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    A couple of years ago, I learned about a man named Frederic William Henry Myers who died in 1901. At the time, what I learned was that he was very interested and influential in the field of psychology and the workings of what we normally refer to as paranormal activity (out of body experiences, ghosts, psychic phenomenon, etc.). Never really understood why it's called paranormal as pretty much everyone experiences some of this stuff at one time or another in their life here on earth. He was determined to communicate with his colleagues after he died and ended up doing so. In order to make sure that there could be no doubt about it being him that was doing the communicating, he sent partial messages to 3 or 4 different automatic writers (people who channel messages from the planes above this one) in different parts of the world. He then instructed these writers to send their partial messages to a collector who then pieced the messages together to get the complete transmission.

    A friend, after seeing this evidence, determined to also attempt the same feat. He wrote a message telling about how and what he would try to communicate and sealed it in an envelope to be opened upon the event of his death without telling anyone about the contents. Mr. Myers picked up on this from beyond, and started communicating the things that were in the envelope, still unopened. I recently had occasion to look into Mr. Myers a little more and quickly found a book that he transmitted to a writer here on the physical plane. It is THE MOST descriptive explanation of the various planes of existence above this one that I have ever encountered and totally correlates and fills in the gaps in the hundred or so descriptions I've read previously. It is written in the style of the normal means of writing in use at the time, but is very understandable and very detailed without being overly long and drawn out. In a word, it is AWESOME!

    For anyone that is interested, here is the link The Road to Immortality-Frederic Myers via Geraldine Cummins FREE ebook. It would be sweet if this were part of the curriculum in our junior high or high schools. I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from an understanding of the information contained here. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for sharing this, Bill Sounds fascintating - I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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      Bill, thank you so much for posting this link. I will definitely read it this weekend (especially since we are in the midst of a blizzard here in the Phila area).

      Are you familiar with Matthew and Suzanne Ward? Back in the late 70's or early 80's, Matthew died at the age of 18. Many years later, he started to communicate to his mother, Suzanne. Together, they wrote a book, Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven. You can find it in most major bookstores or order it online.

      A link to their website with a chapter from the book can be found here: The Matthew Books

      I am really interested to read the ebook you posted to see how much is the same.

      Thanks again Bill
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        The BEST books I've EVER read on this subject are the ones by Michael Newton, I don't remember their names but he wrote 3 books. They are AMAZING! I only had time to glance over very quickly what was written in the book ImBill suggested here, but it seems to repeat exactly the same things as Michael Newton's books do. They should teach this in all the schools! It would really help to take away all fears of death and dying.
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          Oh wow these Matthew books are really awesome! And the site too! Read the monthly messages too! TOTALLY recommend to EVERYONE!!!
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