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Secret of Law of Attraction

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  • Secret of Law of Attraction

    Quite simply, the whole concept revolves around like attracting like. You may find that this makes sense but I can almost bet money most people still believe that taking two magnets and putting them together will make opposite poles attract. If like attracts like, put the north poles of two magnets together and tell me what they do. They obviously repel each other quite strongly. What is really going on?

    Let's look at two different examples that shows us that many people may be looking at half of the world backwards. If this so-called Law of Attraction is a LAW, then that means that it would apply to magnets as well.

    Example 1: If there is a teenager who is a car freak and loves to fix up his hotrod and race around, chances are that a good percentage of his friends are also a bunch of car freaks. If they all have something in common, they will obviously have a tendency to group together. In this instance, it is easy to see that like attracts like and the attraction law seems to hold true as claimed.

    Example 2: If you take two magnets and put the north sides of each magnet together, they repel. Why do they do this if the universal law of attraction supposedly states that like attracts like? So when the north of one magnet is connected to the south of another magnet, like IS attracted to like. You think that is opposite attraction don't you? Like flow is attracted to like flow. On one magnet, the flow is from south to north and in the other magnet, the flow is from south to north as well. Both of these like flows are in alignment with each other. Therefore, when looking at the whole picture, like is still attracted to like even though virtually every human being that knows about magnets will still tell you that opposites attract.

    The purpose of those examples is to point out the fact that we all have blind spots.

    Write down these 4 key points
    1. We know what we know (conscious competence)
    2. We know what we don't know (conscious incompetence)
    3. We don't know what we know (unconscious competence)
    4. We don't know what we don't know (unconscious incompetence)
    The above 4 points are not just some word game to sound clever. Those 4 points cover every single bit of consciousness that is in your conscious thinking mind, your subconscious mind and your unconscious mind, which is the collective mind.

    Point #1 means that you know what you know. You probably know what a tooth brush is and you are consciously aware that you know what a tooth brush is.

    Point #2 means that you know what you don't know. If you're not a brain surgeon, you probably don't know about brain surgery and you are probably very well aware of the fact that you don't know about brain surgery.

    Point #3 means that you don't know what you know. Most people do not hold their sneeze in when they have to sneeze. Holding in a sneeze can cause you to have a stroke by building up too much pressure. Intuitively you probably let yourself sneeze because intuitively you know that it isn't a healthy thing to do. You sneeze anyway but you probably have no idea that your body knows that you shouldn't do it. You know that holding in a sneeze isn't healthy but probably are not consciously aware that you know this.

    Point #4 means that people do not know what they do not know. You probably do not know how to fly a space shuttle. If an astronaut pointed out some special gauge to you and told you that it did A, B and C, you probably did not know that it did A, B, and C. Furthermore, you probably were not even aware of the fact that you did not know there was that gauge and also you did not know that it did A, B, and C. So, you were not consciously aware of the fact that you did not know those things because you simply did not know what you did not know.

    If you took all knowledge possible for a human being to know, point #1 is the smallest bit of info. Point #2 is a little bigger. Point #3 is even a little bigger. But, point #4 is the biggest. If you took points 1, 2 and 3 and combined them, they would be nothing but a single-celled amoeba stuck to the back of a giant blue whale.

    All the blue whale is point #4, which is the entire area encompassing all knowledge that resides in the area of us not knowing what we do not know. This is our blind spot. This is what we are unconsciously incompetent about.

    What is the first rule to gaining power?

    Constantly expand our frame of reference so that we shine more light on our blind spots.

    In the two examples of the teenagers and the magnets, there were various levels of knowledge.

    The first, you probably could instantly tell yourself that you knew that and you were aware of the fact that you knew that.

    The second, you may have thought about that but didn't have an answer and ignored it but kept believing in the law of attraction even thought the magnet example seemed to violate it. You were probably first aware that you didn't know the answer. But when you saw the solution, not only did you probably not know the solution, you probably were not even aware of the fact that you did not know there was a solution. But, when you were, light was cast into a blind spot empowering you even more. You may have went from not knowing what you didn't know to knowing what you know. So you went from 4 to 1. That is power.

