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He's so positive, believes he lives according to the LOA... and yet, he's still skint

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  • He's so positive, believes he lives according to the LOA... and yet, he's still skint

    I noticed something about someone close to me recently.
    He's very positive, believes in the LOA and buys lottery tickets believing he'll win. He's helpful and generous, and one of the things he looks forward to most when he has a lot of money, is helping others - sharing his wealth with them.....

    Here's what I realised the other day - can't believe it never occured to me before, and I thought I'd share it here in case there are others who are having a similar experience......

    The main reason he gives for not doing/ having/ being - is lack of "fincances" - "When we have fnances, we'll go... do.... be....". "We can't because of lack of finances".... "Finances won't allow..."... and so on. BUT... I don't mean he's negative when he says this - he says it because that's what *appears* to be true for him right now - and he is positive about getting those "finances" - he has great faith that he will get that money - and then he has Wonderful plans for it - giving to family and friends, helping those who need it, romantic dinners, doing fun stuff, getting fit and healthy (a gym costs money), eat healthily (healthy food costs money), taking friends out... and all the other things.

    And yes, it's a fact that at the moment, the ~"reality" in the physical world is that there is no money available to him - apart from the basics. However.....

    Here's what I noticed the other day.... "Lack of finances" has become part of his reality - and there are two main points here:

    1. Because this has become part of his reality, he believes it to be true and reinforces it without realising it (because of his positive attitude and belief that he will have money, he is under the impression that's what he's creating), he will continue to create exactly what "is" - because that is what now identifies him and his life experience (without his realising it).

    2. "Lack of finances" has become an excuse (although he genuinely doesn't see it that way) for not doing things. There are many people who don't have much money, who still do what they want to - get things done - make the changes they want to make. If he did come into money, it would mean he no longer has the excuse (which I believe is based in a lack of confidence in himself and/or a fear of success and/or failure) - which his subconscious is well aware of and therefore will strive to keep the status quo in order to stay "safe".

    If this person starts "acting as if" - and by that I don't mean spending money he hasn't got, I mean doing things anyway in a way that doesn't cost money (a romantic meal at home instead of in a restaurant, a run instead of the gym, just spending good times with friends instead of waiting until he can take them on an expensive adventure, eating more fruit and vegetables instead of waiting until he can afford expensive health food.... etc.) then he will be A) getting rid of the reason to have "lack of finances" as an excuse, and B) opening up and ALLOWING the money that is litterally sitting there waiting to come to him.

    It also (of course) made me look at myself - what we notice in others is a reflection of what's in ourselves - and I looked for where I was doing something similar.... and there it was, staring me in the face lol

    I have been (for years!) planning to clear out clutter (and there's a lOt of clutter - in my house and in storage!) - and I've been waiting for changes in my life before I then clear it out (a move, money etc.) - to motivate me, to give me a reason to do it ... and I realised that if those changes were to occur now, having to then clear the clutter would hold me back on everything I'd want, and need, to do in those scenarios! So two points:

    1. I know that "acting as if" is very Powerful. So if I suddenly found out, without a doubt that I was definitely getting what I want, I'd be clearing that clutter like mad in preparation for it... and THEN it will happen automatically And That is what gives the motivation and inspiration for clearing the clutter - acting as if.

    2. If I clear the clutter now, I'm breaking the spell of retaining the status quo - I'm getting rid of any pattern of keeping things as they are - any reason that may be lurking for keeping the excuse of waiting for something to happen before doing what I need to do.

    I hope this helps others too. I'm very excited about it, and I'm off to do some more clutter-clearing now

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    An update.....

    I'm LOVING clearing the clutter!!!!

    I've done sO much since I wrote the post above, and each day, thanks to the above insight, together with the "Hardwired Happiness" video (and of course, as always, PATHS), I wake up excited to get going on clearing and cleaning etc. - things I used to dread and put off!

    I'm really enjoying myself lol.
    Try it - you might experience a similar result.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
    Reprogram Your Subconscious to Achieve Conscious Goals. Now you can try PATHS for Free!
    Please pop in to my new: Law of Attraction Tools Blog - It would be Wonderful to see you there!
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      Oh I'm sorry but I don't think I'd wake up excited every day about clearing out clutter! But then on the other hand I don't think I have a lot of clutter to clear out - the KIDS constantly have a lot of clutter to clear up but since it's THEIR clutter THEY must clear it out not me, but then I certainly don't enjoy or feel excited about getting after them to clear it out! But anyways since the small amount of clutter that I have doesn't really bother me anyways or impede me from doing things, well....... Well I guess I just don't feel a need to clear it up!
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        It's also interesting that this friend of yours is placing all of his aspirations for philanthropy at the whim of a lotto win instead of on the fruits of his own initiative and productivity. Your friend sounds like a nice guy, and I admire his thrift (I also live on significantly less than a normal income, so I can spend more of my time writing, making music and enjoying my life without the stresses that eventually come with doing the things you love to do as a job.)

        Perhaps, like me, he just doesn't place that high a priority on financial abundance. It certainly sounds like he could already giving a lot of himself to the people around him. Sure, that's not like Oprah giving everyone in her audience a car, but it's still a precious gift. He's not starving, he has shelter and clothing, it just sounds like he'd be better at getting rich with love and positivity instead, and if he's sharing that kind of wealth, he's a better man than many.

        Something to ponder.
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          Great post!

          I always say: beware of what you wish for. For example, a few months ago I started affirming (with the help of my Platinum Path) "I have so much money, I don't know what to do with it all." I think this may have been a mistake! Today I attended a charity event, with several hundred dollars in my wallet and the intention to spend it all. Unfortunately I became so confused by the endless choices that I ended up spending only 15 bucks (and somehow scoring several items of designer clothing in the process, so I suppose it wasn't a lost cause after all). On my way home I looked confusedly inside my wallet and thought, "what am I supposed to do with this leftover money?" I didn't know what to do with it all ... well, what did I expect? It was just as I'd affirmed.

          It sounds just like your friend, affirming his "lack of finances!"


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            Sounds like your friend is living life from the outside in, rather than the inside out.
            If I have this then I can be that and then do that.

            Inside out
            Doing things that support my being, universe supplies everything needed.

            Wonderful insight and awareness on your part.
            ??? You single

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              To twist something wise somebody once said, "Be the change you wish to see in (your) world"

              Acting as if is a nice way of integrating your present You with your future You, which both are here and now, in the ever present now of beingness of consciousness.

              Your friend are waiting for money, and when he thinks about what he wants to do with them he just projects his status quo - no money - on his future self, which has to accept his mental and emotional "command", so you are absolutely right about what you say