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  • PATHS and Holosync

    Hi All,

    I'm thinking of starting both PATHS and Holosync at about the same time (that is unless I get advice that it may not be a good idea to start both).

    My questions are:

    Does anyone on this forum do both, and if so, what are your experiences?

    As Holosync is supposed to restructure the brain, is it a good idea to take spirulina to help this process?


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    Hi, Terry!

    I think there are several of us here who do both Holosync and PATHS. I started Holosync last September, so Iíve been doing it almost a year. Iím on CD 1, level 3. I started PATHS in May, and I find they go quite well together. I think that they each target different growth arenas, so thereís no conflict. I got to admit, though, that once I started PATHS, I eased back on my daily hour of Holosync meditation, so Iím going a bit slower on that now.

    In fact, I found PATHS through Holosync. I found the PI board and the Holosync forum there, and someone on that board talked about PATHS. So I researched PATHS and found this place. I'm not usually one to jump into stuff, but I knew right away that PATHS was going to be good for me. I just knew.

    And this place, this forum, well, I find something here almost daily that creates awe or fascination or intrigue or is thought-provoking. Itís just hot. And I think most people here are in to multiple life-enhancing therapies.

    As for spirulina, I think itís great for anyone to take, whether they are on Holosync, PATHS, or just want to keep their body fit.

    Have fun with it. It's all good!!



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      Great question!

      Hi Terry and Carol! This is a great question! I started using Holosync in July 2006. It is fantastic. I started Paths in Feb. 2007. Since then, I've found that Paths has compounded my personal growth in ways I never imagined possible. Holosync is wonderful, but much slower in that regard. (I feel that if HS increased my self-growth potential to 10X, Paths has done so 10000X - they both work, however, the speed and efficacy they work at is entirely different.) I haven't advanced past HS level 1, cd 1. Lately, I've found myself enjoying the free binaural beat meditations available on the ESM Home resource page.

      I definitely think that meditation is a very very good thing to practice in conjunction with Paths. Paths works in such a way that renders all previously known self-growth methods obsolete. Meditation is still a very powerful tool we can use to help ourselves grow...however, if money is an issue, I would hesitate to encourage people to invest in binaural beat programs. If you have a choice between Paths and HS, I would choose Paths and use the free binaural beat mp3's available to assist in meditation. However, if money is not an issue, I would definitely use both!

      Holosync and other binaural beat audio tracks help synchronize the left and right hemispheres of our brain, and assist in creating new, more efficient neural networks. I think these newly created, more efficient neural networks help us carry out the Paths instructions more quickly and succinctly, letting us experience Paths on a quicker, more profound level. Definitely meditating and Paths is a wonderful way to go!

      PS - my favorite at the moment is the Universal Noetic Meditation available on the resource page. I've also been enjoying the Cosmic Continuum meditation available there as well. Have fun!


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        Jamie, you bring up such a great point about meditation.

        I know I am really putting myself out there when I say this. I have never really meditated before until almost three weeks ago. I kept hearing everyone say how wonderful it was, but frankly, I could not find the time in the day to do this on a regular basis.

        Three weeks ago I heard something that Abraham had said on a tape that somehow struck a chord with me. Since then, I have been meditating daily for 15 minutes before I leave for work.

        I feel as if I have made a quantum leap toward where I want to be Suddenly, everything seems to be so much easier and everything is going my way - which it should. In fact, my new mantra is "everything always goes my way." I like it

        This desire to start meditating also started while I was on the new synchronicity module - something that my good friend Pamela pointed out to me.

        Anyway, I am finding that everything I am involved in for personal growth - PATHS, Abraham, and meditation - are working so harmoniously together, it is literally seamless. I cannot see where the benefits from one end and the benefits from the other begin. A perfect combination for me
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          Hi Terry,

          I agree, the binaurals are good with PATHS. I've never used holosync but I do have a large mindtek library and I also make my own tracks.

          You can download some for free on the ESM library page. I uploaded some in MP3 format, which are not as good as WAV file but did so because of the length of them. However, today I got a message that someone recommended uploading only in the original wav format to preserve all the frequencies and I agree so I will upload some in wav format little by little and they should be much higher quality and more effective than the free mp3 downloads.
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            HI, All, it's very exciting about the new format for the binaurals. I've loved listening to the "cosmic" one. I'm sure I went to the outer realms of the Universe with that.

            Holosync is marketed something like "meditate like a Zen monk." I've mediated for years with Buddhists, in silent retreats for days on end, and I've met many people who have spent months, even years, in silent meditation. And all that I've met have a tangible grace, a calm, a realness. I'd love to have that, and I don't, so Holosync seemed (and is) a good way to meditate for me.

            Holosync is expensive, and I agree that if you can only afford one, go with PATHS. I had planned to order the next Holosync level the end of August, at a price of $292 (I only order one level at a time, so it's more expensive that way).

            BUT then Aaron and the Admin at PATHS came out with this fascinating new module playing around with time, and that did it. Holy Moly, talk about cutting edge! I immediately set up a new PATHS account and ordered 4 more modules! I'm not sure how long I can afford to pay for two accounts (please don't tell Admin!), but it's going to be fun in the meantime!



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              Zen monk


              The "meditate like a Zen monk" concept really came from Zygon way back in the 80's I believe. It was that exact ad in the back of Omni magazine back in about 1986 or 1987 that planted a seed in my mind when I was about 14 years old. That is what originally got me thinking about mind states and consciousness.
              Aaron Murakami

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                Belated Thank-You

                Thanks for all your replies. They have been most helpful (by the way sorry for taking so long to thank you all - I thought I had before I went off to Scotland for a weeks camping - so sorry for the delay in expressing my thanks).

                By the way Aaron you just reminded me that I too used to read Omni magazine way back in 1978 when it was first launched. I had totally forgot about that until you mentioned it !!

                Bye for now



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                  PATHS and Holosync

                  Hi -

                  I have been using Holosync daily for 3 years. I believe that it completely changed me into a better person. I am more centered (think I used to be ADHD), calm, unruffled.
                  Yet I felt I was still missing direction. I knew where I wanted to go (accomplish things, have more energy, was dealing with the creeping signs of aging, and just started taking estrogen, working out 1-2 hours a day, yet still a little unhappy) THat is where Paths comes in. Paths on top of Holosync is AMAZING!

                  No more estrogen, friends say I look younger, acheiving quite a lot in my personal and professional life. But mostly, my relationship have all gotten unbelievably sweeter.