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"I get back up, but I'm knocked down again..." Sound Familiar?

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  • "I get back up, but I'm knocked down again..." Sound Familiar?

    I've had messages from a few people, about feeling that everytime things start to go well, something "bad" happens, and I thought I'd post my answer here for others who may be feeling the same.

    For many of us, there's often an over-riding impression of a cycle of "Just when things start to go right, they're always followed by bad" - or as someone recently put it, more asthetically challengingly: "I am so happy and gratefull that I get my a** saved just in the nick of time so I can **** myself all over again at the next drama."

    This is completely understandable, and I know most of us have that feeling. It's exactly how I felt, and how so many people I speak to feel. And it feels that way because that's what it looks like - that's what physically seems to be happening..... or is it?

    What came first, the chicken or the omlette? ... Okay, let me rephrase that.... If a dog is chasing his tail, who's following who? What I mean is, does the bad follow the good, or does the good follow the bad? Every time someone helps me up, I get knocked down again.... or everytime I get knocked down, someone helps me up again? Every time something goes wrong, somehow, I get myself out of it. Now..... if you're like me (and I suspect you might be a little you'll be thinking "Well that's all very niiiiiiiiiiice (excerpt from The Secret) but I'd like to not get into those situations where I have to rescue my self by the skin of my nails at the last moment!"

    And you'd be absolutely right. What's happening, I believe, is that when we create or attract something into our lives that appears to be "bad", we immediately go into "super hero" mode. We immediately kick into "fixing" gear. Whether it's fighting, or solving or writing letters, or searching for solutions, lots of action, or even just thinking about it. We have a built in urge and compulsion to "fix" at once.

    Even if we don't immediately spring into action (although we probably usually do), our minds get into that gear. And that gear grates against the steering wheel (okay, I'm not good at mechanical analogies but you know what I mean) because the car is being led in a different direction to the one we think.

    So then the whole car starts whobbling around, we end up in a ditch, we get ourselves out, disguised as the AA, and we get back on the road.

    Then, we see, what appears to us to be, a boulder right in the middle of the road so we spit and swear, and our mind kicks into "fix" gear, and the vibration of the "fix/solve/fight" mindset, again grates with the steering, and off we go again, whobbling and swerving, and this time we may even roll it.

    What we don't know is that the boulder was an illusion - an optical illusion - or just a shadow. But it looked EXACTLY like a boulder - could have sworn it was a boulder. So it's pure instinct and natural for our minds to see a boulder, and stall mentally, and get into "fix" mode. "How can I get around the bolder" And the vibration of that mind-set messes with the satalite navigation system! (hmm, that may describe it better )

    And so the viscious circle continues. And we think that every time the car gets back on the road, something goes wrong. And we don't look so much at the fact that every time we screw up the navigation and steering with our reaction to illusions, and the car goes off the road, we manage to arrange a last minute rescue opperation through our contacts in the AA

    So what's the answer? Well, I've discovered that no matter what something looks like. No matter how convincing the boulder is, if I trust, and leave the driving up to the driver who happens to have a seat on the roof of the car (okay, I'm struggling a bit here with this analogy, but I'm sure you know what I mean lol), because he can SEE the boulder for what it really is - that's HIS job - I have found that EVERY time - REGARDLESS of how Clever and Convincing the Illusion, EVERY time, it has turned out to be either not what I thought, or the boulder has been removed without my trying to "fix" it myself.

    It still takes me by surprise!! I still don't believe it sometimes, and start getting into "fix" mode, but then I remember, and I remind myself "I can only create and attract situations and people that make me feel good, and that are good for me. So no matter what this looks like, I know it HAS to turn out to be fine." And time after time, I'm shocked and surprised at just how weird the coincidences and synchronicities and unexpected offers etc. that turn up in time!!

    If you KNOW (and I'm not saying you do, I'm just saying If you know that Father Christmas doesn't exist. So, let's say you KNOW that there's no way Father Christmas exists. When you see what looks like Father Christmas - no matter how convincing, or how fleet-footed his reindeer, you KNOW it can't be Father Christmas, it HAS to be an actor, stunt man or crazy person.

