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    Hey all, I have been reading on this forum for sometime... At first, I did not understand much of it, and to be truthful some of it scared me, because of my traditional Christian upbringing! But as the Bible says good can not be from bad! The rules of my upbringing have only brought me to bad places, so obviously I need to change some of that programming!

    Everywhere I read in books I have bought and such talk about meditation that includes breathing, but I have not really gotten how to do that! I read Aaron's post on breathing and I have been trying a little bit to do that, but... the constant thought when attempting that is you have to be doing this wrong... Yea I know I need to get rid of those thoughts!

    I am starting to get the role Gratitude plays in this, and have been realizing that I NEED to mix a lot more of that into the recipe of my life.

    I guess what I am wanting suggestions for is how to I remove the fear that keeps creeping back into my brain, and that sick feeling I get when I look at where I live (a shelter) and the thoughts that no one will ever want to hire me! Arrrrrghhhhh! This is so frustrating because I know all these thoughts and emotions are rediculous and I need to remove them!!! How do I chill out and just let goodness flow into my life?

    I just read Aaron's post on Devise, and so I am really trying to start to put that into being in my life right now! Are there some meditation techniques that I can use to help me make that happen in my life?

    I am going to email PATHS and ask them to change my current selection from Business prod. Slp1 and goal setting, and ult body to probably slp2 goal setting and Ult body and then maybe the mood changing module, because I am thinking maybe that will help with all my fears? Any suggestions beyond that?

    Blessings Sj (zartgirl)

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    Hi Sj

    You have touched on a favorite subject of mine. I did a post a while back that partially explored it.

    I will explore it further in the next week or so.

    Basically, it is not possible to NOT think about the big pink elephant in the middle of the living room. (it is not possible to focus on removing fear).

    IT IS POSSIBLE to think on all things good, to focus our attention on all the things we are grateful for, and, if, while we are doing that, fearful or negative thoughts pop up, then to consciously redirect our thoughts back to all things good, back to what we are grateful for.

    The general principle is to replace, rather than remove. (this is not always easy to do, but it is effective!)

    Here is a link to the thread that explores this in more detail.

    Great feelings come from...

    oops-link was not is now.

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      Doing much better

      I am doing much better with guarding against the fearful thoughts and such. I am working hard to get up a web page that will help with money for move and getting settled and such. That will help with jobs when I am living local to the jobs! I will also be able to take freelance then too which means I can work from home! Also start selling my paintings wich is my real passion!!!

      I KNOW I CAN DO THIS! I just have to let go of the fear and get excited about moving in a couple of weeks, so the kids can start school at the begining of the school year!

      Thank you for encourgaging me! Blessings Sj Zartgirl


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        Hi Sj : )

        First of all WELL DONE YOU!!!!! Well done for the amazing progress you've made already!!! And Well Done for coming here for support and advice

        You've already had some great advice from Kevin, and I'd like to add to it.....

        Firstly, I Highly reccomend asking Paths to change your modules to:

        Self Esteem & Confidence (HIGHEST PRIORITY)
        SLP2 as you suggested
        and Mood Elevator

        Self Esteem is the at the root of Everything. In So many ways.
        If you think about it: If you create and attract everything in your life, if you have high Self Esteem, you will attract and allow everything you want and you know you deserve. AND this will help you to build Trust in yourself - which will begin to reduce the fear.

        Start noticing every thing in your life that feels good, as evidence that you love yourself. You love yourself enough to bring those things/people into your life - and to allow them! The more you notice this, the more you'll allow, and the more your life with improve and move forward

        Keep us updated.

        Love and Light and Belief in You xxx
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