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  • New Modality: Soul Realignment

    Hello everyone! I wrote about this topic on Grace’s CEM thread, but I’ve decided to put it on as a thread all its own. The reason because: a) I don’t want to hog up Grace’s fantastic CEM thread with such an off-topic topic, b) I imagine maybe not everyone on this forum reads Grace’s thread. So now everyone can read about and get to know about this marvellous new healing/intuitive modality.

    It’s fairly new, it’s only been around for a very few years, it was always passed down personally from teacher to student until now a lady named Andrea Hess now offers the course online. It’s called Soul Realignment, I don’t know if anyone here has heard of it?

    You can read all about it here: Soul Realignment: Akashic Records Wisdom for Soul-Level Healing. But I'll try and give a summary of it.

    Anyways I'm learning this technique right now, and I need guinea pigs! Would you like to receive a practice session from me for free? It's totally harmless and very beneficial. Here is some more information about this:

    What is Soul Realignment

    It's an intuitive/healing modality, sort of like a cross between an in-depth intuitive reading and a long-distance healing session. The practitioner would read different information about the client using mainly the Akashic Records, but also visualization to "see" the person's energy and problem spots. Then the practitioner would carry out a cleaning and clearing session to heal/remove these problem spots, this is the actual realignment part of the healing.

    Problem spots could be anything from persistent limiting negative beliefs, negative karma which is no longer serving us because we've already learned our lesson, vows and pacts which we made in the past, perhaps in another life, and which no longer serve us today but are still active in our vibrations and therefore affect our lives today. An example of this could be, for example, a vow of chastity made in a past life or a vow of poverty made in for example an incarnation as a monk/nun, whose effects would be noticed today as an extreme difficulty in finding satisfactory relationships, in the case of the first vow, or terrible problems attracting abundance into our lives (aka poverty, misery!) in the second case.

    The reading would also include a brief spirit guide reading.

    Who is Soul Realignment for?

    Well personally I always say Soul Realignment is for everyone hehe! That it could benefit everyone! But in reality some people would be more interested in it and get more from it than others. Soul Realignment could be for you if:

    - you're interested in your spiritual development, you would like become a better person and you want your life to be better, smoother, flow more, etc.

    - you have specific problems that no matter WHAT you do it seems they just WON’T shift no matter what, you feel like you’re beating your head up against a wall, the problems may be emotional, related to certain areas of life (relationships, or finances, or job/profession, or family, or health, etc.)

    - you may have tried EVERYTHING to try and resolve these problems, you may have been using Paths, following Abraham-Hicks, watched The Secret, tried every form of therapy imaginable, maybe even personal coaching, and still NOTHING is improving

    - you would like to know about your life path and purpose, your natural talents that you brought with you with the intention of using in this lifetime

    Of course there are zillions more reasons to get a Soul Realignment session, but these are some of the main reasons that people seek them out.

    What does Soul Realignment do?

    Well as I mentioned before, among other things, Soul Realignment would remove blocks, energetic imbalances, negative limiting beliefs, negative undeserved karma, curses, vows, spells, etc. at their root, at the place where these first came into being, in your current lifetime or in a past incarnation. This would rout them out forever.

    Soul Realignment would help to realign your soul, your Higher Self, with your subconscious and your conscious, so all these different parts of you are working together in harmony in the achievement of your highest path and purpose for this lifetime.

    You would learn about your special talents and qualities which you chose to develop in the long-term as a soul, and which you came here to use/express in this particular life.

    You would find out if your spiritual protection is intact or if, on the contrary, it is incomplete, and then the realignment would complete your natural protective devices.

    You’d discover – surprise surprise! – if you’re really from this planet! Or if you travelled a long way here from some distant galaxy and if so, from which world? So, are you an extraterrestrial?

    So, feel like signing up? Once I finish training in this technique I will probably
    start by charging around $100 for a session (other practitioners will probably kill me for this hehe! because most charge over $150, unfair competition from me, whoa! Not to worry I won’t put them out of business, as I get better at it I’ll be raising my prices too ). I hope a few of you are interested! I’ll be taking “guinea pigs” for a short time only, because I’ve got almost enough practice clients already from among my friends, and I’ll accept them in chronological order.

    I would need your full name, your name at birth, your date and place of birth. That’s all I would need to know. In order to access your Akashic Record.