    If you KNOW you can't create "bad" for yourself, no matter how "bad" it looks, you KNOW it has to be an illusion, misunderstanding, or misinformation - or that it will be solved without your "high-ho silvering"

    Now, many people (and I used to as well) say "Oh, something good will come from this." And that's not what I'm talking about. That is essentially acknowledging that this is bad, but something good will come from it, or "There's always a reason." And, while that's better than just focusing on the bad, it is still misleading.

    The point is: You are Incapable of attracting or creating "bad". It only LOOKS like bad - and it's very convincing - like brilliant special effects. And if you then see it as bad, and you try to "fix" it, then the repercussions of that are "bad".

    It's like a horror movie. Someone goes to see "Jaws", and their entire body reacts as if they're in danger. Hearbeat increases, sweaty palms,
    adrenaline rush etc. The only thing stopping them from running screaming into the street, is their conscious mind - which knows it's a movie. But the rest of the body has no idea what a movie is!! It's busy doing its fight or flight thing.

    Illusions of something "bad" come up, and we "fight or flight" out into the street - sometimes screaming And then we run under a bus.

    And then we arrange for a kind stranger to pick us up, and we're grateful for that, but for Goodness' sake, can't we just not get hit by the bus?? Well, yes, we could just stay in the cinema and trust our subconscious that it will never allow us to be harmed - it knows it's just a movie

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    dear illusions ... or let me call u by ur name .. its even better ... dear odille .. once again ( and i know it will keep happening again and again ..) you pop up with an amaaaaazing post with very valuable, priceless points that we should keep in our minds and live by ... Thank You for your beautiful intentions and your lovely analogies that keep getting the ideas closer and closer to our minds .. each time i read one of them, i go "ahaaa" ... and then another "ahaaa" ... and then another one lol ... its like i keep understanding the idea deeper and deeper and from many different angles ..

    when this pattern keeps happening to us .. i think we reach the point when its part of our system ... and we deal with it as FACT OF LIFE .. rather than "those new ideas that i should be getting used to as part of my belief system..come on come ooon .. get in there " lol...and many a times .. all ur "aha's" are in place but the real test is when u face the life situations .. u try implementing what you've learnt ... reading this made me gooo yaaaaa yesssss riiighhhht i knoww... and im linnking all the ideas together ...what you're saying .. the magic pill.. LOA ... our feelings and vibrations and all... and still .. ive got a few questions in my mind ...

    im gonna go ahead and ask ... .... in the situations that need some "fixing" .. we shouldnt go ahead and try to fix ? ... ok .. so we just hope that things will get fixed themselves ... ..doesnt always work..does it ? sometimes u really got to do something, .. no ??

    ok .. let me put it this way .. my understanding .. is that .. in LOA .. first of all, we should feel the "responsibility" for anything that happens to us .. and when we see something not happening our way .. we need to express to ourselves clearly how we would like that thing to be (and even better - we need to accompany our desire with the reasons we want it this way..and have a clear image of the result..etc) etc etc.... and then .. we need to really feel happy and satisfied with what we have .. and then the sliding door will open and let it in ... that's the cycle .. more or less....

    my understanding too .. is that .. when you are clear about ur desire and it is programmed deep into ur subconcious which communicates with the matrix, it then influences the concious mind to do things and take steps that take it closer and closer towards that desire .... i think, this is where the "fixing" process falls... is that right ? .. so, my point is... we cant - i think, please please correct me if i'm wrong - not go into fixing mode ... right ? ... but the only difference is that when you're doing ur fixing ur relaxed and in a good mood and not feeling that not getting where u want will devastate you or anything ... something of that sort ... am i talking too much ?? ... i need a helping hand here ... clarifications pleeeeeeeeeease ... did u get my point ? i hope i made myself clear enough on the point im asking about

    Thanks a million,

    Love, Lama
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      SIZE="2"]i dont want it to seem - from my question - that i didnt get your point or even come close to it

      sweetest illusions .. i understood that we wanna KNOW for a FACT that the difficulties we face or the situations that dont exactly turn out way are actually a "mirage" and keep the affirmation that we KNOW is 100000000% TRUE .. that we only create good things for ourselves and we only attract good situations - things and people into our lives...that is soooo clear to me..

      and the first time i got it right was in ur magic pill pdf ..when u said they just resemble things u see in the dark and u can swear its what ur seeing until u put the light on to discover how wrong u were a great analogy indeed ... that clicked with me juuuuussst right

      my question is concentrating on the "fixing" process... i mean .. we cant just lay back and never try to fix any fixables ..can we

      appreciate the clarifications coz it got me a bit confused

      Love, Lama[/SIZE]


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        Hello Sweetest Lama

        Lol, I understand exactly what you're asking, and it a very good point

        It is, I think, not only perfectly natural, but also automatic, to go into "fixing" mode. The difference is then, how we deal with that.

