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  • E=MC(2) Energetic Movies (2) See !

    I just wanted to share a favorite movie of mine that soooo fits into the ESM mind set! ( M.E. naturally as well ) Have ya'll seen "I Heart Huckabees" ?...

    A few months ago for about a week, before I started regularly paroosing this forum, I was watching it over and over (not a common movie habbit of mine). I was doing this because: (a) its sooo funny (b) its sooo clever and wise and metaphoric - and yet unassuming in its intelligence (c) its poetry! It has a beautiful pace and rythm and dialog- allbeit "a bit" qwerky (d) Dustin Hoffman and Lilly Taylor are a total HOOT as a married couple of Existential Detectives (e)... "It's all the Blanket" AND (f) its a "popular" movie about inner work and personal often do you see that?

    Soo the reason I am posting it in this section is the thought I had about movies (and me).

    I love movies. "Good' movies that is. And lately I havent been having a very fulfilling, lively, ecxiting or adventurous life....due to what some may refer to as "the dark nite (in my case, years) of the soul" ... along with some stupbornly untreated depression. This has had me worried that watching movies for me has become a crutch and an escape. I think they have perhaps become a substitute for me of ME actually living MY own life! A feeble and empty replacement of course but one none the less. Not having my own adventures Ive been living (feeling) vicariously through the movies I watch.

    Fifteen ish years ago thats what got me to stop playing video games cold turkey (even though I wasnt that into them). I realized I got more excited,worried, happy, dissappointed and absorbed trying to get Super Mario to God knows where in some la la video land than I ever was in me living my real life. It was such a profound realization and hit with such a punch that watching video games and expecially the thought of playing them made me feel Ill for a really long time-until there was no feeling about it at all. It wasnt like I was living in them all the time but they were one of my replacements for living. A key I think to this is that I didnt think I could, would, or deserved to, find REAL adventure, excitement, happiness and passion in my life. I am slowly begining to think now that THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR! Thats what were "hard wired' for...JOY, EXCITEMENT(if we want)and MEANINGFUL HAPPINESS (i.e. LOVE)... we (I) just forgot. It might be a little more complicated but this is already turning into another novellette of a post.

    So back to movies and the Idea! I figured why not try and use the thing I love so much to help me reconstruct a life that I would love. I think I had recently watched the movie the Secret at tht time too. So my plan was/is to find all my favorite movies and watch them again and decipher why I love them soo. To maybe find the plots, characters, character qualities, or themes that resonate so strongly with me with me and use them as a template for building a "better, stronger, faster" , NEWerr me!!! Supposedly thats is why we all like stories, movies, (and gossip?) soo much anyway...because WE ARE ALL THE HERO/HEROINE! Why not live it?

    With all this talk in PATHS and ME about archtypes Ive realized that THAT is IT! Thats what I'm looking for and thats what stories and movies and myths are all about. Archtypes! Now with the process of learning M.E. I thought 2 pointing these arctypes into me or something to that effect could take this idea to a whole new level! Who knows? It seems like something fun. It might even deepen my appreciation of the movies I already love and it'd be a playful way to anchor into a picture of myself that I want to become...ALL READY AM!

    The really cool insight I had a few weeks ago is that in "I Heart Huckabees", part of Dustins characters job is to help others find and connect to their Infinite Selves. Months ago after watching it one day I thought "I want one of those!" "I want my own Existential Detective!" "I want to learn how to experience the Blanket! and connect to my Infinate Self !" Then at some point in all the discovering about M.E. on this forum I realized THATS WHAT RICHARD IS DOING! He being everyones Existential Detective! How awesome! And hes mine for the taking!...well that sounds a bit kidnappy but you all get the piont...again no pun intended! So its got me thinking how movies could be an effective tool for helping us to clarify and manifest new stuff, people and realities into our lives!

    So I am creating a compelation of movies to represent what my life IS like and who I AM! Its kind of like an audio/visual version of one of those manifesting collages where you pick out pictures to represent who and what you want. I think it could pack a more visceral punch....woah, I think I just felt my first wave! How wierd. It felt like my verticle hold just gave out like in an old tv, when you have to fiddle with the rabbit ears antenna to get the picture back! That was soo Trippy!

    Stephen did you just two point me? 4:25 PST? Or it could be me anchoring in Richard as my Existential Detective archtype....?

    Anyway I seem to write such epic posts. Must come with the territory of not maving much of a life. YET!!! "And now for something COMPLETELY different!!!"..... I am sure I'll be more brief the more hero-y I become. Just as a general time availability thing like I hear you all "on the clock" heros and heroines have to deal with...or not?