    Well that’s it, this is a loooong post, so I’ll shut up now. Okay chatty me, before I do so I’m going to tell you my personal experience with Soul Realignment. I’m really weird, I actually signed up to take the training course without ever having received a Soul Realignment session from anyone. Most people learn the technique because they received a session from someone, and were absolutely blown away by it.

    But as I was learning the course I just COULDN’T resist, I had to get a session for myself too. Especially since the course takes about 3 months to complete. I just couldn’t wait 3 months to do a complete session on myself! Oh no! So I contacted David Topi, the only practitioner I know of here in Spain. David is totally amazing! I encourage anyone who can read Spanish to check out his blog at David TopÃ*- Evolución Personal y Espiritual..

    Anyways, if you’ve read previous posts by me you’d know that I had a BIG, HUGE, MAJOR issue with money and jobs. I did EVERYTHING to try and materialize a job into my life, short of threatening the boss of some company at gunpoint to hire me hehe! I’ve been using Paths for about a year now, I’ve been following Abraham-Hicks, I went to counselling, followed Gracie’s advice, practiced gratitude like mad, read Lola Jones’ Divine Openings and did her Divine Openings, etc. etc. etc. And after a year, STILL NO JOB!!!

    It was like I was battering up against this humungous wall of China that just wouldn’t be moved!

    Well David Topi did a session for me. He said I had 3 major reasons why I couldn’t manifest a job or even the bare minimum amount of money needed for basic survival. One was, unsurprisingly, a big stubborn negative limiting belief which I actually was aware of but had been unable to get rid of in spite of using Paths, affirmations, etc. etc. etc.

    However the main reason was something I could NEVER have guessed or expected, something NO other technique or modality I know of would have been able to solve. It was a curse! Now I never much believed in curses, or rather I didn’t think they could affect you if you didn’t believe in them. But apparently, for some reason or other, I accepted this curse, which occurred in a past life. Since I accepted it then it never got dissolved or went away, these things apparently don’t disappear just because you die and change incarnations! They continue to affect you in lifetime after lifetime, and you don’t even know they exist! So you can’t do anything about them. It just feels like a humungous wall of China!

    So David did the session for me, and he got rid of the curse forever. Now folks, here’s what happened next: The day after David did the session for me, I went to a job interview, my first job interview ever! (I’d received other interviews but they weren’t for “legitimate”, normal, steadily paying jobs, they were you know Herbalife/Avon type things, not that there’s anything wrong with Herbalife or Avon, but only if you’re good at commissions-only sales……….) The people giving me the interview felt so relaxed with me, THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB right off the bat! It’s a part-time job and they’ll be paying me a full-time wage! WOW!

    Only catch is the job begins in October, so I still have to find some way to eat until then. But on the other hand my little home business is bumping along, not really prospering or anything, but I get enough to feed the family, so I guess it can do until October, if nothing else comes up.

    And hopefully soon within a few months I’ll be getting oodles and oodles of Soul Realignment work! So…………….

    Well now I really will shut up! See ya folks! Take care!
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    sending pm
    “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.”


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      Hi all! Thought it would be a good idea to add a little comment here, to clear things up in case some people were wondering.

      Anyways I suppose it's already understood, but in case anyone had any doubts, of course I will keep your personal information private and I won't share it with ANYONE. In fact I don't even remember your personal info, I note it down on my worksheets, one person on each worksheet, and then I forget about it, and I only look at it when I'm working on that person's worksheet.

      So unless you publish your personal info here on a public post, no one else will ever see it! So you can breathe easy!

      I know it's a privilege for me that some of you are willing to share your personal info with me, and I'm reeeeeeeally grateful to be able to work with you and practice on ya!

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        Hi everyone! Oh I just "rediscovered" a post on this subject that I made on Grace's CEM thread but didn't put here, so I'm putting it here now.

        I wanted to comment a couple of things I forgot to say in the previous post. It'll actually take me about 3 months to get back to you with your reading, because that is how long it'll take me to finish the course. Well some people do go faster, but I've got that super boooooooring government training course that takes up my whole **** day, which I hate and didn't do a thing to bring me a job but as I'm on welfare (welfare ends next month though) I couldn't say no to it. And I'm working at my home business in the afternoons and evenings, plus I've got 2 kids with 4 stomachs each to feed (like for example 3 dinners every night, in addition of course to the usual snacks, lunch, etc.! ) so time isn't something I exactly enjoy an abundance of at this moment!

