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    Has anyone heard of, or read these...?

    I finally (oddly) just remembered them from one of the people I met at the Matrix workshop... From what i was told its a true story of a "woman" who was raised and lives in the wild forests of Russia... I just ordered the first book.

    The web site and info sounds really entriguing. -however you spell that.

    "These messages are comming from Anastasia, a beautiful young woman, descoved by a trader in 1995,living alone, deep in the wild forrests of Siberia. She is considerded to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic civilization whos exraordinary powers and knowledge FAR EXCEED anything known today." says alot more.

    Ringing Cedars Press - Official Website


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    I've heard of this series of books Blake but I haven't read them yet - still on my list to buy! I've had a couple of friends recommend them to me over here.

    Thanks for posting the link to the site, it was very interesting reading a bit more about them.

    Love, Light & Blessings,
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      Me too, I've heard all good things about these books but haven't read them myself.

      Keep your mind on the aether


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        Ringing Cedars

        Hi Blake!

        Woohoo, I can post!!!

        I pm'd you yesterday but can now publicly share that I've found the four books that I've read from the series a great read!

        Love and Light,


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          Just got book 1 !

          Very interesting so far... It feels like going into a different world... my mind keeps going into non-fiction fantasy mode and I repeatedly pause and have to remind myself the author purports that it all is true...that its for "real"... Its fun so far...exciting even, like starting a journey.

          heres a QA page...Ringing Cedars Press - FAQs

          and others reviews... Ringing Cedars Press - Reviews


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            Originally posted by Blake View Post
            Very interesting so far... It feels like going into a different world... my mind keeps going into non-fiction fantasy mode and I repeatedly pause and have to remind myself the author purports that it all is true...that its for "real"... Its fun so far...exciting even, like starting a journey.

            heres a QA page...Ringing Cedars Press - FAQs

            and others reviews... Ringing Cedars Press - Reviews
            Hi Blake!

            I just got done pm'ing you!

            Isn't it amazing how the book just really transports to this whole other reality!?! So glad to hear that you are enjoying it and I hope that you will post further on your findings and how the book does or doesn't effect a change for you. Gardening anyone???

            Love and Light,


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              Neat Title

              What a great name. Cedars are the best trees. A excellent title for a
              creative novel...

              "But ye shall receive power..."
              Acts 1:8


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                Ringing Cedars

                Sooooo ...I just finished the first book. Lots to digest. It was sweet and captivating and there did seem to be an energy in reading it. I do feel the lightness and a sweetness she seems to be or be communicating.

                I have had a new feeling towards nature too. Have been lying in the grass a lot...more, and have an eagerness to try her gardening ideas for next year. I didnt get a plot anywhere this year so I have the odd squash, tomato, lettuce and cukes scattered around the yard... and 3 rasberry bushes that i planted last year. Not the greatest of set ups...Next year though, Mmmmmmm. I am ordering the rest of the series to see where this goes. I lean toward Believing it...

                Its not a novel...or dosent claim itself to be, anyway. Its a story of actual accounts and People, Places (and Trees) who have some really interesting experiences and things to say. It seems to have breathed life and greater awareness into many of the Russian folk and culture since the books have come out...from what the author describes. Its was published over ten years ago in Russia. Only recently translated in english.

                The Ringing Cedar, they say, is a special Cedar that over its 500 year life, accumulates and stores the cosmic energy that all cadars are gathering. Only, they describe that most Cedars job is to be an antenae sort of to bring down that higher energy and disperse it across the planet. Only a few store it up so they can be used in a special way after they reach a certain age (thats when they start to "ring". The author said it sounded a lot like the deep crackel you hear from a live electric wire when your standing under it... only more melodic (?) ) ...Most humans have forgot the ancient wisdom of how and what to do with these trees...Anastasia and her Grandfathers are keepers of that knowledge... along with who knows what else!

                I think its a great read however you look at it. The lessons about the wisdom in nature and plants and how to connect and learn...though she only just touched on it in this book.... is really interesting, and for me right now, reassuring. I was already feeling a calling to come back to "Mamma" and reconnect with the natural world the past few months....and then these books find me...or i create them as one might surmise in this forum.

