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Increasing Brain Function Discussion, BrainPower, SpeedReading, etc..

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  • Increasing Brain Function Discussion, BrainPower, SpeedReading, etc..

    What is everyone using to increase their learing capability? I imagine there are many techniques out there and such. But what is everyone here using and what have you found to work the best. Also it may be good to know what you've experienced that you feel is a waste of time.

    Here's some things I was thinking about early this morning.

    Speedreading. Does anyone have experience with this? It would be so beneficial if I could read a book in an hour instead of six-eight. Not to mention how much more information I could consume. I can find myself sitting all day absorbing new information on the internet. And if I could speedread then I could absorb so much more.

    Or how about photographic memory? That would be much quicker than speedreading. Imagine looking at the page of a book and within a second it's commited to memory.

    Brainpower. Brainfunction. It's accepted knowledge that on average humans only use 2-10% of their potential brainpower. What does one need to do to increase this 10% up to 110%?

    There's many stories of savants and others that can do soo much. In school we had a guest that could recall anything that he had absorbed. You could name a book he read say what page and what paragraph and he could recite what is in that paragraph. He was able to read blazingly fast. People that observed him noticed he was reading the left page of a book with his left eye and reading the right page with his right eye. And basically he could just look at the pages and they were commited to memory. It was like his eyes just went from the top of the page to the bottom within a few seconds time and it was all commited to memory. I can't recall this persons name, but he lived in Salt Lake City, UT and I recall reading that he passed away recently within a year or so ago.

    Another person that had amazing brain function that really has stayed with me was able to learn a very difficult language within a week. It's supposed to be the most difficult language to learn, but within a week he learned the language and was speaking fluently.

    What about psychics? Is increased brainfunction common with psychic phenomena? How about instead of speedreading a book or using photographic memory you simply hold the closed book in your hands and all the information is absorbed? All without even opening the book up. I used to imagine while being in the bookstores being able to hold a book in my hand and absorbing all the information instantaneously. I imagined walking through the store, seeing a book that caught my eye, picking it up and absorbing all the information then putting it back and picking up another one that caught my eye. "I can spend hours in the bookstores just galavanting around. LOL"

    And how about learning a new language simply by connecting to the collective consciousness and downloading it, then being able to speak fluently. Or even absorbing books this way. What if you heard about a book and decided to simply download all the contents of that book simply by choosing to do so. "BTW- I think I recall reading that Aaron's new book is gonna have some information on this?" It's funny cus all these things I believe in, I tend to find later in my day to day living. Such as beleiveing that I can simply "download" ANY information I want, and then I find that Aaron's new book is going to have information regarding this.

    I feel that I'm missing only one piece of the puzzle, and as soon as I put that missing piece in place a world of newfound being is gonna open up. A world of experience that is in align with what I'm posting about above.

    So many ideas I have, but how do I put it all into action? How do I place that missing piece? How do I change my daily routine so that I can open the door to this journey?

    Many things I keep looking at to help me find a rhythm so that I can learn all these things I wanna learn is PATHS and Binaural Beats. I keep thinking that using these two tools will help get me back onto a path where I can accelerate my learning potentials.

    Perhaps this entire post is just one giant ramble. But I just need to say these things out loud to an audience that can accept the ideas that I'm rambling about. It makes me feel better compared to keeping it inside. I also feel that I need a helping hand so that I can accomplish all of this I desire. These are the types of things I've had an on and off interest in for the past 12 or more years. I tend to look back at all the time I could of spent accomplishing all of this and wonder how I was sidetracked for so long.

    I was wanting to post this discussion because my interest has been growing again over the past couple of weeks. And early this morning around 2 or 3 there was an infomercial running that had a title along the lines of increasing brainpower. And this got me really excited again watching it. It's like one of those synchronistic events. "I've been thinking about this stuff for the past few weeks. And then a tv show comes on that really picks up my excitement and gets me charged with enthusiasm." Also I was on the internet reading when I decided to turn the tv on to see if there was any type of comedy show running. And lo and behold that informercial caught my eye.

    BTW here's the website to the show/informercial I was watching last night. Turbo-Charge Your Brain with Brainetics by Mike Byster It really looks good.