        So, let me use something that's current for me right now. I felt inspired, last Monday, to send a video tape of excerpts from one of my one-woman shows, to the director who directed me in the play readings I did not long ago.
        This inspiration came completely out of the blue. Just popped into my mind, and was accompanied by the most overwhelming excitement. I'd never thought of it before, and I wasn't looooooking for something to do.

        Okay, so that was inspired action. Now. After watching the video myself, and feeling this electricity going through me - amazing energy, I wrote a covering letter, packaged up the tape, went to the post office and mailed it. All of this felt Fabulous - very exciting. My mind was racing with ideas for re-working the show, exciting new songs to add, and all the possibilities that it could lead to.

        So far, so good. He would have received it the next day as I sent it first class. Now, here's where I've been working on taking my own advice I couldn't help myself waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting for the phone to ring, or to receive a text or email.

        Today is Sunday, and I still haven't heard anything. Of course, he may be away, he may be working, or he may just simply have not got around to watching the tape. But I have to admit it's really difficult not to feel worry, concern, curiosity, wondering.... etc.

        I KNOW that my job is done, and now the only thing I need to do is feel good. And I KNOW that it's very possible that the outcome may not be what I'm expecting - but that that doesn't mean it's not taking me to where I want to go. The Excited, Electric Feeeeeling I got to take that inspired action tells me it is DEFINITELY taking me closer to where I want to be - but it may not be in the way I expect, the only way I can see at the moment.

        The end result may even have nothing to do with this director - something completely unexpected may happen.

        There are all sorts of possibilities, so I'm busy focusing on distracting myself with other things that I enjoy, things that make me feel good, and just Knowing in the back of my mind that everything is being taken care of (leaving it to the professionals ).

        I find myself slipping into the "fix" mind-set, and wanting to call, email, chase, thiiiiiiink up solutions and alternatives, and I'm getting better at reminding myself "It's being taken care of. I can only create and attract situations and people that make me feel good, and that are good for me." So whatever happens with this tape, I know it HAS to turn out to be good - because I can't create or attract anything else

        And the only way I'll take action ("fix") is if I again feel that excitement - that inspiration that is unmistakable. If I start to feel that bubbling excitement at the thought of chasing this, then I'll do it.

        So the "fix" mind set I was referring to in the first post, is the one I'm tending to slip into - the desire to FIND a way to make this happen. The desire to chase it. The desire to "fix" the fact that I haven't heard anything yet, and my logic is telling me there must be something wrong, and the feeling of impatience.

        If my car breaks down, of course, I'm going to get it fixed. But it's the way I feeeeeeeel about getting it fixed that is doing the creating and attracting.

        So if I panic, and stress, and get upset, and "why does this always happen to me", then, I'm going to be throwing off the sat. nav. and I'm going to end up in a ditch. But if I am calm, remind myself "It's okay, I can only create and attract situations and people that make me feel good and that are good for me." and then call the AA or the mechanic, then that's not what I was referring to as the "fix" mind-set.

        Then, let's say, I find out the mechanic is going to cost a fortune. Then I have a choice, I can throw the steering off again by panicing, complaining, worrying, soaking in all those low vibrations, or I can TRUST. I can again say to myself "Well, it's expensive, but I know that I can only create and attract situations and people that make me feel good, and that are good for me. So I know it HAS to turn out okay." ..... and so on.

        I hope this makes it a bit clearer

        And thanks for pointing it out Lama, because if you hadn't, there may have been others who were confused as well, and they may not have posted.

        Love and Light and Appreciation xxx
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          dear odille

          yessss ... now i get it perfectly thank you thank youuuu for the clearest clarifications ...

          now you got us involved... so you gotta keep us posted .... please do ... and you KNOW as well as we know that you can only attract the bestest of situations, things and people for yourself ....

          Good Luck Giirrrrrrrrrl ...

          Love, Lama


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            Wow, very thought provoking.

            Thank you!


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              That was wonderful. Thank you SO much.

              With gratitude,

              With love and gratitude,