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Positive thoughts alone won't manifest money

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  • Positive thoughts alone won't manifest money

    Hi all! For those of you who, like me, keep scratching your head wondering things like, well I'm thinking my little head off trying to think positive thoughts and affirmations and STILL no money is showing up in my bank account, well here's something I read on the net which really helps explain these things:

    Question: I'm very conscious of my thoughts and emotions. Is manifesting money just a matter of tapping into uplifting thoughts and emotions?

    Answer: No. If positive thinking were all it took, most students of new thought would be wealthy. Uplifting thoughts and emotions will attract more uplifting thoughts and emotions. However, they don't actually manifest money into your bank account!

    So, how DO we manifest money? Well I guess there have been reams and reams of books and webpages written on that subject, so I guess we can have our pick of possible solutions.
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    I would say if you love everybody and everything then your thoughts and actions will be positive and you will attract all things positive from family, friends and money


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      All the possible solutions will not help if you have subconscious beliefs which work against your purpose.

      Many people deep down, don't believe they are worthy of blessing, or feel they need to be punished, or suffer for their failures and mistakes.
      It is a real conundrum sometimes.
      But if you are not aware of it, then how can you control it?

      First step is getting a fix on your conscious thoughts and realizing how they work, then it is necessary to go behind the firewall, into the subconscious and see what the beliefs are that are habitual or are running in loops.

      Bottom line is : You deserve to be blessed, but you need to accept it/believe it for it to be of any help to you.


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        There is a bit of a science to the Law of Attraction. You are right, you can think positive thoughts day and night, but until you act on the inspirations that come from that positive thinking, your goals won't manifest. So the steps are to #1: Clear away limiting thoughts (just like cleaning out the junk drawer). You have to access the subconscious to do this, as this is where your beliefs are stored. Think of the subconscious as your autopilot, if you will. You can do this through meditation, tapping, reading scripts that clear the subconscious, hypnosis, etc. #2: Ask for what you want and make it clear and exact. An easy way to accomplish this is to write down your goals exactly as you want to achieve them and then set a date to have them accomplished by. Affirmations work well too. Make a short list and say them repeatedly through the day. #3: Focus on the desired outcome. This is where the positive thinking comes in. It is an important step, however, it is just one step. #4: Act on the inspirations or avenues that present themselves. A lot of people skip this step because they just don't see that opportunities that open up may be a portal wherein you can reach your goal. So you have to act. #5: Show gratitude. When you are grateful for what you already have, doors open up to give you even more.
        This gives you a little more insight as to the process of creating what you want through the Law of Attraction. If you would like more info you can visit this website: Law of Attraction - Mastering The Law of Attraction, How It's Done


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          People, try EARNING money. (you know, doing something for someone else, and having them reward you for your efforts, talents or assistance.) Manifesting is for things you need to do what you came here for. In precisely no cases out of one hundred million, this will involve manifesting a big fat pile of cash. For yourself. So you can be rich. In dollars.

          Me, I'd rather have a wealth of sense, not dollars. And sense tells me the universe isn't going to work up a sweat providing for my personal material greed, know what I'm saying? Is this truly so difficult to work out?

          Here, let me bottom line it. You're here to create, not to consume. You're here to give, not to take. You're here to contribute to the advancement of the human condition, not to increase your bank balance. Sure, you can choose to forget all about that and work on building up material wealth out of pure greed and imagined need, we've all got free will and nobody will stop you trying to do that, but don't hold your breath waiting for the universe to come to your party with a blank cheque as a present.

          For the I-Don't-Know-How-Manyeth time, you manifest what you ARE, not what you WANT. So no wonder there's so greed manifested in the world...

          Yes, you DO deserve to be blessed. But brother, blessings DONT equal $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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            Money is what lets me be with my kids

            Hi all! Well I guess it's true the first step I suppose would be to try and EARN your money.

            But fellas, I live in a city where the great majority of its residents would do just about ANYTHING in order to be offered the chance to EARN their money! I live in a poor region where most people are unemployed. I'm unemployed, almost all of my friends are unemployed. None of us has been able to manifest a job in our lives for over a year. In my case, personally, I haven't received a salary since 2007!

            As I posted in other places, I still can't get over how incredibly my life has been rolling out since I got a Soul Realignment. After getting the Soul Realignment session I decided to take some advice and go into business for myself. Well my business is going up and up, I myself find it difficult to explain how in such a poor area, where most people barely have enough to eat, I'm able to continuously manifest a nice, smooth flow of clients into my life. The only explanation I have to this is that the Soul Realignment changed my vibes so I'm no longer sending out vibrations of poverty, scarcity, lack or fear of the things that happen when people can't pay their bills, afford food or pay the rent.

            However these things really didn't happen consciously, I didn't change my vibrations consciously. So I'm really not too sure at all how, no matter how hard you might try to CONSCIOUSLY think positive thoughts, it would really make much of a difference. I AM quite convinced that the main part of our vibrations comes from things which are UNCONSCIOUS. Beliefs we aren't aware of, traumas we've forgotten, even past-life pacts and vows, etc. And if we aren't even aware of these things at all or we've forgotten them, I can't possibly see how we're possibly s'posed to correct 'em consciously, right?!

            Well, as for earning money by using my talents, etc., well I, personally, would be bowled over the day I could earn my living doing what I actually love to do! In the meantime I don't think I'm really using a lot of talents in order to earn my money. There just doesn't seem to be much demand in my part of the world for my talents, I think! And since my kids and I have still gotta eat and pay the rent, well I'm happy to earn my living doing anything people are willing to pay me to do. So, it's not my vocation, so what? My clients are happy, my kids are happy, healthy and well-fed. I don't think the people who pay me to do what I do now would be interested in what I really love to do.

            I also, think, by the way, (and maybe this is a bit off-topic), but I do think there's a big difference between having $$$$$ (or in my case €€€€€) so you can have a big, fat bank account, and having €€€€€ to pay the rent, to buy food or to pay the electricity bill. Personally, I believe in earning as much money as you like doing something decent, honest and honourable. I really don't care if you're a rich business tycoon as long as you got that money honestly (I'm sure lots of business tycoons out there are going to eat me up here now for what I just said! ) and decently running a business which provides people with something that they want and is ecological (yeah, little green me had ta speak). I'm not against rich people, actually, but I got off the subject again, sorry!

            I was saying (trying to say, before I so rudely interrupted myself! ) that a little money in the bank account is a healthy thing. I know Eckart Tolle had a great time living on the streets but I, personally, would be so depressed I'd be suicidal if I were living on the street and the state took my kids away from me and sent them off to some rich family who could give them food but not love. It sounds crappy but it's MONEY that lets me be with my kids and live with my kids. It's money that keeps their bellies full and keeps them healthy. If I didn't have money they'd take my kids away from me and I'd never see them again. And for me that's the same as a death sentence.
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              Don't focus on the money, focus on what you WANT (not what you don't want-literally) and the opportunity to get the money or object will be provided. Be confident that it will be done and it's just a matter of time before it presents itself.