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A Tale of Two Countries......

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  • A Tale of Two Countries......

    You don't need to get the stuff you want, to be happy.... But you DO need to be happy to get the stuff you want

    There are two countries. Most of us live in Whatis.... and all the stuff we want resides in Happiness. The stuff we want can't leave Happiness because if it did, it would change form and become the same as the rest of the stuff in Whatis. Happiness is what makes the stuff what it is. So WE have to travel to Happiness to get the stuff in person.

    There are many, many roads between the two countries - all of them one-ways, but there are two main highways leading from Whatis to Happiness, and they are called Unconditional Love and the Happiness Highway itself. Both of these lead directly to Happiness, from Whatis, and are the fastest route there, but there are many minor roads which also lead there, indirectly, along the scenic routes.

    Now, because most people have no idea that all the stuff they've ordered and created is located in Happiness, they spend most of their time searching through Whatis for it. And they often end up getting terribly lost, wandering around the maze of roads. Roads like Worry Crescent, Frustration Way, Impatience Drive, Angry Walk, Depression Avenue, and the many others like them. And when they're not in that maze of roads, they're drifting through Bland Valley without even realising it.

    But no matter how long they spend searching through Whatis, no matter how many roads they go down, no matter how determined they are, as long as they stay in Whatis, of course, they're never going to get to their stuff - because it's not there, it's in a completely different country.

    And sometimes, people get fed up, and so they sit on the side of the road and wait for their stuff to come to them. But it can't. If it leaves Happiness, it's different stuff.

    And everyone has been given the impression that in fact they CAN'T get to Happiness on their own. They can't just go there. They have to wait for their stuff and their stuff will take them there. But the truth is, their stuff is already there. And not only are they ABLE to go there on their own, but it's really the ONLY WAY to move there.

    Sometimes, in their wanderings, people find themselves on one of the roads to Happiness - sometimes it's one of the main highways, many times it's one of the minor routes.. sometimes it's by accident, sometimes it's on purpose. But because they don't realise that's the ONLY place to find their stuff, they usually turn off onto one of the one-ways leading back to Whatis when they see the signs to Whatis - even though the signs are pointing in the opposite direction to where they want to go. And so they end up on one of the roads leading back to Whatis, like the Disappointment Freeway.

    And so they keep ending up back in Whatis. But, once they find out that while they stay in Whatis, they'll never get their stuff because it won't - can't - ever come to them in Whatis, that they have to move to Happiness to get it (they're bound to visit Whatis sometimes of course - vacations and so on ) - THEN they can find the route they prefer, and make the move. And they also then know that when they accidently follow the signs that lead back to Whatis, they can turn around and get back on the right road again, leading towards Happiness, where their stuff waits for them.

    And once they make the move to Happiness, then at least they're in the right country, and then, while they wander around, sight-seeing in that beautiful place - Fun Alley, Easy Street, the shores of the Fanta Sea, and the peaks of Mt. Laughter, and all the other wonderful experiences Happiness provides - while they're doing that, they're in the right country for THEIR STUFF to FIND THEM!

    Go get your stuff!

    Love and Light and Magic xxx

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    When one drops resistance to whatever is, peace is the result. We do not need to be "happy". Pretending to be happy is the difficult path.

    There are two fundamental states of reality - duality and oneness. Our world is duality based. We are unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) being pulled between polarities. Good/Bad, Happy/Upset, Love/fear, etc.etc.etc.

    When we find the "neutral" place, and cease to judge things as good or bad - but simply "what is".....we begin to find PEACE. As long as we're seeking "happy" we're going to experience both sides of the polarity. Eventually we come to realize that each side is the same.....and our THOUGHTS about WHAT IS, determines our state.