent serve it.

            Like I said (for me) tuning dial to obtain rates (for homing into the target is not necessary, like someone said) is considered obsolete.

            And oh, about dials and stick-pad; to “tune-in” to your “target” and/or “trends”, you don’t need those really. For me that’s an obsolete method already, because I realized an alternative set-up. I also found out one of our colleagues is doing almost the same way. I can explain it if someone asked (but not my set-up ). Though if you need to find out something, or set your rates obtained way back from Drown’s era, then you need those dials re radionics.
            But you're reason for synchrometer might be for zapping...



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              Policam dot ro

              Originally posted by indigo View Post
              this is supposedly the most powerful radionics device on the market:

              Mars III

              If You want to purchase a special radionic device go Policam
              This site produce radionic device from your specification.
              For example Power, number of generators, number of protectet person
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                Egely Wheel!

                Hi, first post here!

                You can moving objects with your mind, like spinning the Egely Wheel!


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                  5 day Radionics training seminar

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                    Radionics is an effective way to promote health and heal health concerns.
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                      Best prices for radionic and psychotronic devices?
                      Where could I find the best prices for radionic and psychotronic devices.
                      I'm looking around everywhere now trying to find the best deal.
                      These devices are really cool if they can deliver what they promiss they can
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                        An Edgar Cayce's healing/dowsing device?

                        Hello People...
                        I have just found this stuff on Ebay:
                        eBay Italia - Aste online e shopping a prezzo fisso

                        Have you some other info on this subject?
                        Seems that the famous psychic Edgar Cayce channeled some weird device to heal/dowse....



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                          Tools For Gambling

                          I have recently discovered the Tim Rifat website: " Psychic Power Gambling " which is exciting, but Tim may have a sanity issue. I would like to read about customer experiences.


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                            about radionics machines

                            I know that there are radionics machines, that sends or help to send energy to something or someone.

                            But I do not think that the machine is doing anything, only one thing: makes the operator thinks that the machine is somehow amplifying the energy been sent.

                            the thing is that what "sends" the energy is the operator, the person with the "intention" of sending energy.

                            the "intention" or the "will" is what makes things happen.

                            If I think that a machine can amplify the energy that I want to send, and I really believe that, of course that I will send more energy, but it is not the machine, it is me.

                            The same thing happens with an "amulet" or a "luck charm", if I think that an amulet can protect me, I get protection, but not because of the amulet, but because I think that I am getting protection, and if I think it is... it is.

                            All this relates with "faith" and with quantic physics!!! lol

                            going a little deeper, why not.....

                            If I believe that I can walk over water, and I am really convinced that I can, I can. Remember Jesus teaching his followers to walk over water?
                            If I believe that I can levitate, I levitate, how many people over history have been known for levitate? a lot!!


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                              If a radionics machine has a sticky pad for example, it is just amplifying our reaction to the subconscious mind influencing our nerve impulse, which can cause more sweat at the fingertips for example. So like a pendulum, it is just amplifying our own bodies responses - if used for diagnosis for example.

                              For treatment, the machine isn't broadcasting anything, our subconscious mind is and the machine simply represents an intention.

                              There are some psychotronic devices that can actually store life force energy like a capacitor but these are different than "regular" radionics machines.
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                                I'd like to propose that radionics and psychotronics operate via radiation on the millimeter wave bands and above: