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    In regards to the UFO phenomena and psychology

    I have always wondered about UFO's and quite a few years back I saw one with a friend hovering a short distance away for around five minutes. Then a smaller craft left the larger one and made a perfect 90 Deg radius turn while accelerating and whizzed off into outer space at astronomical speeds. There was no sound, no flames, no vapor trail, no sonic boom and the phenomena was beyond all shadow of doubt a fact.
    This morning I was watching a program concerning a sighting found below at which point certain things became very clear in my mind.

    Trumbull County, Ohio, sighting in 1994

    Now apparently hundreds of people saw the craft, many credible witnesses including police officers from multiple counties also saw the craft described as being as large as a football field and not unlike my sighting the craft left the area at astronomical speeds. The real issue I found disturbing was the fact that all of the witnesses said they were teased and harassed by others and that few wanted to come forward because they thought this might happen. Hmm now why would anyone harass another person simply because they saw something they cannot explain?, that doesn't sound like something responsible adults would do does it?. It would seem to me they are not responsible adults in any sense of the word.

    One of the key moments for me in the Trumbull County sighting was a seemingly benign statement supposedly made by one of the officers.
    Quote: "Please be a plane, please be a plane I'm not ready for this"
    Now why do you suppose anyone would say such a thing?, it would seem they hope it is an airplane because if it is not then psychologically they are simply not prepared to deal with it. Just as the critics are not prepared to admit this phenomena is real because first they are afraid and second psychologically this would mean there are things they do not understand which are completely out of their control. The thing to keep in mind is that this has nothing to do with reality nor credibility it is about fear of the unknown and control in the minds of people who have not experienced this phenomena first hand. They can pretend to be anything they want in front of others but fear and control is what motivates them psychologically.

    I think that to the average person it is a blatant admission in their mind that there may be beings with advanced technology who cannot be controlled by any rule of law nor can people be protected from these beings whether they be human beings or otherwise.

    So it seems obvious to me why people would go into denial and remain ignorant to the overwhelming evidence in support of advanced technology.

    On a more personal note I was never harassed nor has my credibility ever been questioned concerning what I saw. I believe it is because the people who know me know better and if anyone ever was overly critical I would tear everything they think they know from limb to limb and make them look ridiculous. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but that's how I operate. I don't believe in BS excuses or a complete ignorance to the facts as justification simply because someone is afraid or has control issues.

    The fact remains that millions of credible people have seen this phenomena first hand but have not spoken up because of suppossedly responsible adults who would harass and ridicule them for their beliefs.

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    I had another thought which I think shows how completely absurd our society has actually become in regards to the UFO phenomena.

    Now concerning the media which event do you suppose is more news worthy.?

    1)another corrupt politician resigns or is caught smokin crack in Toronto.

    2)another extremist decides to blow himself to bits because he is being oppressed by evil forces.

    3)Yet another jet crashes into the ocean just as little johnny happens to fall into a well.

    4)An advanced craft of possibly extraterrestrial origin having the ability to move at astronomical speeds and disable all electronics in a wide area was observed by hundreds of credible witnesses.

    Hmm decisions decisions, I mean they all seem so important but I would hope number 4 stands out in someone's mind. So why the complete lack of media coverage, why is something which could change all of humanity become a non-issue?. I would suspect because someone told people it isn't real and they believed it hook, line and sinker without actually giving it any consideration. Which doesn't sound very intelligent or responsible in my opinion. In fact I cannot think of anything which could effect humanity in so many ways or is more important than this phenomena being proven as a fact in the eye's of the general population. It is a game changer in every sense of the word.

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      Its maybe because they can argue easier against you and win when you have nothing then an observation from an event, what is gone and you dont have any hard proof from it anymore?
      The second aspect i would guess is, that anyone got teached and got it proven- however, that there is nothing like an extraterrestrial what underpins his point of view, or else you(he) are a tinfoil-hat nut.
      I think that are some manipulated habits what you got teached, or better say implemented, very early. You maybe find less peoples what listen to you and think twice about what you did tell them at a Talk.
      Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.


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        Its maybe because they can argue easier against you and win when you have nothing then an observation from an event, what is gone and you dont have any hard proof from it anymore?
        No offense but the critics have never met me nor have you however if they did I can assure you I could hold my own against any one of them including yourself.

        Now let's ask a simple question, do you honestly think millions of people some of whom are trained observers and of the highest credibility are just delusional or outright liars?. Because really that is what the ignorant masses are implying in no uncertain terms when they dismiss their claims. They have no facts either way, they did not observe anything first hand and yet they are passing judgement on others which is absurd. Have you ever heard the phrase... presumed innocent until proven guilty?, So why would anyone presume they are not telling the truth concerning what they saw?.

        As well I do have all the proof I need, I have another witnesses who saw exactly the same thing I did and will verify the craft we saw performed impossible maneuver's at impossible speeds. So let's be honest what were really talking about here is your belief that it cannot be true based on hearsay versus something I saw first hand and know as a fact.

