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New energy technology available now for the first time

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  • New energy technology available now for the first time

    Hello all

    I have some new technology that has been around since the beginning of the year. My approch was dont patent it, dont sell it of and also just make them and get it out and i have achieved that allready. This is how technology gets released and why other inventers have failed being suppressed falling for all the traps out there by hidden corporates through the elites.

    I have two technologies:

    The first being the first ever Leyline system in the world that replicates a Leyline energy to its true natural form. This system is as powerfull as any natural Leyline and has many uses for personal developement and now the elite are not the only ones to have access to these energy grids.

    The second system is an emotional balancing system which sets up a magnetic field true to natural form to clear emotional blockages, traurma events, excellerate life/spiritual journeys quickly and the system removes stress and negative thought patterns. What i discovered with this system is emotional balancing is the key to opening up your abilities and lifting your spiritual journey. This is one of the hidden secret hidden from us all. See my videos on this subject on my youtube channel.

    Both technologies are unique and nothing around the world comes close to these systems and thier features for what they do. They are technology on a design different to other concepts around and not orgone, pyrimid, lavasky coil, roden coil, influenced designs at all. These technologies were given to me in a mediation on 21/12/2012 to replicate.

    I have a youtube channel :holyoakmindbodyspirit with some of my technologies and all you need to know. I encourage you to look at my Holyoak Mind Body Spirit Rejuvenator which is my emotional balancing system and my Leyline system videos. Also i share a free do it yourself simple system to make on creating a happy house called Octagon geopathic stress system which if everyone installed themselves can reduce arguements, relationship breakdowns by 90%

    Take care all
    Damien Holyoak