        The reading would take about 1 hour, I'd have to do it on Skype because I don't have a home phone I could call you on. If you don't have Skype it's veeeeeeeeeeery easy to get and it's totally free! Just get onto Make the most of Skype - free internet calls and great value calls and download it into your computer for free. Using it is free too, I can even record our call and send it to you as an MP3 file afterwards.

        I'd also send you everything we talk about in a Word document.

        I also wanted to add, what happened to me actually isn't the USUAL result! Most people find that they notice the results, in their interior and in their external life, in within about a few weeks to a month. Most people notice almost right away that they are sleeping better and simply feel more calm and at peace, their usual worries, anxieties and preoccupations are gone, they have the feeling that everything is okay and going just the way it should, and that everything will work out just fine. I know that I certainly do feel that way now, for example even though I won't be starting my new job until October and welfare is ending, I have the sensation that it will be all right, my home business will do well enough for us to get along, or something else will come along.

        Then within about a month or so, people usually start to notice that things are flowing much more smoothly in their lives, little by little they start achieving the things that they've always wanted to achieve with not much effort, synchronicity starts to become a norm in their lives. If before doing the session they didn't have much of a sense of purpose in their lives, after the session they start to see clearly what it is that they came to do, and they start to do it with ease.

        Of course there are the dramatic cases too, the teenager who's addicted to drugs and gets off of them, the lady who was turning into an old maid because she'd NEVER been able to attract a boyfriend into her life, when she had her session done she discovered that she had made a vow of chastity in her past, after the session with its clearing work she started getting boyfriends, at last!
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          Hi again! I guess since this is a very new and almost totally unknown technique, people don't know very much about it. It is of course a veeeeery complex, fascinating and vast topic, and people could write reams and reams of books about it. So I could never sum it up even a little bit here in one post or just a few posts.

          However one thing people wonder about a lot is why I need certain personal information, so I'll explain it here. If you've already signed up and you don't agree with what I will use your personal info for there's no problem, you can PM me and I won't use you as a practice client! I use your info so I can access your personal record in the Akashic Records, in order to do the reading for your Soul and the realignment (healing) work. (I think I mentioned this in the original, first post, but maybe it wasn't very clear.) Everyone has their very own personal record in the Akashic Files. Everything about you is recorded in your file, but of course I won't be looking at everything!

          Basically, I would be looking at the following for your reading:

          Information such as the soul group that you belong to, which is where your soul originated from, your home planet so to speak. Souls travel wherever they want because they aren't limited by time or space, so you could have incarnated on any planet that you chose. I would tell you what your specialties and talents are, that you chose to cultivate and develop as a Soul (Archangelic Realms of training is what this is referred to, but since you've probably never heard of that before I just call it your specialties and talents). I would tell you what your "jobs" are in the spirit world when you're not living a life on earth or another planet.

          Your greatest fulfilment in life would come from developing these specialties and talents and expressing yourself through these particular areas of life.

          The reading would explain energetic blocks and other limitations that might be holding you back and keeping you from realizing your full potential. These blocks and limitations could include things like deeply rooted negative limiting beliefs, curses, unresolved traumas, negative undeserved karma, vows and pacts, either originating in your current life or in a past incarnation.

          After identifying these things I'd remove them from you forever.

          I'd tell you about your team of spirit guides, and if you have any negative guides with you I'd get rid of them, so that you're no longer getting led astray by them, if you had any.

          I'd check to make sure that you have your protective defenses in place and if not I'd restore them. Everyone is entitled to protection, and is supposed to have it. But it can get removed or worn down by, well, life!

          Those are the main points I would go over in your Soul Realignment session.

          There's also other stuff but oh please, be patient with me! I'm just learning it now! So there's still a loooooooot of material I haven't even looked at yet!

          That is where you would help me! Since this is a practical technique, well I'd need to practice! So when you volunteer to be a practice client for me you would be helping me so I can become a really good practitioner, and one day be able to go on and do this work for people everywhere. Hopefully anyways!

          So that's about it for now I think. Oh please, don't hesitate to post here or write to me all the same, if you have more questions! Thank you all so much!
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            I need guinea pigs!