    This is important to understand because we can't just go about reading things or watching movies or listening to lectures or attending workshops of some so-called gurus thinking that we can learn anything. It is just data so far. Furthermore, it is worse if we are thinking that we can do anything with it if you don't know how to look at things and recognize points 1, 2, 3 and 4 while you are learning.

    With point 4, of course we won't know what we don't know but at least we know the possibility exists that through any learning experience, there may be knowledge that we don't know we don't know. As long as that is in the back of our mind, then and only then can the possibility exist for blind spots to disappear.

    Shining light on as many blind spots as possible is what we need to do to continuously expand our frame of reference. It is all about asking the rights questions.
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    Secret of Law of Attraction 2

    Let's look at some secret of law of attraction principles that are supposed to work magic:


    If someone has never even used these and they use them, of course there will be a difference.

    However, are these really the attraction law secret steps to get anything we want in our whole life just by believing in them and applying them? Or, is there a better way? First, let us look at what is being taught to the mainstream.

    Ask - Why ask the universe for anything when we can command it at will? Asking for something implies that we do not have it. If we are someone who does not already have something in our mind and heart, what will we attract? (nothing)

    Believe - Why believe it will be ours when we can know it is ours? If we believe something will be ours, the universe through the law of attraction will will tell us, "Yes, you are right it will be yours." This doesn't mean the universe will give it to us. This means that we will constantly be in the state where we will be in the "will be" mind set. That means we will not be in the "it is" mind set.

    Receive - Why receive anything when it may already be ours? If you are in the mind set of being open to receive that implies that we do NOT have what you desire.

    If like attracts like, that means that whatever we are is what we are attracting in our life. By asking, believing and receiving, we are defining ourself as a person who does not have what we want, is in the mind set that what we want will be ours (eventually) and receiving means it is not already ours.

    Please don't just take these rules as a secret of law of attraction without doing due diligence to break down these concepts to the point of understanding what they are implying. In essence, they are about being in a mind set of lack of. If we are in a mind set of lack of, we are going to attract a lack of what we desire.


    DeVisE is a very simple method for attracting to us virtually anything we want in a very simple and practical way. There are many schools of thought on how to benefit from the Law of Attraction (LOA) and I'm sure they all work to some extent but this method is so simple that anyone can memorize the entire concept by reading it once.

    DeVisE or DEVISE is an acronym to help you remember what it means.

    The first concept is DE, which stands for DESIRE.

    The second concept is VIS, which stands for VISUALIZE.

    The third concept is E, which stands for EMOTIONALIZE.

    Simply, feel your desire for what you want to attract so strong that you practically lose sleep over it because it has become such an obsession that it is all you think about. If you can't get that excited about something, do you really want it in your life? Personally, my desires become burning obsessions and this is a key to having LOA work powerfully.

    When having the strong desire, it is very crucial to visualize yourself having ALREADY received it. This is past tense mind you! Use all your senses. Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, see it and use any other sensory data you can pull upon.

    Many experts in the field tell you to see it as if you have it NOW but I'm saying to see it as if you ALREADY have received it as if you are in the future looking back. I will clear this up in a moment.

    Finally, while having the strong desire and the powerfully clear visualization of already having received your desire, call upon your emotions so that you get wildly excited about how thankful and grateful you are that you have received it already.

    I sometimes get to the point that I am so grateful that God has ALREADY given what I desire that I cry and am in an emotional ecstasy in a very intense way. It is not necessary to go all out in this way but if you do, proportional results follow. I sometimes get so emotionally cranked up with intense gratitude that my adrenaline gets pumping, literally.

    If you incorporate all three concepts simultaneously and do this often and even non-stop at least in the mind for as long as possible, then powerful results will follow. Just realize that the whole secret in the book Think and Grow Rich is COMMITTMENT TO COMPLETION.

    There is wishing for something but that really shows there isn't much belief it will happen.
    There is wanting, which is more effective but still not too confident about receiving the desire.

    There is knowing that something will happen and this is better but if we know that something WILL happen, God grants that and tells us, "You're right, you WILL get that." That keeps us in a state of always being in the position that it will happen meaning it just isn't in the state of actually manifesting.

