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  • I didn't ask for this!

    Something really interesting occurred the other night, and I wrote about it in my blog:

    "Last night as I was lying in bed, I had a very odd and intriguing experience. I felt a sensation in my chest area, as though (and this sounds weird) a hole had been dug in my heart! Or to be more precise, as though my heart had opened immensely. The feeling continued for quite a while.

    [During the next day] I had much, much more compassion than usual. Stuff that would normally push my buttons didn't bother me in the least, and I felt a kind of benevolence to all the people around me. I recognised clearly that they were doing the best that they knew how to."

    As I write now, I can report that I am still experiencing the "open-hearted" feeling. I feel that my sense of compassion has suddenly grown enormously, but I don't know why! I have been on PATHS for nearly two months, could this be the reason? Has anybody else experienced this?

    (Also, my new-found compassion doesn't yet extend to myself, and I am as unforgiving of my own faults and foibles as usual. How I wish that were not so!)

    What's happening to me?

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    hi rin

    sounds like great thing are happening to you, and for you.... i am also experiencing myself opening up, and my heart opening to the world and people and love.....

    What mod's are you on? i have been on paths for three and half months...and the change in me has been amazing

    i just posted something in the chinese energetic medicine thread, which inspired my response now...cuz i am experiencing an unerving opening up of myself....i have been hiding myself for so long that it is kind of freaky to be opening up like this, but what we resist will persist.... and i am just trusting the process...and doing my best to allow it.
    hang in there, sounds like a great thing...

    peace and gratitude....Adrienne
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      Originally posted by Adrienne View Post
      hang in there, sounds like a great thing...
      You too, Adrienne, hang in there! I send my hugs back to you.

      I am on the four modules that you can see in my signature, most of them for less than two months.

      I have been asking to have my heart opened for a loooong time now, and it's finally happening in a way that makes sense to me, thanks to PATHS!


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        Rin, I have not experienced what you did, but I have to say that after being on the mood module, I felt very "full of love" is the only way to describe felt like I was almost bursting with joy and happiness....I know this sounds a little corny but I don't know how else to describe it

        It was like I couldn't contain my was great!!


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          I originally made this post more than 18 months ago, after starting PATHS. I want to report that my heart remains open even now, albeit not without some pain and confusion along the way. And also, that I have never been this happy in my life! Thank you, PATHS!