            Hello, I loved reading your post's. Reminds me of about 10 years ago when I was practicing REIKI and looking for GUINEA Pigs! I used to try to find my own blocks. NO luck tho It seem that my guinea pigs acted A little tipsey or seemed intoxicated after a treatment. They just smiled alot and acted silly. I'm guessing it might of help them release somthing??? Any way I enjoyed it too. But Ive never been able to find out my own blocks. Maybe I'm cursed from a past life? Tell me more



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              Hi Mr. Whip! Welcome here!

              I also do Reiki, but I find it very slow, and you have to apply it a lot and for a long time to get any results. Well maybe if you're a Reiki master it's faster, because you move a greater amount of energy, but I'm not.

              Well in your case in particular, I'm sure there must be lots of people out there who can help you find out what is causing your different problems. I'm no longer taking any more "guinea pigs", in fact I'm going to post on that in a minute, but I hope to set up a professional practice within a few months, and then I will accept all the clients (paying) who would like to get a session with me!

              There are also lots of healing modalities out there that can help you, you can google for the ones that interest you the most. I, of course, recommend Soul Realignment for getting right down to the heart of the matter concerning whether you could be limited by curses or past-life vows, limiting beliefs, etc. However many clairvoyants and people who study auras are also able to see these perfectly in a person's aura, you might like to consult one of these intuitives. It's just a matter of seeing what kinds of techniques attract you the most!

              Hope you find what you're looking for!
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                Hi all! I'm so sorry I won't be needing any more "guinea pigs" for the moment, I've got enough people to practice on so I won't be able to practice on any more for the moment! Thank you sooooooo much to all those who have offered!

                I'll continue posting here about how things are going! And to those who have volunteered, I'll be getting back to you in about 3 months, or however long it takes me to finish the course! I certainly hope it won't take me too long but fellas: this is really complicated! Word of advice: don't do this course unless you like going crazy!

                No, seriously, it is really fun but, of course, quite a mouthful to take in and actually do! Aaak!
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                    Hello everyone! Just a little update on where I am with the course. So those of you who have volunteered can know that I haven't taken your personal info and run hehe!

                    Currently starting lesson 3 (of 10) so quite slow going. It would be a bit faster if I didn't have to spend the whole entire blistering day in a tiresome boring government training course. Okay so now I'm going to rant a bit about the uselessness of government training courses. Not only does this course occupy my entire day, it also has done NOTHING to help me find a job or earn money. It's also taking me away from working on my own business and actually PREVENTS me from earning more money! Because if I had more time to devote to my business I could be earning more money from it!

                    But apparently as far as government authorities are concerned starting up your own business isn't reason enough to leave a government course. Even though the government course isn't earning me a single cent and my own business is actually what is providing me with my livelihood at the moment! Fellas, can anyone actually get the logic behind all this?
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                      Well just gotta follow up a bit and rectify a little. Okay so maybe a little less ranting about government training courses. I guess they do have their uses, after all last year I took another government training course (entertainer) and I absolutely LOVED it!! I just couldn't work because it wasn't compatible with being a single mom with little kids!

                      I think maybe I just simply feel that they ought to make government courses more flexible, people change, their circumstances change, and a course that might have been right for you in a given moment, as things change in your life it might become obsolete, or no longer serve you. So I guess I think they ought to have more flexibility in these courses, and offer the possibility of leaving the course if you have to. Right now, well I don't know in the States but here you can ONLY leave the course without being penalized if you get a permanent, full-time steady job. No other reason is valid and legitimate. So for example if you start your own business that doesn't give you the right to leave the course. If you can't afford a babysitter and you're a single mom with little kids that doesn't give you the right to leave the course. Even if you get a temp job you can't leave the course! It's like being in a f***g prison! That happened to a guy, he got a temp job and left the course, and they penalized him for it. Signing up for the course is getting into a legal contract, and you can't just leave it legally. You must get a permanent, steady job in order to leave.

                      Well enough ranting. I suppose ranting doesn't do a lot if you can't follow up with effective action!
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                        Okay back to Soul Realignment!

                        Anyways that was a bit off topic. Now I'll continue on with Soul Realignment!

                        Just wanted to comment on some of the effects of receiving a Soul Realignment.