    There is knowing that it IS here in the now and this is powerful. This takes a lot of faith.
    Finally, there is knowing that it has ALREADY been given to you.

    Utilize the DEVISE method then you will communicate to the universe from a position of strength instead of a position of weakness where you might set yourself up for failure by being in the "will be" mind set.

    Practice all three components of the DEVISE method for simple mastery of the Law of Attraction simultaneously on an ongoing basis until your desires are realized.
    Aaron Murakami

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      Secret of Law of Attraction 3

      If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire over 10 days, that is 1 part energy per day. If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire over 5 days, that is 2 parts energy per day. If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire in one single day, that is 10 parts energy per day.

      This may seem that there isn't much difference as long as a certain amount of energy is going into something. But, there IS! For very powerful results, you must use TIME as energy itself. Compressing as much work into the smallest unit of time possible will give you the most powerful results. TIME COMPRESSED ENERGY.

      If you obsess over something day and night every waking hour for a couple weeks on a certain subject, you will attract to yourself people, events, books and other things that are in alignment with what you want to learn in a very powerful way. It will be way more powerful that if you took the same effort and expended it months or years. Take advantage of TIME energy. This concept alone will amplify all your results from your efforts beyond belief.

      Take some water and drop one drop at a time and drop it on a rock below. It may take years to even notice any wear. Take all that water and squeeze it out a small hole with high pressure in a small amount of time and you will cut that rock like a laser beam.

      Take a hammer and barely touch a window with it. You can do this 1000 times and still not break the glass. However if you take all that effort and compress it into a small blip of time, when you touch the window with it, it will shatter into dust. As a matter of fact, when taking advantage of time compressed energy, you may only need 10 taps of a hammer worth of energy if it is discharged in one single impulse to turn the window to dust verses what 1000 wimpy taps will do.

      Why? Nature abhors a vacuum and it abhors strong gradients. If you put a small amount of potential into something, nature will cause it to dissipate until it is in equilibrium with its environment and there is nothing left. Basically, it comes into balance. Put another small amount of potential into something and this repeats. It might take forever to even be able to build the potential fast enough before nature equalizes it. But, if you put high enough potential into a small unit of time over and over, it is way too fast for nature's slow response to equalize it and you will certainly attract your desire much more powerfully.

      Why do most people fail in manifesting their desires? Besides the fact that most people apply the wrong principles, they really don't take it on strong enough or don't want it bad enough and therefore they don't put enough potential into a small enough unit of time for anything to come about anytime soon.

      When desires do manifest powerfully, it happens through the path of least resistance. When people experience this, they find themselves in the right place at the right time. People usually call this SYNCHRONICITY!
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        Secret of Law of Attraction 4


        Synchronicity has been a fascination of mine for many years. It is just one of those things that sticks in the mind as being something that is just too weird to just be some chance occurrence. Sometimes synchronistic events are just written off as coincidence but personally, I believe a great majority of people believe there is something else at play.

        I will explain in simple terms not only the effects but a simple explanation of the mechanics of what is really behind the fascinating occurrences of synchronicity.

        The below diagram is a simple model of synchronicity that shows what the actual mechanism is. (with an explanation below)

        Law of Attraction works by the concept that whatever we think in our minds will be projected into the universe and the universe will cause those thoughts to attract like events, people, object and anything else that is similar back towards the person thinking the thoughts.

        So, what is really happening?

        The model as described in the illustration above is based on a conscious thinking mind, a subconscious mind and the collective unconscious mind.

        The conscious thinking mind is the thinking thing that we use to actively think thoughts. This is basically a judgment machine.

        The subconscious mind is an automatic mind that takes input and automatically does thinking on its own in order to make reason out of the input data. It is also the go-between for the conscious and unconscious minds.

        The collective unconscious mind is the infinite mind that contains all information in the past, present and future everywhere.

        There are four people in the diagram listed as person A, B, C, & D. The C person isn't listed as C but is the person at the top of the diagram. These thinking minds are represented by the circles closest to the middle.

        The semi-circles are the subconscious minds and the outer circle is the collective mind, which is known by many names. The dotted line on the outside indicates there is no border to its reach.
        If person A has a desire X, which represents a person they want to attract, an incident, customers for a certain product or anything else, their thinking mind is obviously aware of it. For this example, let us say that the desire is a specific car they are looking for; A 1990 Honda Accord 5 speed with 100,000 miles or less for $1000 or less. The color blue is a plus.

