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    I ve build a wishing machine. No results so far. I used my stereo. I connected alu foil with cables into AUX and the output is stereo headphones. It is really simple. I will run it for another 2-3 days to see the results. After that I will put a big TV antenna for output.
    This is so much fun to build!
    Has anyone allready tried it?
    Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasn´t been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


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      the most powerful radionics device

      this is supposedly the most powerful radionics device on the market:



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        Yes, also a nice price. But it is still more interesting to build it on you own!
        Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasn´t been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


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          Radionics To Manifest

          Hello Indigo,

          I got your private message about your interest into purchasing advance radionics. I did reply.


          Try to use mono amp. From what I've known, it is mono not stereo.



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            Someone's Experiment

            >I came up with my own very powerful Radionics device using mirrors
            >and a powerful strobe light. I was able to remotely program an
            >associates holographic stickers with numerous experimental programs
            >giving the stickers the ability to charge a glass or bottle of water
            >or a person with a very strong stimulating effect that were every
            >bit as strong as a drug (I'm not talking subtle effect here!) This
            >is truly awesome stuff. Some people call it Quantum Magic and I
            >believe that it is the scientific basis for Real Magic. It is not
            >surprising that the ORMUS responds as it does to intent as the ORMUS
            >itself is a conduit or pathway to the Universe's Super Computer.

            Hey, remember, this isn't me Hmmm, it's similar to the advance radionics schematics that I have



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              Mono amp? Where do I found one
              Thats going to be a hard one. Usually old mono/ one speaker devices dont have input and output.
              Why do you think it is a mono? I tought any amp would do as long as there is input and output.
              Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasn´t been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


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                Mono Amp Puzzle

                Usually a guitar amp is mono and it has input and output. From where I am situated, I could readily buy a mono amp at our local electronic shop, just the circuit itself without a casing. Someone I know is experimenting with a mono amp. Somehow I intuitionally knew why is it mono, but I can't explain it really in words--if you know what I mean

                Ok I'll spill the beans... Put your copper plates/cap at the amp's input while the antenna is connected at the output. And there must be a resistor connected at the input or you will short you dear prescious amp. If you knew a little bit of electronics this shouldn't be hard at all.

                Writing you wish - when you write your wish, FEEL your wish as if it has been done already, contemplate on it. It is comparable on what achievers are doing in their mental programing.

                How to activate - After writting your wish RIGHTFULLY, put it into the witness contemplate your wish again, (there must be no doubt, because this negative frequency will ruin your frequency wish, there should be no contradictions) mentally connect your wish--paper written, visualize your wish is done then let the witness-well absorb the energy of your wish, now your wish and copper plate/cap is united and is now resonating with your written wish. Now, let connect the resonating copper to the amplifier circuit, mentally, feel your wish being amplified a thousand times, or billions if you want, then imagine the energy wish emits through the antenna traveling into the ether/matrix. Finally, it's about time to PHYSICALLY TURN on you machine! Don't forget to turn it on

                Goodluck To Radionics Madness Everyone!
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                  Thanks Henrii. I ll try to do my best as I m not electrician .

                  You say rightfully - do you mean like: I have a new bike or I want to have a new bike.

                  Also as I understand all the components have to be connected and than mentally connect written wish with copper wish well and mentally connect it with amp?
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                  Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasn´t been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


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                    Setting It Right

                    "I have a new bike" is right. Hmmm.. I like to have a bike too but with gasoline

                    Of course the wishing machine components is physically connected and must be in good condition of functioning. The mental thing is to transfer your conciousness to the machine, to its every sounding like a metaphysician here , giving the machine (hardware) a program (software)



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                      Henrii, you are my guiding metaphysician
                      Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasn´t been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


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                        Someone Found this Thread and Emailed Me RE Radionics

                        Hello everyone,

                        I thought I should post this, so anyone who have a similar query/ies can just read it here. He had asked some radionic machines being sold online. Expensive machines up to 6,000.00€ . And if these radionic machines can be used for MIND CONTROL.