                        Most of the effects, well you can really notice changes in your life and in yourself. The thing is these won't usually be on an intellectual level. Meaning, you won't have a change in your philosophy of life, change your religion or all of a sudden turn into a paradigm of positive self-talk! Changes are more on a practical sort of level, or in things that you feel.

                        For example, if you've always had problems doing something, dealing with something or grappling with a certain issue in your life, because it was like you had some sort of block, hang-up or insecurities or doubts, or feelings of guilt, etc. holding you back, paralyzing you and keeping you from doing certain things that you want to do, or resolving certain problems or issues, after a Soul Realignment you might just find that these blocks, hang-ups, insecurities and feelings of guilt are just simply GONE! They just disappear, with no explanation, no long drawn-out goodbyes. You don't need to philosophize on their total disappearance from your life, you don't need to meditate or reflect, they're just gone and that's that. You won't feel the need to wonder about it or question it. You won't need to understand it, although if you do feel curiosity you can ask your Soul Realignment practitioner what exactly was the root of your problems and what did he do to get rid of them. Although your practitioner would probably already have explained it all to you in your telephone/Skype session.

                        You will find your perceptions are quite different, you can see things clearly that before you didn't understand. It's like having some blinders removed, once again there's no explanation for it, it just happens. You will get ideas that had never occurred to you before. Your priorities will get reorganized and you'll realize what is REALLY important for you. Which is a tremendous help when you have to make decisions! Things that you always thought were very important (like for example maybe what other people would think or say about you, or getting other people's approval no matter what the price) you will realize how trivial they really are. And the things that really matter will stand out very obviously. You will see that there really aren't that many things that are REALLY that important in your life. So that simplifies life for you. You will see that the things that are really important to you will be related to what you came into life to do, your mission and purpose in this life. And anything else doesn't matter anymore.

                        Things that used to bother you might leave you indifferent after a Soul Realignment. For example, like the example I used above, you might discover that you don't spend your whole life anxiously hanging on to everything your friends and neighbours say about you anymore. You will realize that the only approval you really need is your own, or rather that of your Higher Self/G'd/your own conscience. I used to get really anxious if I saw people I cared about doing things that weren't in their best interest, and I'd chase after them trying to get them to change their ways. Now I realize that they have the perfect right to make their own choices in life. They can continue to be sick if that's what they want, it's their right. Even if they make mistakes, it's their prerrogative to learn their own lessons from their mistakes. Now I realize that the soul is eternal and if they really want to sooner or later they will learn their lessons, and I don't need to worry about that. If they decide to take 20 lifetimes instead of 2 to learn a specific lesson, that's okay. They're free to repeat a school year as many times as they like.

                        On the other hand, some things in your life will bother you a LOT more after Soul Realignment. These will be things that clearly stand out in your life like a sore thumb (like this dumb government training course!) because they will be things that aren't getting you any closer to achieving your life purpose and have no place, purpose or meaning in your life. They're things that simply don't serve you in this lifetime. Before they might not have bothered you as much, probably you didn't like them but you probably thought, well, you could still grin and bear it! After a Soul Realignment you can't grin and bear it anymore! Because you can see so clearly how this thing just really is not getting you any closer to doing what you came to do in this life, this thing that bothers you isn't any good for you and it isn't getting you anywhere!

                        Fortunately however you can also start to see resources and ideas that maybe had never occurred to you before, to help you get this thing out of your life. So you don't have to just sit there and suffer. In fact you will probably not do too much sitting and suffering anyways after a Soul Realignment. Because this realignment will help you to see solutions that you hadn't noticed before, actions to take that had never occurred to you.

                        And, for those of you who like talking about vibrations, Soul Realignment will change your vibrations so you will start attracting the things that will help you on your correct path in your life.

                        Now, you won't become more "positive", optimistic or engage in more positive, uplifting self-talk. Instead, you will become more authentic. You will say and think positive things, not because some spiritual guru out there told you you should, but rather because your life has become so f***g fantastic that you just can't help but rant and rave and scream to everyone out there just how absolutely and totally great you feel because now everything is starting to roll your way! This is authentic positive talk! It's what you really feel! You won't need to bribe yourself into believing something that just simply isn't true, no more sweet-talking yourself into trying to believe the lie that your life is getting better and better everyday in every way while your bank account is in the red and the dishwasher is broken and your mother-in-law just yelled at you and etc. etc. etc.