        The subconscious mind takes this desire X and "plants" it into the collective unconsciousness. X not only represents the overall desire but every detail attached to the desire and every adjective to describe it.

        The subconscious mind of every single human is actively scanning the collective unconsciousness or the matrix for anything that it resonates with.

        Person C happens to have a 1990 Honda Accord and it is a 5 speed. It has about 110,000 miles and is $950 and it is dark blue. Person C's subconscious mind locks onto desire X from person A. Person A and person C's subconscious mind's are locked onto each other. Now what about the synchronicities?

        The subconscious minds of A and C will INFLUENCE their conscious thinking minds to do whatever necessary to have them gravitate towards each other. C's mind knows that person A is in resonance with their desire to sell the car. A's mind knows that person C has the optimum match for their desire to buy a car.

        Person A is influenced by their subconscious mind to get in a car and go to grocery store 123 to look at the bulletin board. There are many stores they will go checking at but at a particular time and location is where they just happened to "choose" to go to.

        Person C is influenced by their subconscious mind to get in a car and drive to grocery store 123 to post a flyer about their car for sale. There are other stores that C will go to but at a particular time and location at this store is where they just happened to "choose" to go to.

        A and C walks in and goes to the bulletin board at the same time. Person A is scanning the flyers. Person C posts their flyer. Person A sees this and is amazed at what a profound synchronicity. The exact car with the exact details and price and everything else are on that exact flyer. They shake hands and make a deal and go home smiling at such a wonderful experience.

        Person C's subconscious mind INFLUENCED their conscious mind to choose what they chose to make it happen and so did person A's subconscious mind.
        It is important to realize that each person is sending this signal into the collective at a certain strength. Just thinking it is maybe a strength of 10 for example. If they apply "Law of Attraction" principles such as Think & Grow Rich or DEVISE methods, it may be a strength of 25. If they really, really get into cranking up strong emotions, meditations, and so on, it may be 50.

        The stronger this signal strength, the more effective the effort will be at having other subconscious minds in the collective lock on to your desires to attract them or events to you. The stronger the signal, the stronger the ability to manifest with your mind. Some tools may even boost this strength up to 100 or more. These numbers are just examples and do not reflect actual power indicators but the concept only.

        There is a powerfully profound way to boost this signal strength beyond what the gurus are telling you. Actually, most of them do not even know it exists. We will get to this later.
        Aaron Murakami

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          Secret of Law of Attraction 5

          The real secret of law of attraction

          BE what you want to attract!

          “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

          Gandhi didn't say ask for change or tell you to believe you will see change and furthermore, he didn't say to open up to receive change in the world. He said BE THE CHANGE.

          If you are unlike what you want to attract and like attracts like, doesn't it make sense that you won't attract it since you are unlike what you want to attract? The only way to attract it is to become LIKE what you want to attract. The way to do that is to BE IT.


          Too many people think they can simply visualize something and million dollar checks start rolling into their mailbox. They may also think that everything will automatically unfold for them and other naive assumptions. The truth is that because of the Law of Attraction and the applied Secret of Law of Attraction as explained here, I am more busy than I have ever been in my life!

          Law of Attraction will pull the synchronicities in alignment for me, then I have to walk through the door. The more doors that line up for me, it is obvious that I will have a lot more work to do! That is what is desired of course. If someone expects to site on a couch and be brain dead and have all of life's bounty fall out of the sky with no work to do, then that means this type of person has no life and there isn't any way around this.

          So, if you really apply these concepts and they really start to work, prepare to bust your butt working smart and not hard, but you will have a steady stream of things to do. That is what living is all about!


          Hopefully, this information might have shined a little light on the whole concept of the law of attraction and the real secret of law of attraction.

          If, however, you consider yourself to be above average and seek to gain more understanding of things that may help you to profoundly boost the signal strength of your desires into the collective unconsciousness in order to more rapidly manifest your desires so you can truly start to internally master the law of attraction, you probably want to know about the secret law of attraction tool.