                        Hello there, (BLANK-to respect someone's privacy),

                        You know Radionic/Psychotronic/Psionic manifesting machines can't be used for "total" mind control, but rather INFLUENCE over the target person or event you want to manifest. If you have a "good machine" and of course you need to be a competent user as well, there is a high probability to influence your reality.

                        Radionic can be used to "AID" you influence persons, and if the influence is so strong it can be mistakenly termed mind control. As far as I know there's no available machine that can be used to control person's "will". But we also have to consider a possibility to bombard a person of "trend influence" you intended, and that in the long run that person in question will be influenced accordingly. Thus, seemingly in a scope of mind control.

                        Now how to select a good machine?

                        1st you have to consider your level, are you a beginner or long time practitioner?
                        2nd you need to select a machine that will suit you. Setting trend and target with radionics' dials and stick-pad is difficult for non energy sensitive; you need to train yourself how to get the "stick". So if a beginner, you have to consider this or else you won't get anywhere. If a beginner you need to select a user friendly device/machine. A psychotronic/psionic machine is a good option; usually it doesn’t come with dials and stick-pad.
                        3rd What will be the nature of your use for it? Do you want it for heavy task manifestation, heavy influencing or to use it professionally? If you answer yes to any one of these, then you need a “powerful” and “suitable” machine. However machines like these cost $$$ as you can do a search on them. And the way I see it, some of the more popular machines even expensive are not “suitable” and are not “well configured”.

                        So a good machine must be suitable, powerful and well-configured. What does it mean? For mundane manifestation/influencing purposes, a radionic box should have “huge power energy source, as you can read on some of my posts why. But not only that, it also must be in “suitable form of energy/ies”. It’s like this, a direct 110VAC energy usually can’t be used to power up your “written paper trends”, but we all read over the internet that orgone energy can be used regarding this, or for manifestation or powering up our mind power. But we found out through energy sensitivity and double blind dowsing orgone is not best to use but Tachyon energy instead. We also found out others energies and if combined together, should be more efficient compare to just radionic machines that utilizes orgone technology.

                        Now for a well configured machine. Besides Tachyon energy, would it be great if something is created that can be used as a “true passive device” with the potential to expand its energetic field when pointed to certain directions with an option to be active for more power with an auxiliary input for audio programs or external radionic box? And that accessed Yin and Yang energies and other feel good energies as well, and incorporated almost all other technologies re manifesting machines?

                        I think I have answered you queries.
                        Thanks for reading,
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                          Wishing machine

                          Im am definitly no electronics wiz but isnt the amp in the wishing machine setup, setup so as to differentiate. That is take the signal from one plate and subtract from the other plate in which an ordinay off the shelf amp wont work unlesss setup this way and i dont think they make homestereos wired that way
                          I am also strongly inclined to think that psi is the result of torsion fields. This is a great place to start on researching it
                          WEIRD SCIENCE: torsion fields, spin-waves in the vacuum
                          Shape power is a great book written by dan davidson. He goes allot into the cavity effect
                          Konstantin Meyl has an excellent physics book on the subject of scalar waves. It feels a bit all over the place, ie it didnt go through and editor but still is very good. You can miss all the hard stuff and just the fun stuff like structured water where he shows how to build a very small circuit to make it. He aswell goes into allot of other fun stuf.


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                            Another Radionics approach...

                            Hi All,

                            Just as an aside with how Radionics is approached by Matrix Energetics...
                            Its looked at in the Level III Magick seminar, where we delve quite a bit into the ideas behind Radionics and how to access the morphic field of it and use it quite effectively with no physical machine in front of you.
                            Radionics is likely accepted by most to be a consciousness technology. Specifically, much of what happens has to do with the consciousness of the operator. I have a belief that the 'powers that be' (i.e. governments and scientists) are much more linear and physically-oriented and have developed this and many other paranormal technologies to 'make up' for their particular level of consciousness which is 'lower' than for example, the place of Jesus or other Masters of the physical and psychic realms who apparently use no machines to do incredible works.

