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Strong Body Vibrations While Sleeping

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  • Strong Body Vibrations While Sleeping

    Hi, I just joined and have an energy question. Long story short, since I've been doing energy techniques I've got a fairly large channel going when I run energy. I am a therapist as well, so its not unusual for me to experience energy releases or whatever you want to call them, as feeling like bolts of heat/pain/tingling/etc. etc. when I do hands on work.

    My question relates to a wonderful whole body vibration I have encountered. Sometimes while I sleep. On one occasion I was napping and it happened. I could not open my eyes, my whole body shimmered with vibration and I saw/felt/perceived several prescient events. It lasted 20 minutes and I was high for days. More recently they are just "shimmers" while I sleep and I recognize and thank Source for the gift.

    I have read that vibratory events such as these precede an out of body experience but that is not what happens with me. Anyone else out there get this?

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    Come on. No one else gets this???


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      Sorry didnt see your topic.

      I have similiar experiences with vibrations but nothing that strong, although I dont spend near enough time focusing on it. I'm sure your much more connected than me if you spend time on it. For me sleep is like a conduit, its really the only time I take to open up consciously, as well as being deeply relaxed.

      I'm telekinetic and can go into deep meditation pretty quickly. I've never had an out of body experience either though. I ultimately believe we are the source. One singular entity, which i think leads to our singularity consciousness.

      Not sure if your tried this or not, but the next time these shimmers happen instead of just being glad that it is happening, try controlling it and believing that you can go however deep into the source that you want and that you can increase your bodies vibration at your own desire.

      I once did this during a meditation and the vibration became so strong that I became afraid and let it go. I havent meditated much since then but its nice to know there are real implications. I never really understood meditation until then. I've also taken this mindset into my dreams and ive learned how to fly as well as create majestical cities and scenery. Telekinesis was the same way, it became real for me when I allowed myself to control it. Now I can pulse electricity and have even made my ceiling fan spin by itself.


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        I wake quite often from vibrations throughout my entire body. I can move about and don't feel paralized at all. It's been happening off and on for about 6 years and feels more like a healing process. Before it ever happened to me I was reading books on animals and horses as healers and found this seems to be a healing process animals use for healing, but there is much more to it than that. I could recommend a few books to you including "The Field" By Lynne McTaggart and "The Tao of Equus" by Linda Kohanov


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          Yes I have felt it but it's been a long time for me since the vibrations. To me it felt like being strapped to a Jet engine. I always considered it to be called the vibrational state of consciousness. To have it happen I need to be extremely relaxed. And for some reason I can't take unisom sleep aid with out it happening. It is almost a different feeling while on Unisom. I have had it happen many times in the past, but not lately.

          I'm not sure if it makes any difference but most of the time it happens when my head is pointed North or South while sleeping. And it happened lots of times while sleeping in a camper. I wonder if the construction of the camper is kind of like an Orgone Energy Accumulator.

          Can you make it happen?