          I'll give you one hint. Did you see the movie The Matrix? If you did, you probably remember the scene when Neo downloads Kung Fu into his mind in just a few moments. What if I were to tell you there is something that is based on that same concept that actually exists?

          That would be extremely profound. What if I were to tell you that YOU might even get a chance to use it? I'm not talking about rapidly internalizing Kung Fu! What if you could use that same kind of concept to rapidly unleash the potential in your own mind specifically for the concepts of Law of Attraction and the Secret of Law of Attraction?

          The truth is... if you apply what is explained above, you never need to read another law of attraction book, you never need to attend another seminar on how law of attraction works and you certainly don't need to worship a law of attraction guru hoping to learn the secrets. The fact is that there have never been any secrets.

          Take the information above and apply it wholeheartedly and you will manifest wonders in your life.

          BUT, if you want to take this quantum leaps beyond what most people have ever experienced, then why not give PATHS a try? Go Here: PATHS

          PATHS is the most advanced quantum technology utilizing the knowledge of TIME COMPRESSED ENERGY in a way that has never been done before.

          And if not, then please consider the concepts shared above because those alone truly can help you experience the law of attraction in a very profound way.
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          Aaron Murakami

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            Thank You, Dear Aaron.

            Thank You, Dear Aaron, for this post...

            Your DeVisE method of Manifestation/Attraction intrigued me greatly when I read it for the first time so many months ago and I immediately put into practice the steps described and now practice these steps on an almost daily basis...

            It has been an Amazing Ride since then and my life has changed profoundly as I witness the desires that I visualize and emotionalize come to fruition in my "present reality".

            Without going into the long story about all the deliciousness (is that a word? ) that has occurred, in the last months, let me just say that I believe that the part of this process that is MOST IMPORTANT is to FEEL the Gratitude that comes with knowing and that all that is desired is "Already Here".

            I know that this "knowing and feeling" with great emotion that what I desire is HERE NOW is not an easy place to reach due to subconscious blocks and resistance, but I also know that the PATHS modules that I have been experiencing for the past several months have caused me to reach this delightful place of "knowing" and all that unfolds each day continues to cause me wonder and joy.

            So now, when I practice these three steps in your Precious DeVisE method, the visualizations are more detailed and the emotions are more acute, and the manifestations of my desires are arriving into my "present reality" with astonishing speed.

            So...Thank you, Darling Aaron, for posting this today... I hope that all who look to this will find a way to incorporate this exquisitely POWERFUL method of attraction into their daily life, so that they can experience the Joy Wonder, Love, and Abundance that is their God-Given Right as Perfect and Infinite Beings on this planet!

            With Much Love and Gratitude,

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              Thank you for posting this--I'll call it an article.

              It is similar to something I thought of back in February to reframe my frustration over not having certain things manifest:

              1. I want _____.
              2. I want _____ because it makes me feel _____.
              3. I may not know what ____ feels like, but part of me does.
              4. Part of me knows that feeling.
              5. Everything is all one.
              6. Part of me is actually, then, all of me.
              7. I do know that feeling, after all.
              8. Therefore, I already have _____.


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                Well, i have heard interpretation/ways of explaining how to attract what one desires. To let go of the NEED/ATTACHEMENT to what one desires
                And this is whats come to me with what i've just read.

                That if one already has it and believes/know they have it right no....then there is no need to need it or be attatched to wanting it, cuz it is already your/mine.

                That 's all....
                peace and gratitude...........Adrienne
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                  thanks for the wonderfully great post Aaron ...

                  I've read your articles within the ESM Resource Library links, and i read them separately on separate occassions ... and i can assure you that each time the effect on me was intense ....

                  and this time when you put them all together and added the real taste and truth of the whole story ... now i wanna tell you ... THANKS A ZILLION for your AMAZING EFFORTS ... that was very neat ... very clear in delivering the message..and very powerful indeed....

                  the best part of it all .. is that, as you said ... I do feel it now encoded in my system .. and i don't feel i want to pursue any law of attraction secrects no more ... i now have it all in my head .. and i know exactly what to do ..

