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An evil spirit attacked me and stole my life force, please help!

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  • An evil spirit attacked me and stole my life force, please help!

    Hello fellow souls and friends,

    Last week I went to a friends friends house and I immediately felt
    the energy was very wrong. Then I noticed there were several ornaments
    around the room, not sure where from. They looked old, native american,
    faces and seemed like they had lots of powerful evil energy attached to them.

    Then a couple seconds later I felt a spirit jump at me and attach to my aura.
    I left the house and went for a walk but it was still with me. Very intrusive
    and influencing my thinking and behavior in horrible ways.

    I meditated imagining white divine light coming into me and bursting out from me in all directions to raise my vibration and prayed to God, Jesus and the
    archangels and archangel Michael to come and help and commanded it to leave and never return in the name of God, about an hour later it finally left and I could feel peace, ease and lightness again.

    However I noticed that I have felt extremely weak, and drained of vital energy and more negative than usual. I fear it may have destroyed or damaged a part of one of my energy bodies or stole my life force, or a piece of my soul or something.

    I'm not sure what exactly but its been 5 days now and I still don't feel better. Like something invaluable is missing.

    I also notice things not going my way even more than before, getting less
    compliance and support from other people. Haven't been able to make any money online, feeling antisocial and fearful and it is probably impairing my ability to manifest or create dramatically.

    Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, what I can possibly do to get back to normal, who can help with such a thing or any other advise that may be helpful would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, may God be with you all.
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    Souls don't have pieces. You are here you are alive, you are complete.
    Don't give up control of yourself or your emotions, by feeling like something is "missing"

    Have confidence that you are strong enough to help yourself.

    evil is fear. Your confidence and strength will scare it away.

    Don't rely on any one/thing to help you. Know you have the power to help yourself.
    Your life, your energy, your soul is under your control.


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      I agree with what Ethan said.

      The universe is a mirror. The energies you meet mirrors your perceptions and expectations, and act accordingly. Your perception preceeds the actions you will experience. There is no good or evil, there is only what you sense. There is a choice. Let that insight empower you, when the consequence of this statement stands clear. I can relate to both of your experiences, invasion and loss of power. Not attempting so seed any blame here and you should not either, but explain to yourself in what way you allowed it, thinking of what I said above about mirrors. In what way were you unaware of what you allowed?

      If you have the opportunity, I can recommend spending time in a forest to reload the lost energy. Look for 'nature' and spend time there. Give the energy some time to return. Find new ways to load energy. Let the wind fill you up when it blows. Let the sun shine through you. Let the water soak you, let the soil send it through your feet while you hug a tree. Just visualize it happen. If you haven't tried this, you might be amazed. You won't ever need to be afraid again now when you have the experience of correcting your energy balance on your own.


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        Hi Jessica,

        I agree with Ethan. The spirit might have come to you to teach you a lesson - to become stronger. However, if your situation hasnīt improved yet, I can check you for attached spirits and see if there is something wrong. Please let me know.