                        Instead, you will find a way to fix your dishwasher, it will just happen somehow, maybe it will fix itself, or you'll come upon someone who can fix it for you, and your bank account will start to climb out of the red because you'll start attracting the material resources that you need (as what is happening to me! Yipee! ), and you'll come to realize that who gives a s**t what your mother-in-law thinks about you anyways! Then it will turn out that you won't need to LIE to yourself that your life is excruciatingly great now because you can proclaim that your life is fantastically great now because it really WILL be fantastically great, it will be the TRUTH!

                        You'll become more truer to yourself, you'll feel and respect your needs and preferences and thus make choices that are good for you, and bring good things into your life. You'll stop deceiving yourself (if you're in the habit of deceiving yourself), you'll stop trying to pretend to people that you are something that you really aren't if that's what you've been doing all your life because you were afraid of what they would think of you, or you were scared that you might bother them or offend them or in some other way lose their approval.

                        Now, I personally find that ever since I let people know what I really think, feel and believe, that some people now get angry at me who used to seem to like me. And of course that bothers me. But I also think, these people didn't really like me the way I really am, they don't accept me just the way that I am, they only liked me on this or that condition. And that's not the sort of people you want in your life anyways. And now, some people such as people in positions of authority aren't happy with me anymore. But we aren't here in this world to kow-tow to people with power anyways, we're here to speak and live our truth. And if this truth offends some people with power, well, well in French (I'm from Québec so........) we say, tant pis pour eux. Which more or less comes to mean, I don't give a s**t what they believe or want anyways, they're the ones who lose out.

                        Now sometimes, for the sake of manners, good education, not offending etc. I still tried to pretend something that wasn't true to me, but I found that I just couldn't do that anymore. The need to be true to yourself becomes so strong that you feel you're going to burst or explode if you try to sabotage or short-change yourself, you will KNOW that it isn't the right thing to do. It feels as bad as stealing or beating someone up would feel, it feels just as wrong. Which, when you stop to think about it, it really is. Or do you really believe it's wrong to steal or beat someone up, but it's okay to lie to yourself or to others?

                        Well I suppose I could write a book on the subject, but in the end each person can only really know what it's like by experiencing a Soul Realignment for themselves. And at any rate I imagine that everyone's experience will be different, I can only talk for myself and not for anyone else who has received a Soul Realignment.

                        Fortunately the pages of Soul Realignment practitioners are full of testimonials by satisfied clients, so if anyone is interested you can check out these pages for yourselves.
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                          Hi all! In case you're wondering if I've disappeared (along with your readings! ), I haven't!

                          However life has become real hectic and I haven't advanced at all in the course since the last time I posted on this subject!

                          The Soul Realignment session I got was sooooooooo effective that I became quite bombarded with 50 million job offers! I was silly enough to even try to tackle a few, but found that unlike, oh I can't remember that fictional character but he was able to be in several places at the same time, well unlike him I could only be in one place at a time! Hence I had to reject a few jobs (feeling guilty of course!), still was silly enough to try and juggle TWO jobs at the same time but I just couldn't. I would've needed to be a roadrunner to be able to get from one job to another in time, or learned how to teleport!

                          And in the meantime the Soul Realignment course got left behind on the wayside!

                          So in the end I chose one job, this is the first week I haven't spent my whole day super-jetting from place to place so I haven't done anything except go to work, feed my kids and SLEEP!

                          Anyways when I finally catch up on lost sleep (I was sleeping about 3 hours or less in order to do both jobs), something quite difficult to do in this heat but then again I LOOOOOOOVE the heat!!! But as I was saying, I'll get back to the Soul Realignment course again. Which as I wrote before I'm still stuck back in Lesson 3 of 10.
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                            So are you still looking for test subjects?

                            I have studied and learned about many different energy modalities and stuff but it seems that nothing has really helped and I'm getting very disillusioned by all this. Does this stuff you're talking about really work? I'm really tired of wasting time and money on things that don't work.


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                              I'm glad you know better than to force it You're not stuck at 3 of 10, you're at 3 of 10. Something has to shift before 4 through 10 can happen, and trying to make it happen before it should is as careless as prying open the petals of a flower and trying to make it bloom before it's time.

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