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Do you have EFT DVD's to share?

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  • Do you have EFT DVD's to share?

    Hi, I've been reading and trying EFT (Emotional Therapy Treatment) for about a years. I'm thrilled with the results EFT has provided me with. I have found that EFT often works where nothing else would. Even thou, I'm not a practitioner, You have download the EFT Manual for free on the website, which I've done though over and over. I would love to have a set of the DVD's to actually see it in practice.

    According to the website anyone owning the DVD's can copy them up to 100 times and share them with others as long as they don't charge a fee for them. " These DVDs are not copy protected and so, as an original owner, you are allowed to make 100 copies of each DVD to give (not sell) to others.

    However, these DVDs employ the latest "dual layer" technology and will likely require up-to-date copying equipment. Because the copying equipment varies greatly with individual systems, we are not able to provide suggestions as to type, brand names, etc."

    If there is anyone on the forum with the DVD's and the technology to copy them would you consider sharing them with me? I will be glad to send you blank DVD's and pay for any expenses including postage and whatever expenses which might be related to the process. Please contact if you are able to help.

    Feel free to PM me.

    with much gratitude,


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    I used to have all of the training DVDs, but I loaned most of them to an acquaintance a few years ago and haven't heard back from her. The only set that I have left is titled "From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities." You can read more about those here. Also, I have the "Try It On Everything" DVD. If you're interested in these, let me know.


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      Thanks Athena

      That would be Great! Would you be able to make copies?



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        I don't need them anymore. Since I can't remember how much the 1st set of DVDs cost and the Try It On Everything DVD is on sale for $29.95 at, how about making an offer? Maybe the cost of a bag of chick starter feed, plus shipping?

        All DVDs are in like-new condition, viewed only once, and kept in a nonsmoking home. PM me if you have questions.


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          Hi, We just moved to a smaller place and I am purging
          Ihave some to give away.
          If you PM your address, i will send -

          This is perfect! I was looking for a home for those DVD's.
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            You get a lot of e-books and dvd's on EFT here -

            Just do a search for EFT

            Also, if you would like to find more sites with "free" books and movies about EFT and other topics google EFT and add the word rapidshare - EFT rapidshare - rapidshare is a file server that many uploaders use to share books and movies.

            You can google any book or movie you want adding rapidshare with the title, f.ex Kama sutra rapidshare and find download sites for it if it has been posted on the "free" net

            If "free" e-books or movies are of any interest in here I have many links to share.

            Have fun :-)