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Past, Present and Future Lives

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  • Past, Present and Future Lives

    Let me introduce
    I have done a lot of healing on myself throughout the years. I've done work with my past self, as a scared little girl, and in essence comforted and became the "mom" to the child that I was. It helped immensely. When traumatic memories come up from childhood I do EFT on them and also send "myself" back in time to provide comfort.

    After reading all of the great threads on ESM the thought came to me to expand the idea of collapsing time. If time doesn't exist as we know it and is not linear, and if I am already going back in time, then why can't I ask a future self for help to come back to this "present" time and help me. Right?

    I set an intention for a future self that was very knowledgeable in the type of healing that I needed now to come into my awareness. The "vision" that I got was this: A future self that was not necessarily human in quality and form, but that was a beautiful, very morphic silvery, shiny substance. It was wonderful and beautiful and very BEYOND anything I can comprehend or put into words on this level. I have always had a penchant for anything silver, so I fell in love with that vision immediately. I could instantly feel work being done on my body. Wonderful feelings. I felt really really secure in knowing that this was me, helping me.

    Today I could feel love for myself creeping back into my consciousness. Part of this may also be from Grace doing a bit of CEM on me, not sure. I also began the PATHS Intuition module. It all blends together, so is impossible to tell what is doing what.

    I want to continue doing a daily meditation on this. Collapsing time is something I am going to do more of.

    Perhaps some of you would like to do this future-self work and post on this thread your experiences. It will be really fun
    to hear what you come up with

    Love and Blessings,

    Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
    My PATHS Affiliate Website

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    future self helping past self

    Originally posted by DeAnn View Post
    why can't I ask a future self for help to come back to this "present" time and help me. Right?
    Hi DeAnn,

    Have you seen this?

    Here is some past experience with the concept before the module:
    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO