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If you can't be with the things you love, love the things you hate ;)

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  • If you can't be with the things you love, love the things you hate ;)

    Lol, I was going to add the following idea to a previous thread on Unconditional Love, and then this phrase occured to me, and I have to admit, I laughed out loud Here's what I discovered the other day ....

    I've been going through some challenges recently, and have caught myself getting too "into the game" - in other words, allowing myself to be so absorbed in the physical experience that I temporarily forget it's only an illusion and there's a lot more to everything

    As some of you may know from my post on the 7 day experiment, I found a way to tap into our Power, and use it to make the most incredible changes, even when it seems impossible....

    However, I have found that during times of challenge, I'm tending to forget to do that. And even when I do the morning exercise, I forget during the day.


    I've started trying to remember to take every worry, concern, fear, frustration, fury, disapointment... and any other "don't want"... as an opportunity to "clear" it by chanelling Unconditional Love at it. So, exactly the process from the 7 day experiment thread (starting with all the cells etc.), but doing it throughout the day, in the moment, at any "don't want" - just like shooting moving targets at a fair.

    Seeing each "don't want" that comes up as a moving target at a fair stall - and shooting it with Unconditional Love - turning the horrible feeling into a feeling of relief and even fun! (Note: although the visual is shooting it (like those water guns but the "water" is a gold light) I make sure that it is Unconditional Love - in other words love just for existing, with no expectation or desire for change ).

    I'd be interested to hear if this works for others. The biggest challenge for me, is remembering to do it in the heat of the moment lol. I'm going to wear a wrist band like the one worn in the movie "The Nines" so that each time I see it I'll remember.

    If you do this, let us know how it goes.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    Hello! I just lost my cell phone! I was so upset! Even though it really didn't cause any great problems for me in my life, I just went to the phone company and got a new phone card and then life as usual. But I was so upset, because I liked the old phone better, I liked the ringtones that it had and I liked its format. And most especially it had some really nice photos of my kids (no I've never figured out how to get photos from a cell phone into a computer, maybe there's a cable for that? ). Only relief I could find from this was that it also had some photos of my ex (?? ) that sometimes just popped out without warning and I didn't know how to get rid of them, something my computer whiz ex was able to figure out but I wasn't.

    I didn't really lose anything important because I have duplicates of the information in the phone all over the place. But it was still so upsetting. So I reeeeeeeeeeally had to make an effort to remember that nothing terrible had really happened at all. It wasn't like getting a diagnosis of cancer or some other debilitating and chronic illness, or losing a home or a business. But it was so upsetting to lose all those lovely photos! (Not that I didn't already have my computer and my home already chock full of photos of my kids hehe!) So since I knew that everything that happens can really hold an opportunity in it, if we know how to look for it and take advantage of it, so I tried to think how could anyone benefit from this? Well maybe the person who finds the phone on the street could use it, maybe they're very poor and don't have a phone and could use one (although not my card ha! No matter how poor they are if they want a card they'll just have to go into a store and get one just like everyone else! ).

    So far I can't really find any opportunities or advantages in this situation for me though, except maybe being able to get my ex out of my phone hehe! Still don't like my new phone as much, don't like its ringtones and don't like its format, only thing maybe it's got funner games, I didn't like the games in the old phone and never used them.
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      Last month before group meditation, a lady was crying uncontrollably because she was pretty sure her bicycle had been stolen. She wanted a room where she could be by herself, but none was available. She managed to get herself under control shortly after we started meditating. There was a break in the middle where we could ask questions of the channel that was leading the group. The channel, Emily, asked the lady to explain what was bothering her. She iterated the story of the stolen bicycle and how upset she was because the bike was special, etc. Emily told her, "Well, God has your bike now." We all cracked up a little, even the lady who had lost the bike. Emily asked her if she could bid the bike good bye and wish it well on its journey.

      Thanks for the inspiration!
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        Neat story

        That is a great story. Its funny how with proper therapy we can really turn any situation around. Recently someone related how the car was totalled and they had no recourse. Someone said I have a car you can have...
        You never know!
        "But ye shall receive power..."
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