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Lessons In Loss / American Frontiers

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  • Lessons In Loss / American Frontiers

    It might be a slight stretch to have this topic in the personal development section. . .

    But I think metaphorically it is a fit.

    There is so much I could say about the region I moved to about 7 years ago. . .I moved out of a city that was too crowded. So much so I felt people were turning mean and heartless in their struggles to navigate the craziness and survive the expenses of the area.

    Rather unintentionally I ended up in a city where a neighborhood, for example, that used to house 20,000 now houses 5,000.

    It's a different kind of frontier. Not one that has never been settled but one that has suffered deep and almost apocalyptic loss.

    There is a lot to learn here, a place where people do not give up.

    So much infrastructure, but a struggle to restore it and keep it up. I personally now own 2 buildings here and it's been my hearts work to keep them together and put whatever I can into them. I had actually come to the decision to put one up for sale recently but I don't think I can let it go. I'm looking for renters again now.

    The charm here is endless from the architecture, to the strong nature presence everywhere, to the industrial relics, to the new green projects and industry, to the hillsides and bridges, and most of all the heart of the people.

    Braddock is very near to me and it is probably the most extreme example around. With a mayor who never gives up, it recently got a lot of help from Levi's jeans. I also know a new Katherine Heigl movie used Braddock as one of their filming locations this month.

    (Now with the largest studio outside of Hollywood, the film industry is one of the major "new" (well actually films have been coming here for a long time) green economies here.)

    I really like these shorts about Braddock, I think the IFC channel is going to air them or maybe already did.

    Here is one that shows how people can make the most out of loss. One of the sayings I've seen about Braddock says that "destruction breeds creation" :

    YouTube - We Are All Workers: Episode 4 Unsmoke Artspace
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