                            I believe we are all 'making it up' as we go and that no technology or understanding of the universe is complete in itself nor it is 'true' as in 'fact' but rather is part of a complex game we are creating to interact with the mysteries of Life. An example is the progression of human science from pre-Newton, Newtonian, Relativity, and now the much discussed Quantum Physics. When I get a chance, I will list the book that claims to show that the original discovery of the elements of the periodic table were one set of values, different than what we study today and not nearly so perfect in order, and that through the expectation, observation and consciousness of man, that the later elements began to line up in the impressive, and many may agree, miraculous organization of the current values we now have.

                            Back to the ages of science - all of these are progressive and filled with errors, the degree of which is most obvious starting with the pre-Newton and the least erroneous, based on our subjective experience being the latest incarnation of Quantum Physics. (A footnote would be the understanding of our universe held by people many thousands of years ago may be even more advanced that Quantum Physics and that we are rediscovering this knowledge, much of which can only be currently experienced as there is not equipment sensitive enough to track what is going on with consciousness most of the time.)

                            Personally, I feel that even Quantum Physics will be publically surpassed (perhaps soon) with greater and greater revelations of so-called reality and it is my opinion that the ultimate understanding may be extremely simple leading to a tremendous paradox for the seeming complexity we experience of all the frequencies and energies floating about multi-dimensionally and in infinite parallel universes. What a ride!!!

                            Thus, back to M.E., Dr. Bartlett had us access the morphic field of Radionics and use a picture of a R-machine with the knobs and such, to intuitively dial in the correct frequency for an issue with a person you are practicing with. This repeatedly caused a radical shift in the person being worked on. Some of Dr. Bartlett's direction with this has to do with a story of a big player in the early radionics machines (I forget his name but could find out) who realized after a week of successfully using it that it was unplugged!

                            Infinite possibilities!

                            Henrii's comment here caught my attention as well:
                            Radionics - The theory is that everything that exist (each every one of them, even an action, a thought, a desire) in this universe has vibration/ frequency. You then tune to this vibration, and lock the vibration with your machine. You then manipulate your target (person, animal, place) with this frequency. If you know how a witchcraft technique works, where they get a hair/photo/blood (frequencies) of their target, to be manipulated of course, radionic is basically like that. The basic parts are Dials (where you try to tune to a desired frequency) Stickplate (where you rub your finger/s, if you felt a stick, then it is tuned) and Witness-Well (where you put the sample—blood, hair, vitamin, desire).
                            After gaining rapport with the other in this equation, one can simply ask openly the questions or make firm statements that will bring the correct turning of the dials (you feel it or watch the registers on the person - like breathing, twitching, eye-movement, shifting of body and swaying and so on), even if they are only in your mind or a picture of a R machine on a piece of paper. ANY combination of playing with this will work, IF you are REALLY in that field of doing it!!!

                            Interestingly, the sticky plate reminds me of the two-point which involves finding a 'stuck, hard, or rigid' point on a person, either touching them personally or remotely, and then finding an associated point that makes the first one more like it already was. Also, using 'windows' and other testing approaches of innocent perception of M.E. seem to reflect upon the consciousness interaction of the sticky plate, though apparently in the latter, the body intelligence is communicating with our observation by changing the moisture content of our fingers as we drag it across the plate.

                            I find it all fascinating and if 'Radionics' shows up in my awareness when doing a M.E. session, I dial in and use it!

                            Thanks for all the great links and bringing this subject up!!

                            In Peace,



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                              After a Year, Back to this Thread Again,

                              You guys surprised me!

                              @ dmonarch

                              I have several plans of this wishing machine. I got two plans in exchange for one of my advanced radionic plans by a radionic researcher too and said that it does work for him. Another plan that I have was given to me by someone from another forum, and this plan is actually being sold online. These plans I mentioned have some similarities.

                              Re scalar and torsion field, I am not supposed to say this but I and my colleagues are into these too. My developed work incorporates these but also (almost) all other technologies and features you could find re Radionic/Psychotronic machine, and this is in one single unit.

