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Cosmic joke on Rin!

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  • Cosmic joke on Rin!

    Several years ago, during a very difficult time in my life, I visited a beautiful seaside resort that had several windmills on the shore. I became enamoured of that town, and resolved that one day I would live in a place just like it.

    Over the next few years I often fantasised about my dream home by the sea. However I only ever did it in a wistful, half-baked way, never really believing for a minute that my dreams would come true. I certainly didn't take any actions to ensure it - what would be the point?

    Just this morning I was taking a lovely long stroll by the brand new seaside promenade that has been built near my home, when suddenly I realised something: there are two brand-new windmills right by the port!

    And then I burst out laughing, because in fact the new "windmills" look just like this. But still, a windmill is a windmill is a windmill, right?

    It's like the Universe was saying, "Okay, windmills by the sea, Rin? You got it!" And yes, so I did! I got exactly what I wanted ... only I see now that I should've been more specific!

    I have learned an important lesson: when it comes to intentional manifestation, half-baked efforts get half-baked results.

    What do you think?

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    What do I think? I think you're very aware and observant, Rin!!

    I'm sometimes very literal and it is quite possible that since the windmills weren't the type of windmills I had pictured in my mind that I would have missed the joke. Kudos to you for being so open and aware!!

    And thanks for sharing the lesson of being specific with us!

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      Hi Rin,
      Originally posted by Rin View Post
      I have learned an important lesson: when it comes to intentional manifestation, half-baked efforts get half-baked results.

      What do you think?
      From personal experience I totally agree

      With love and gratitude
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        I think you're a goddess, magnificent creator, girlfriend!!!!!! WTG. So what if it's not exactly what you had in mind??? omg look what you manifested!!!! So now, you can shift your focus to the manifestation you really want, in all its glory, and know it's on its way!!!! hats off to you, ms rin!!!

        love & hugs


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          You are sooo funny.

          A friend said to me recently "I don't have a hard time in creating what I want. That's the easy part. The hard part is knowing the specifics of what I want."

          A good reminder for all of us!!!


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            Lol ..

            very funny and inspiring Rin ... thanks for the reminder, a very useful one indeed

            Love, Lama


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              Thanks for your delightful comments, everybody! The funny thing is, I now go and look and my "windmills by the sea" every morning, and I think about how happy I am that my dream finally came true - albeit not quite in the way I'd expected! Who knew I had that kind of power? But yes, I have a brand new overhauled dream now and I plan to be veeeery specific about exactly what I want in it. Especially regarding the type of windmills.

              (Let me stress that I probably would never have noticed this funny cosmic "coincidence" if it weren't for PATHS - there's just no way my mind/heart would've been open to the idea in the first place. These days I'm experiencing all sorts of incredible synchronicities, way too many to keep track of.)