                Happy reading
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                  More Ringing Cedar info

                  Hello all,

                  So Im reading the 4th and 5th books in the series and it keeps getting better. The information in these books and the understandings and philosopy that Anastasia expresses is wild! Something I have never heard before....though much of what she talks about are the classics: divinity of "Man", the power of words and thought, natural medicine, untaught history, unimagined futures.... It covers many of the beliefs ascribed to here in this forum but for me its in such an original package and unfolds in such an adventuous never know what your going to learn from one page to the next!!! .... for me it sheds new light on many metaphysical understandings that have apparently been gathering cobwebs in my mind...and definately added more (understandings).

                  She describes the world we inhabit (3-d) ...Nature, Gods Perfect Creation, in a way I have never heard or experienced. She communicates with it all personally, every day of her life. And then describes Us, as Devine Beings, as I have never conceptualised or heard. Then how We together with Nature are a complete and perfect system. Vladimir asks her when she brings "God" up...who is this God you keep referring to? She tells him You are. That all of Humanity together constitutes one half of God and the other half is the rest of the Universe (all of Creation ).

                  Anyway, Someone recently shared with me a different website thats the original site!(?) and it has Cedar products!!! These are made I believe with special specifications as described in book one that was once common knowledge thousands of years ago in certain cultures ...basically with reverance for the tree, collected from the proper trees at the proper times using the proper methods. All the processing of the oils is done with out touching any metal as that affects the fequency of Cedar.

                  She describes that Cedars have been considered sacred and medicinal by many cultures throughout time and is referenced many times in the bible. It has a huge list of physical and spiritual benifits in all its various forms (oil, nuts, wood, needles...the whole tree). One for example, to ware a wood chip from a Ringing Cedar is especially healing and restorative and a great spiritual boon. That is one of the Ringing Cedars purposes... Its whole life actually and desire is to be of service to "Man"-kind. There are "chips" sold at this site!

                  ...ironically i only just discovered them (everything is perfect... ) so I havent recieved mine yet...I still wanted to share this info though and site...cuz so many things are changing now a days. Nature is the key...or the Love of nature... Our human (Devine) nature... and the natural world around us.

                  Sooo much more I could write....I am buying the oil, nuts, pillow, essential oil, and some chips, as I can... for starters. I'll let you know of my experience with them. They describe the qualities and benifits when you click each product...somewhere. To really understand the benifits in their broader context, reading the book is really helpful... I'm such a salesman...whats that quote? something about the prostolatizing ferver of the recently "converted" ?

                  Anastasia isnt looking for fallowers to herself at all... shes wants to remind and inspire people to reconnect with thier own divinity and the divinity of our home, Mamma Earth.

                  She also desribes in book one a method of gardening and bonding with your plants/vegetables so that they will produce the exact nutrients your specific body needs to grow/heal/restore, no matter your ailment...thats apart of the perfect system...the palnts are here specifically to serve us and love we love them...they can alter their nutrient/chemical make up to serve thier gardening "parents"... She covered the cedars and that gardening tip in just the first 1/4 of the first book! ...

                  Ringing Cedars of Russia - Official Representative

                  Cedar Nut Oil - Ringing Cedars of Russia

                  a News Letter: Ringing Cedars of Russia - THE EARTH online newspaper

                  a forum : Ringing Cedars official forum in English • Index page

                  Om, Peace, Love, Blake
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                    Wow on the oil !

                    I got a mini shipment of Cedar pine nut oil and cedar chip pendants last week and a bigger one with more oil including essential oils ( cedar wood, pine needle and cone oils! ) and my cedar pillow yeasterday!

                    The nut oil is amazing...your supposed to take one table spoon a day or two if you have an ailment... The first time I tried it (9 pm!) I was buzzing all nite. It felt like reki or energy work... in a bottle! it was such a light feeling though, I didnt have trouble going to sleep ...I felt even swimmy in the head. They say some get really energized so not recommended to take it in the eve.

                    Ive never felt this kind of response to a "suppliment" or food...I havent tried Zri or Alive though...or frequen-sea. The oil itself is the lightest oil! it desolves on my toung and while I swallow. Theres no oily-ness left in my mouth just seconds after drinking it! Because the way it seems to dissolve and the feeling I got from it, the first thought i had when I took it was "this is liquid sunlight!"