                              Here are all the technologies:

                              PSIAMP’s Technologies

                              Coil technology
                              Implosion technology
                              Noble gas technology
                              Orgone Technology
                              Photon technology
                              Quantum Technology
                              Sacred Geometry Technology
                              Scalar Technology
                              Tachyon Technology
                              Vortex technology
                              Yin and Yang Technology

                              This machine became a reality due to my friends help, without them I couldn't possibly have done it. We are composed of energy sensitive individuals--one is high sensitive that can hear crystals talk, few dowsers, and intuitive experimenters--which I belong.

                              @ sterlingpg

                              Nice to see you post again, err... me that is!
                              Thus, back to M.E., Dr. Bartlett had us access the morphic field of Radionics and use a picture of a R-machine with the knobs and such, to intuitively dial in the correct frequency for an issue with a person you are practicing with. This repeatedly caused a radical shift in the person being worked on. Some of Dr. Bartlett's direction with this has to do with a story of a big player in the early radionics machines (I forget his name but could find out) who realized after a week of successfully using it that it was unplugged!
                              Yes, even a schematic diagram of a radionic machine drawn on paper could be substitute for a physical radionic machine. It worked for few individuals but all of the others got zero result. But a "well-configured machine" has real power although you need $$$.

                              I could leave my experiments with radionics/psychotronics and just focus on using my mind alone. But I have also realized I needed something, a tool to make it easy for me and for everybody else who needed aid. What if I can create a machine to boost my mind influence many times over that with my limited bio-field I could NOT possibly exert? What if I considered to become professional Remote Influencer, and every now and then I drain my life-force but with a machine it will make it easy for me? So these are "some" of the things been chattering my mind.

                              I also been thinking a radionic machine an aid for RV, that you put your target into a "witness-well" resonating its frequency with the radionic machine that has or without a connection on your forehead. This in turn will enable for a steady supply of the specific frequency in your head.

                              For now what is running in my head is to pursue our work. But I honestly like M.E. because thinking it is not possible to carry my gadget every now and then. I just don't have the luxury of time to practice M.E., maybe next, next year!

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                                Frequencies List - Quite interesting

                                The following is a fairly extensive list of brainwave frequencies for a variety of things.
                                Brainwave Frequency Listing
                                If the site ever ends up disappearing for some reason, there are several sites with the frequencies list. The words i used in the search engine were;
                                brainwave frequencies green red blue healing alpha theta learning intuition

                                If you are interested to try out some of the frequencies, but are without access to an electronic frequency generator, there is free software around for generating basic tones. I went to with the search term ; sine wave generator ,
                                and it came up with a few which look suitable for the job, but i have not downloaded them to know if one can get some of the precise frequencies. Also, the lower frequencies can not be played on a speaker unless using the other techniques such as pulsing, or generating Binaural (i think is the term) beats. The later of which can be produces with these tone generators if one produces a frequency that is playable. Record that for one speaker, and then record a 2nd frequency for the other speaker that is the difference of that frequency. An example is you want 2hz (2 cycles per second), then say say you might pick 600hz for left speaker, and 602hz for the right speaker. Stereo headphones are required to play the two signals back in order to achieve the low frequency binaural beat though. 20hz is the lowest i have seen the headphones reach.

                                Some number of years ago, i went to a weekend seminar that was to do with a certain mediation involving geometries, where i clearly sensed something else was going on, than what i was told. I also heard a voice at one time that sounded really odd in terms of its "direction/ spacialnes", is the only way i can describe it. We were asked to call our names out in the mediation when we did it at home/ own space. Interesting to read about how the psychotronics works to tune into a known. I am leaning strongly in the possibility that some sort of psychotronics was used on me in connection with the mediation, and further wondering if perhaps there are people who use this sort of thing to direct communications to chanellers.

                                In the end these are just tools, and what Stephen said about it relating to the consciousness of the person, makes some sense.