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Having my cake & eating it too!!

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  • Having my cake & eating it too!!

    I'm not sure if I've ever introduced myself before....but in case not, here we go! My name is Debbie.....I've been a member of this forum for a couple of years. It's been a HUGE source for discovering and exploring healing modalities, and many other areas of interest. As a result of my reading here, I explored the paths of Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, PEAT, and many other areas of interest. I've attended many seminars, workshops, etc. as a direct result. My life has been SO interesting the last couple of years as a result of these explorations

    I have studied LOA for many years and knew the Secret long before it became cool to know it! I've studied hypno therapy, counselling, NLP, hemi-sync, psychology, .......anything to do with "why we do what we do" and what makes us who we are.....has captivated me! I LOVE learning and growing and exploring my potential to be more than I am at any point in time. Personal growth became my obsession......and then my interests naturally evolved to spiritual growth as I began to understand the bigger picture included so many more mysteries to explore and challenges to help me evolve. Manifesting became easy for me once I began to want what I wanted for the good of others FIRST and myself second. I really didn't think life could get much better!! UNTILL...........NOW!!!

    After a very long time of watching results of PATHS users and being reluctant to jump on the band wagon.....I finally decided to jump on and try it out! I thought I was already happy, healthy, etc.etc. and saw no "need" for it. I understood how it worked, and viewed it as absolutely LOGICAL!! Of course it works!!! I know how the brain works.....I know how we program ourselves. I've also learned how to "unprogram" takes time and work! So, like most people, I just worked on the stuff that most needed work.....and put the rest on the "someday" list! And I've created a fabulous life for myself.....and kind of thought I'd reached a pinnacle! UNTILL ......NOW!!!

    One week of doing PATHS and I've discovered that I was "content" before. Now I'm feeling AMAZINGLY HAPPY

    One week of doing PATHS and I've discovered that I am capable of SO MUCH MORE LOVE than I've ever felt before - for myself, my husband, my friends, my's totally changing me!!

    One week of doing PATHS and I'm so excited about my potential for change, and the WHOLE FREAKIN WORLD'S POTENTIAL ....that it's hard not to push this technology on everyone I know!! I'm going to allow them the opportunity to learn about it......but I'm never going to push it! I understand that we all must decide for ourselves when the easy path is the best one!! I on the EASY cool is that!!!

    I'm excited to get to know all of you better!

    PATHS ~ Mind Energetics

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    Congratulations Debbie for taking the leap!

    Some of us who have been on PATHS for awhile might sometimes take this technology for granted, but it is truly as astounding to me today as it was when I first started using it.

    I think everybody starts out with some doubt, so many products these days make so many claims and how many of them actually deliver, even a little bit?

    I believe I have posted it here before but I got my 'PATHS is working' wake up call pretty early when I had to stop my heavy intake of sugar and caffeine. PATHS clearly showed me how my poor diet wouldnt work when things were being finely tuned.

    Also the importance of taking Spirulina was made known fairly quickly as well.

    It is funny but everything I do these days, I figure what role PATHS will play. The Platinum packages come in really handy for that purpose, get one when you are ready.