                    The qualities or benifits vary...but they say in many people theres a clearing effect in the mind...creating more clarity and sharpness of thought... and a lifting of ones mood. Theres also a miriad of phisical bennifits with some studies on that. (see links for a couple) They also say it has a spiritual benifit of opening ones heart and increasing love and respect for oneself and others... Funny thing is the vibrations I feel seem to center in the heart. This past week occasionally I have felt this sweet stronger almost electrical buzz in my heart that seems to connect to the tip of my toung?! I have only felt that before when I was going to yoga center and really into a chant or a meditation. I have rarely felt it since I stopped going many years ago. My first correction from Grace I remember came with that feeling.

                    Theres also the "living on " stuff Ive been doing but ive slowed down on a gentle loving simmer...Soo I'm sure it all works together and when doing so many things its often hard to attribute changes to just one factor or "practice".The feeling I get so far ( one week) is the oil along with the wood chip pendant are great companions to any work on opening the heart!...anyway thats what I feel so far...will keep you posted...expecially on any physical skin is already more tight and younger looking...(I just turned fourty this year!!! ouch....not really...but my skin and belly are showing it the most)...!

                    Oh! thats another thing It seems to have lightened my appitite... its like I know some foods are going to deaden the feeling or buzz and leave me feeling heavy so I am choosing lighter foods with hardly a thought...not always. ( i am also on take it off and theres a desiring healthy food part to that too... sooo again....combo effect???) ...

                    Also have to admit others who've tried it once (not into energy stuff) havent felt anything (though one persons cold cleared up by the evening and she felt reaally good by bedtime???)...a couple artists/healers did feel it (the energy). That was reassuring...I was begining to wonder if I may be making it up.

                    When I get my Anastasia Book back (on loan) I'll try and find what Anastasia says about the oil (and the wood chip). Till then heres some nutritional info... and notes on medical studies.....and theres also a question/answer bit on the products I found.

                    Just sharing my latest Joy...not meaning to sound like a Cedar oil fanatic.

                    I think that this is also plugging into my undernourished love of trees!!!!! Another part of the happiness. (we should have a tree hugger emoticon!) So I Just got the essential oils! Today I put a few drops on a little piece of paper towel and put it in my vacuum at work and made the hospital smell like a forrest !!! ... it made some people smile and breathe deeper !!! (our vacuums originally came with a perfumy built in air freshener..."choke, cough cough"...that I quickly discarded) ...I kept sayin I was going to go get a tree smelling auto air freshener and cut it up and put it into all the vacuums!!! I got the real thing!!!

                    Heres the links.
                    Cedar Nuts - A Treasure-House
                    Pine Nut Oil - Natural Medicine

                    go about a quarter way down to get to tree and oil questions
                    Cedar Nut Oil FAQ

                    will tell more after Ive used the other stuff for a while ( my pillow is stuffed with that papery coating from the nuts between the shell and nut... it smells amazing!! Ssooo subtle light and forresty...I felt like I was camping last nite in bed going to sleep!)

                    Happy trees!


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                      Hi folks!
                      Nice to meet Anastasia readers here!
                      There is a lot more around this movement is happening now in the world.
                      Eco-villages of Kin's domains are sprouting in Russia and in other contries.
                      Beautiful movie about one of them has been recently translated into English:
                      Rodnoe. Eco-village of Kin's domains. Film 1. Summer.
                      Rodnoe. Eco-village of Kin's domains. Film 2. Winter.
                      Eco-village Rodnoe in the News!
                      YouTube - Life in Eco-village
                      Two years after the movie was made
                      Welcome to Eco-Minded Club!


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                        The Ringing Cedars books are available Online for free download:

               book 1
               book 2
               book 3
               book 4
               book 5
                        Welcome to Eco-Minded Club!


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                          can these books still be downloaded? I downloaded the first one and not the rest. I wish I would have though cus now I can't find em. Still searching though. I've read the first one months ago probably like 4-5, but I didn't download the others after reading the first. Kinda regretting it right now.
                          If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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                            Yes, it looks like they were deleted from curezone.
                            Well, you can buy secondhand books on
                            Welcome to Eco-Minded Club!


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                              I have all of the books here on my computer (Anastasia-the first book, and 2-5). If anyone is interested in them, PM your e-mail address and I will send them on. Turns out that I can only send the first book via email. Continue down to my next post to see the links for the other 4 books. Thanks!
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