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Basic Brainwave Frequencies

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  • Basic Brainwave Frequencies

    The brain is an electrochemical organ. The electrical activity of the brain is typically referred to as brainwaves.

    There are four categories of brainwaves:

    Beta-State of Alertness-working-concentrating. The frequency of beta waves is 15-40 cycles per second. The higher the state of alertness, focus or concentration, the closer to 40 cycles per second.

    Alpha-State of relaxation. The frequency of alpha waves is 9-14 cycles per second. The lower end of alpha is often where someone is when meditating.

    Theta-State of drowsiness, also experienced when involved in repetitive tasks. The frequency of theta waves is 5-8 cycles per second. This is right above being asleep and is often the time when new ideas can flow. It is the state we get in when we do repetitive tasks and sometimes realize that we just spent 5 minutes on a task and did not even realize that 5 minutes had passed. This is generally known as a very creative state.

    Delta-State of sleep. The frequency of delta waves is 1.5-4 cycles per second. The lower end of delta is usually dreamless sleep and is when our immune system is at its peak.

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