    Right now I have probably $500 or so I want to spend on things like this. TRV course, Binaural Beats, PATHS "not sure the cost on this one though", and this course.

    I'm super excited about all of this stuff, and I need to find a way to stay excited and get on a path of learning and stay on this path.

    But at the moment I need to get off the computer and quit reading so that I can try to get some rabbits, and a chicken coop sold. LOL If I get these things sold I'll have my own money to spend on this stuff. SUPER
    If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.

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    mind power, memory, etc...

    PATHS and Binaural Audios are the two most powerful in my opinion.

    Of course brain nutrition, etc... is needed.

    I've always had really good memory. But when I started to listen to
    binaurals 11 years ago, over months, natural photographic memory
    started to develop. Not memory gimmicks or tricks but real photographic
    memory. I had it to some degree but after several months on the binaurals,
    I could recall something that I read by actually seeing the page in my mind
    and I could re-read it off of that. It isn't always as clear as that but
    enough to have been helpful over the years.

    Qigong helps and is free.
    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO


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      I still can't pull myself from the computer. LOL

      But what about diet? I've read that diet plays a role on the function of the brain. I'm gonna purchas some spirulina, "if I ever get to town LOL", and get some wheatgrass growing again to add it to my juice. I felt that diet was also something worth bringing up.

      Also I was wanting to mention that the informercial is running again friday morning, "tonight/this morning", at 4:30 am. It's on channel 204 on dish network. But the channel is called TRU. Tru tv? "yeah I've been staying up late. LOL"

      Actually I'm thinking about running an experiment where I use brainwave generator to create one of those sleep patterns that moves through the different brainwave states. The same pattern that is experienced throughout the sleep cycle 4-6 times. I wanna see what it can do if I listen to one of these patterns throughout the day. Basically listen to a pattern for the 60-90 minutes. Then go about my day for the next 4-6 hrs and listen to another pattern. Or maybe even create a sleep pattern with a longer delta cycle so that I only need to listen to the pattern twice or two times per day.

      Just another idea I have while I'm up at four in the morning. LOL

      I just posted this and saw your post Aaron. What binaural audios do you listen to. There's so many that can be purchased. I've been listening to the ones from Energetic Science Ministries™ | Energetics lately. And as I've been going through the past posts lately I've been writing down what everyone prefers.
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      If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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        binaural beat cd's

        The ESM library page has some free ones. I produced some of those:

        That is a thread for it.

        I purchased this entire library 11 years ago: The Mind Power Library (9781892805010): Dane Spotts: Books
        It includes some very powerful tools and not just binaurals.

        Spirulina or AFA is really good. I also take 1-2 tablespoons of flax seed
        oil with added DHA daily for the past 13 years or so. Every cell in the body
        has a fatty membrane made of these kind of fats. It is good for impulse
        conduction. It is incredible brain food.

        Liquid ionic minerals too: Liqumins ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops, Low Sodium, 8-Ounce Bottle: Health & Personal Care
        That is the exact one I've used for years. 20-40 drops a day. That
        bottle lasts about 3 months. Most absorbable minerals are in ionic form
        and it greatly increases conductivity.
        Aaron Murakami

        Books & Videos
        RPX & MWO


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          I don't know if anyone has tried to develop their image stream but for me it has helped a lot.
          The theory is the brain thinks in images so if you can consciously tap into these images you will have a direct line to your brains thought process.
          After a bit of practice you can steer this image stream and shift your consciousness to where you desire.
          Obviously there are more advanced techniques but if you look at something and then visualise it when you shut your eyes, you will be starting an image stream.
          After the first image if you move your eyes slightly (still with your eyes closed) you may see another image.
          If you get to a 2nd or 3rd image you will be well on your way.
          If it does not come don't force it try, again another time.
          Just before sleep works best for me.
          A well developed image stream is good for 15- 20 I.Q. points(conservatively).
          Some people use a recording device and say what they are seeing as they see it.
          This helps for a lot of people, but others need silence in the intial stages.
          A recorded streaming session will include a lot of gibberish in the intial stages but after a while it will get clearer.
          Telling someone what you see helps as well.
          The best way I can describe it is a waking dream but sometimes you can fall asleep doing it, so a recording can be helpfull.