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Business Success 101 for business dummies like me!

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  • Business Success 101 for business dummies like me!

    Hi all! Well today I went to a conference where several young local entrepreneurs expounded upon their formulas for success. Whatever it is that they are doing, I can assure you that it definitely is WORKING, because they all have thriving businesses in todayís depression-era southern Spain where the economic crisis, unlike in northern Europe or the US, is in full swing.

    So I thought Iíd write up here what their formulas for success are. LOA? Well apparently in these times most people have discovered the virtues of incorporating some form of LOA and positive thinking into their methods, even people who arenít the least bit into the New Agey stuff and have never heard of the term Law of Attraction or The Secret before.

    At any rate I find these formulas to be more accessible and easier to understand for those of us folks who still have difficulty believing in LOA and who donít as yet thoroughly believe that you can just simply MEDITATE something into existence, and who need something more down-to-earth and practical to munch on.

    Anyways, so here go some of their formulas for success:

    Before you begin picture a person who represents what you would like to become. Imagine yourself living that personís life, walking in their shoes. Do what they would do, try to think like them. Live your everyday life the same way they do.

    Success = ++++ (means positive outlook and attitude, if youíre not positive and optimistic you might as well just forget about the whole venture) + inspired idea + planification + effort (means working on your product, idea or service, honing it to peak condition, becoming the best you can be in whatever service you are offering, if youíre a basketball player then this means doing those drills and shooting lots of baskets, if youíre a computer expert then it means, well, becoming expert, etc.) + fun (if itís no fun you wonít succeed and youíll burn out) + faith (an essential ingredient)

    Now I donít have a lot of difficulty with the *inspired idea* part or all the spiritual part like being positive and optimistic, visualizing, etc. But if like me in spite of spending hours every day just visualizing, meditating and trying to get your attitude up you STILL find yourself beating up against that brick (or rather concrete or stainless steel!) wall maybe like me your problem lies in the PLANIFICATION and EFFORT part!

    5 hours of meditating and visualization a day wonít magically turn you into a computer whiz! It wonít get those ads out into the newpapers and onto the city walls!

    Iím one of those people who have a lot of trouble keeping my feet on the ground. I think that if I lie in my bed and visualize VERY STRONGLY that the dishes are clean, that when I get up I will find that the dishes have magically washed themselves and stashed themselves neatly into the cupboard. I mean thatís LOA, creative visualization and mind power in action, right?

    So I guess teaching LOA, creative visualization, positive outlook and attitudes and mind power might be the best advice in the world for most more down-to-earth, practical-minded, common sense people, but I guess for someone like me who spends most of my life just listlessly daydreaming but doing nothing, I need help in the opposite department!

    But thatís getting off the subject of this post.

    Anyways these wonderful people went on to explain a few other secrets of business success. Well I guess if youíve taken a business course these would probably be old hat to you, Iíve never taken a business course so it was all new and shiny and inspiring to me.

    They said things like, for example, to sit down and analyze things. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, your advantages and disadvantages. So in practical terms, well for example what would a new business here in Malaga need to take into consideration? (I mean asides from the usual things that everyone thinks about like what kinds of clients are they looking for, etc.) Well the guy in question talked about his strengths and advantages, what he was good at and could make his business run smoothly. His disadvantages, which personally interest me because all of us here in my city have the same disadvantage, which is the terrible economy here that Iíve talked about so much already.

    Then his weaknesses, which really helped me out personally because I share the same weaknesses. He was a computer geek so very shy and he couldnít sell himself or promote himself to save his life. Same as me! So he solved the problem by setting up a partnership with a colleague who was a whiz as a salesman. But if he hadnít set up a partnership with that person he could just as easily have hired someone else to do all the selling and promoting for him.

    At any rate if you identify your own weaknesses you can then find other people who are good at what you are not good at to work with you.

    Then he destined the greater part of his budget to advertising. When youíre starting out becoming known, capturing clients, is the most important thing. He spent more money on advertising than on anything else, even on office equipment. In fact his office equipment was really basic: the furniture he already happened to have lying around in his own home (it was a HOME business after all lol!), his own PC and internet connection, and that was it. To sound professional to potential clients he renamed the different areas of his home, so the kitchen became Research and Development (because he concocted up new recipes for lunch for himself and his colleague in the kitchen), the bedroom was the Main Office, because he had all his equipment set up there, this allowed him to work at any time of the day or night that he chose even if he was in bed! The spare bedroom became the conference room, because he said it was so tiny people felt like they were having a close tÍte-ŗ-tÍte in there. Well so maybe he was joking, but you get the idea hehe!

    They said, your team and employees are very important, they can make or break a business. Especially in a small team itís very important that everyone get along.

    If you try something out and itís a flop, donít just sit around moaning, they said. Analyze objectively what you did, see where it went wrong or where it was weak, revise and improve and then offer your new improved version to the public. Sooner or later you will hit upon the right formula.

    Walt Disney did that, and lots of other famous and successful entrepreneurs did that, and they all became rich, famous and successful!

    One of the speakers had started a veeeeeeeeeery successful business with a few friends. They were wildly successful, had success and profits way beyond their dreams, got lots of sponsors and grants and accolades. But he wasnít happy. After mulling it over he realized that it was because he wasnít working in what he loved. He had chosen a business because it was something he knew how to do, but he didnít love doing it. After some soul searching and agonizing etc. etc. he made the decision to leave this very successful business and start up a new one, this one specializing in what he loved to do. That was a bit of a risk to him, because he was leaving behind something which was secure, lucrative and successful, something he himself had invested so much in! Well his new business is now thriving and he is one very happy man. So he also recommended that if you choose to start up a business, you should choose to start it up doing what you love to do. Not what is convenient or what is in great demand on the marketplace.

    He said, if you are doing what you love to do then it will make no difference at all to you what the state of the economy is, or how the market is, or what is in fashion, etc. None of this will affect you.

    Well I havenít read Napoleon Hillís book (I started to but I got bored! ) so maybe the stuff in this post is just a rewrite of Napoleon Hillís book and if so Iím sorry if Iíve been boring you and I hope I havenít bored you too much!

    For me personally I found it most interesting and inspiring, things I had never heard of before and which I could actually understand! Not having much of a business mind I donít usually understand a thing related to businesses.
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