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  • SIRIUS - Documentary

    Anyone seen SIRIUS? Supposedly DNA tests show the little creature is not human or related to anything else on Earth.

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    I watched it twice. The scientist in the movie postponed what the species about rather laying out questions that can't be explained nor simply ignored.

    Dr. Greer's full report on the Atacama Humanoid

    There has been a serious human/alien hybrid DNA research called Starchild Project under Lloyd Pye. Is the Starchild Skull a Human-Alien Hybrid or a Hoax?


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      Yep I bought it... well rented it.

      The Yekra interface was pretty horrible but I got it working on the appleTV.
      Forked out the $10. It was only USD so not like it was real money or anything *ducks*
      Summary: Worth a look.
      You would have seen a lot of it before Eugene Malove, Tom Valone, Stan Meyer etc. Sort of an entry level to free energy suppression & UFOs. They really needed Eric Dollard in there
      The most interesting part was a six inch "alien" they had found and the subsequent Stanford tests *spoiler alert* They don't know what it is.

      A lot of it felt like a fundraising video for their work and they showed a lot of "free energy" devices most of which you would be aware of and some as known hoaxes like the bloke with hdd mags and a couple of coils lighting a bulb. Skycollection & Daniel Nunez were in there with grabs from their YT channels.

      Anyway interested to know your thoughts.
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        So in short:

        1) Aliens have been here for millions of years just "watching" us. The earth is millions and millions of years old.

        2) Now with nuclear weapons - we are a threat to ourselves and other so they must intervene. The aliens are here to save us! What great guys they are.

        3) And Laurance Rockefeller of the highly Satanic Rockefeller clan also wants to help us by getting the "truth" out there about our alien buddies. He's a good guy, wearing the white hat as they say.

        4) The alien "detectives" use New Age techniques, channeling and summoning rituals to contact these "advanced aliens". Their so called contact techniques have also been known for hundred of years to contact demons.

        5) Their greatest proof is a miniature deformed humanoid given to them by some unidentified source that they without any reason assume is an alien.

        6) There is a movement to bring the government to expose the truth about aliens and they will do it because they love us and want the best for us.

        These entities they are contacting are demons - here to fool people into accepting the mark of the beast - Sunday rest laws. Over and over again, when Christians use the name of Christ, these "aliens" will immediately stop their abduction attempt. The only thing that stops them! Why are so called "advanced aliens" scared of Jesus Christ?

        That little man they show is nothing more than a homunculus, something those in the occult have been making for a long time.

        I hope people will consider that they are being lied to and that these stories of aliens here to help us is a very dangerous lie to believe.

        This film was nothing more than what I have explained above. A dangerous piece of propaganda.


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          Dig around and you can find some places that have it for free although it was in a small screen that could not be sized up without other items on that page covering the vid. Considering what was built up about this and the talk of incredible ufo footage it was a bit disappointing. The 6" alien is not new but most people weren't aware of it. Other than the impact of seeing it there did not seem to be definitive proof of what it was based on the DNA researchers statements. He said the mother was human. I can see it being a hybrid alien.

          One other major mistake I saw was when they were talking about examples of free energy and they showed a picture of a device that was shown on Youtube and everyone knows it is a total fake. Even knowing it was fake I built an EXACT duplicate of it to prove it was fake. It had no power output not even a glimmer of power and it was checked with a digital o-scope. It was the device with a short coil of bare ware soldered to another short coil (each only had a few turns) and two alligator clips. It 2 had hard drive magnets glued on the sides of the coil. Nothing else, no circuit, just an LED lit up. FAKE as it can get. What were they thinking by putting that in their video?

          While Greer seems to have his intentions in a good place he seems to always be needing to raise money for the next big thing and to me it seems his history has shown the end results to be less than the expectations he creates. I know a lot of his history and he has tried to buy the rights to certain energy tech he wanted and in one case had a signed deal but never came up with the money. I guess you can't blame him for trying to get in on a potential money making tech. If nothing else he is a very powerful speaker and it's interesting to hear him. I just end up with mixed feelings about what he is doing most of the time.
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            Time will tell sooner or later how Dr. Greer's Free Energy project goes. Open Source with number in security to bring out Free Energy power generators in public domain.

            It bothers me sometime how many people actually understand the implication of FE technologies. To me once it comes out, it will destroy foundation of present society in many ways. Maybe that's the ultimate fear and it prevents the experts - scientists, engineers - from working on FE research. Being addicted to dirty power kill a person or entire civilization.

            I could say most scientists are boxed in but they have capabilities to understand new technologies written in mathematics and laws of physics. They have great potential always.

            It's gotta be under collective effort. Some folks think Free Energy gives us unlimited power without any consequences, which is very dangerous attitude. Infinite amount of potential energy does exist everywhere in various forms. It's possible to extract these energy but universal law 'cause and effect' has to be considered here.

            We don't exactly understand how our physical universe is constructed. Moving from fossil energy is mandatory step towards interstellar civilization, which I personally want to see within my life time, humans need to be careful about choosing what type of FE technology is safe and environmental friendly.

            Fear of change, fear of loosing established values.