                  All my Love, Gratitude, Appreciation & Blessings ... Lama


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                    woooooooow.... i just noticed that my title is a "senior member" now ... feels sooo good .. do i need to wear a suite now and talk in a certain tone of voice and give everyone attitude ? (just kidding )

                    one little point i need to clarify here Aaron ... now, how can we keep the balance of ... the obsession + the time compressed energy we exert into our desired subject & the "feeling happy without it" as was explained earlier when talking about the LOA ... ???

                    coz i remember our previous explanations of the whole thing ..and how we kept stressing on the point of .. living your life happily and knowing you are sooo happy and satisfied without it and it will come rushing into ur life (provided you've done your homework on the DEVISE part) .... do you get what i mean ?? i'd appreciate it if you can advise us here

                    All my Love & Gratitude .. Lama


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                      LOL!! ... don't tell me i screwed up big time

                      first i say i got it encoded in my system and i totally get it ..... and then i say "feeling happy without it" when Aaron is telling is "BE IT" and "Feel Grateful for what you have"

                      clarifications please

                      Love & Gratitude .. Lama


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                        I'm confused

                        Hi Aaron,

                        I'm a bit confused on how to apply this to my current situation.

                        I am unemployed right now and looking for a job. Over the past 5 months I have written down certain aspects of a job that I would like. However, I don't see how I can drum up such intense emotion for this since I'm not sure what the job is yet. I can understand someone that knows what their passion is and can clearly see it and feel it. But I don't know how to "be it" when I don't know what the "it" is. Does that make sense?

                        I don't know what my passion is yet. I don't have a specific area or title that I am after. In other words, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up?
                        Sure, I have list but it is general and I don't see how I can drum up intense emotions about it. I guess I'm having a hard time visualizing it?

                        Any help or tips on how I can manifest my job would be great.

                        I've just switched my modules to Successful Living 2 and Mood elevator.

                        Thanks for your help!


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                          Hi Lama,

                          I don't know if I would personally be happy without something but I can be happy as I am. I think there is a difference there at least for me anyway.

                          When constantly being in the mode of intending very obsessively, there are various aspects to what we are intending. When intending A but not B, B is let go of or released. When intending B but not A, then A is let go of or released. We can therefore be constantly intending but also letting go.

                          All of life is based on impulsed "energy." Potential builds and builds and then is instantaneously released in a small blip of time....such as a nerve impulse.

                          We do have to let go of things but this happens automatically as we intend things. If we intend a high gas mileage car, we are letting go of affordable care. Then we can intend affordable car, while letting go of high gas mileage car. In both cases, we are constantly intending for the same final object of desire while being able to let go at the same time. This isn't contradictory.
                          Aaron Murakami

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                            intending work

                            Hi Aime,

                            You can always start broad then little by little narrow the focus as it becomes more clear.

                            You could crank up the thankful emotions that you have your dream job without being specific.

                            This is like tying into the "morphic field" of jobs in general. By doing that, your subconscious will automatically know what in the job field is in most resonance with your optimum or desired even if you're not consciously aware of it. Eventually that will surface consciously and when it does even if still general into one category of the job sector, you can focus on knowing you have work in that sector. Little by little, you will be more aware of specifically in what sector is in alignment with your desires, etc... and when that becomes conscious, then you can focus on building thankful emotion around that, etc...

                            From broad to narrow so there is always something we can be extremely thankful for and be obsessed about even though we know know the specifics yet.

                            Basically, BE extremely powerfully emotionally thankful that you have already manifested your dream job.
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                            Aaron Murakami

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                              This is soooo helpful!!!


                              Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I am learning soooo much from all of you! When I first got to this forum, I would read some of your posts and think... ooooooh! That guy is way to intellectual for me to understand! Hmmmm! I will never get what he is thinking or talking about! LOL!

                              Well good news I am starting to understand this stuff more and more!

                              I somehow attracted PATHS not knowing any of this really. I just knew I needed a change and NOW! So it came!

                              So the last few days I have been really needing to know how to make the next step happen, and today I came here and read this... Another light goes off in my head! What seemed earlier this week impossible is seeming to BE now. All this time it is working out as I have been continuing to work that direction!

                              I have a lot more to learn! I guess it will all come as it needs to!

                              Mucho Blessings! Sj (zartgirl)