    Thanks for reading this all... if you made it here! Maybe later I'll post my life in the movies! I like the sound of that! I would love to hear other peoples favorites! It could be like a movie manifest-o club!

    Must Go Find Sun Now.

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    Rock on, Blake!

    OMG you are freakin hilarious! Thanks for the great read - not only funny but also had some meat in it!

    yes Yes YES Archetypes are extremely valuable, no matter where you get them from - movies are GREAT archetypes. If you read about Dr. Bartlett's first big shift from ME, it involved a Superman archetype with the x-ray vision etc. This resulted in the instantaneous transformation of a little girl's lazy eye!!!

    Here is another great value to archetypes - In paying attention to the 'problem set' of an issue someone brings to you during an ME session - you put yourself into the 'solution set' with ME. Now, it can be more of a challenge for a person to truly see 'no shoulder' (if you were looking at a sore shoulder on a person) and instead be seeing the 'quantum field of light potential' lol. Soooooooo, what you do is make up something (or something will come to mind) as an 'archetype' of that area they are concerned about. This is playful (very important) and VERY effective in occupying the left-brain conscious mind, so that the shift (your unconscious to their unconscious to the Collective unconscious) can occur instantly.

    I was not directly two-pointing you at that time Blake, but you have your own connection to the Matrix archetype and we are ALL connected. The really cool thing is that the MORE YOU CAN JUST LET GO, the MORE POWERFUL the EFFECTS OF ME This is so incredible that people who can really let go, will find shifts happening all around them in people they interact with, WITHOUT doing a specific ME technique!!! My belief is that this occurs because the person doing ME who can let go of the left-brain consensus-based reality simply sees the universe differently where that altered view always is a path for the shifts to occur, to them and those around them and in adding to the collective raising of consciousness affecting the planet - WHEW!

    And yes, Dr. Bartlett is a great archetype to access for 'downloading' some expertise in ME, or any other person past, present, future (lol, future is fun to figure out) who as an archetype can add to your own morphogenic field and do amazing things with!

    Cheers and keep up the rockin' posts!



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      This'll be shorter I promise

      Another couple movies I thought of that fit in here with sort of time travel themes...Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind (makes me think of PATHS now when I watch it-dont let Jim Carrey scare you away, hes not really wild in this.) Its a mind bender... literally.

      And I just recently saw Deja Vu. An action/mystery/(sci-fi?) thing. Im not big on action. Its mostly the mystery bit. there was a new take on a car chase scene though two different time lines that really made me sit up and pay attention. I really liked it over all. Minimal violence for a thriller. Not on my all time favorits though.

      Oh and I wanted to say about Huckabees.. at the very start its all cuss wordy. Its not like that at all through the rest of the movie. Strange way to start a movie though. They wanted to get across the "angst" of the main character right away I'm guessing. (And put off the conservatives?).
      And there is one sex scene a bit graphic but no nudity, not very long and with a funny metaphore attached.

      thats it Blake


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        The Last Mimzy

        Has anyone seen The Last Mimzy. Made me think of the Indigo and Crystal Children. What it might be like for them when they awaken to themselves??? Its fiction of course, a simple but interesting story. The kids were good. Story not too cheezy. Cheeze tastes different for everyone though.

        I give it four and a half spaceships out of five...depending on what dimention your looking at it from. In video stores now!!!

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          Hi Blake,

          I enjoyed I Love Huckabees when I saw it a while back. Very fun quantum concept movie.

          Interesting you bring up about absorbing archetypes.
          Aaron Murakami

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            new movies out and coming...

            YouTube - Push- Trailer ...just saw this preview at the theater. Very inteeresting.

            A vampire love story...awwww. YouTube - Twilight Official Trailer ... This was much better than I expected. Didnt read (hear of the the) books before. Not big into vampire movies...or "teenage" love stories. This was well done...not cartoony or "too" much syrup. Had a good ambiance. I liked it. I giveit 74 thumbs ...out of 100

            YouTube - Twilight Trailer Spoof
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              "old" tv show

              only one(almost) Tv season of "Firefly" first (out on dvd in bbuster ...and netflix?).. YouTube - Serenity "The Legacy" YouTube - God Is A DJ (Firefly/Serenity) Its actually more character development than action ...and very funny. Well made I think...+ sarcasm galore! A cowboy spaceman episode they have to rustle a bunch of cattle on their ship from one planet to another ... River, the girl is my Kali-(fierce protective Hindu Mother Godess) archtype... so far in "movies"

              the movie "Serenity" is second ...YouTube - Serenity movie review Pt.1 by ... answers unfinished series questions and a good movie on its own if you dont mind missing back story.
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