        The second aspect i would guess is, that anyone got teached and got it proven- however, that there is nothing like an extraterrestrial what underpins his point of view, or else you(he) are a tinfoil-hat nut.
        I think that are some manipulated habits what you got teached, or better say implemented, very early. You maybe find less peoples what listen to you and think twice about what you did tell them at a Talk.
        Again let's be honest here, you cannot believe it because you have never seen it first hand. Which raises a question in my mind, do you find it impossible to believe in anything you have never seen for yourself?. I mean there are probably billions of things in this world you have never seen first hand and yet I would imagine you believe they are real without question don't you?. Then I mention a craft doing some crazy things I cannot explain and well... all of a sudden I'm the crazy one, No I don't think so.

        Then there is that little thing nobody wants to talk about. You think your smart, you think your intelligent, you think you got it all under control. Then one night your walking along and get this ...feeling...turn around and are staring an alien in the face. Well what do you suppose you would do?, I'll tell you what people do when they suffer a traumatic experience, first it feels like their heart just stopped and they can't breath and time just stopped and their mind is screaming RUN RUN RUN. Then they piss their pants as their running and screaming because they have been overcome by sheer god damn terror.

        At which point your not so smart are you and I have to wonder what happened to all that intelligence?, what happened to all that logic and reason?.
        You see it's the same old sad story relating to the human condition and everyone believes nothing will never happen to them only to those "other people" but sometimes it does. I cannot tell you how many calm rational responsible adults I have seen come completely unglued in even a mild crisis. The fact is the majority of the population simply cannot cope psychologically with most anything outside of their little comfort zone and that is a fact I have seen all too often.

        Now don't get me wrong I can understand why people cannot accept it because it would be no different than your mother telling you the boogeyman is real. It's under your bed or in your closet and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Nobody wants to go there and they have enough trouble coping with the nightly news let alone advanced technology they cannot even fathom being piloted by who knows what.

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          It may help to explain what we saw and how I analyzed what we saw from my perspective.

          I went outside with my friend who wanted a smoke around 8pm on a perfectly calm and clear winter night in Southern Alberta. It is the prairies so the land is very flat with clear visibility exceeding 20 miles in places with near zero light pollution from cities.

          We had been outside for around 5 minutes when 4 equally spaced, perfectly horizontal and extremely bright white lights appeared almost instantly out of nowhere to the South by South West of our position. The lights were a brilliant white not unlike the new HID headlights on cars however they did not appear as a directional focused beam but very dispersed more like how a star appears in the sky. They were approximately 30 Deg off the ground plane and from my perspective and the light spacing was equivalent to car headlight approximately 25 to 30 feet away. I would estimate the object(s) were at minimum 2 to 3 miles away as such the light spacing would be very large as must the lights.

          The lights did not move in any way for about 2-3 minutes simply holding there position, there was no sound of any sort and as I said it was a perfectly calm and clear winter night with no wind or sounds of any kind present. Next the light brightness increased by an amount which is hard to describe. It was as if the whole horizon above us became illuminated in every direction near instantly. It was intensely bright and I remember having to look away for a second to let my eyes refocus.

          There was also something very peculiar about the light, when we see high intensity halogen lights from a distance we see what appears as a "beam" because of dust in the atmosphere. If there was no dust we would not be able to see the light at all. However in this case I remember that the light was scattering in every direction and not as a beam like a conventional light. The scattering effect appeared in all directions for a great distance from the source, that is most of the sky.

          Then the lights appeared to reduce back to their original brightness after 20-30 seconds however this was not a slow transition it was near instantaneous. About 10 seconds past then a smaller orange colored object appeared to leave the four lights. The smaller orange object was perfectly spherical in appearance and was illuminated in itself, a dull glowing orange color. It was approximately 1/10th the diameter of the larger white lights from my perspective. I estimate the diameter of the orange sphere would be 5 times larger than a satellite commonly seen orbiting at night. It left the four lights slowly at first parallel to the ground, on a horizontal plane, accelerating in a uniform manner.

          The orange sphere started accelerating along the horizontal plane then while still accelerating made a perfect sweeping 90 degree radius turn. It then straightened it's trajectory and appeared to accelerate at astronomical speeds which were hard to comprehend. From my vantage point it was climbing at near an 70 degree angle from the ground plane heading in the West by South West direction. I should note that I made a two second count from when the object first went vertical to the point I lost track of it in the stars. About 20 seconds past then the larger white lights disappeared as rapidly as they had first appeared.

          Let me repeat that so it is perfectly clear to everyone. The object left the larger lights appearing low in the sky accelerating like a bat out of hell and left Earths atmosphere disappearing from view into outer space in around 4 seconds. There was no sound of any kind, there was no flames from the object, there was no vapor trail left by the objects at any point in time.

          Now let's revew the facts, neither object was an airplane because they cannot hover in place while making no sound. The smaller object was not an aircraft because it was silent, it accelerated to astronomical speeds and left Earths atmosphere with no rocket plume and no vapor trail... It was not an airplane. Swamp gas, weather balloon?, that is so ridiculous I won't even go there. A rocket?, no sound, no plume, no vapor trail means no Rocket. Was it some kind of weird weather phenomena?, no chance because there was no weather and it was a perfectly clear calm winters night with zero cloud cover.

          At this point we can begin to speculate a bit, it was not a conventiional air/space craft nor did it utilize any conventional means of propulsion. It was not a weather phenomena and it was under intelligent control because it made a sweeping 90 degree turn under acceleration from horizontal to near vertical. You see there is no conventional explanation for this sighting in my opinion which is why I have called it a UFO sighting.



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            The Universe is too big, I believe there are species of life living far from earth!!