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  • States of Enlightenment

    I've been thinking about this topic for a while...

    My feeling is that Enlightenment is that which we choose to to do to make others and the world better - not ourselves, per se. But in making the choice of of bestowing goodwill, kindness, or some other benefit onto others, we in turn experience a small measure of Enlightenment - whether we are conscious of it or not.

    Enlightenment is the choice, not the reward. Once the choice is made, it's energy becomes a part of the Aether and coalesces with Source Energy and can be experienced by all, for the benefit of all on an energetic level.

    Therefore, we can achieve Enlightenment for only for one moment at a time. Each moment brings us another opportunity, another choice.

    People who say they are enlightened, or who are called enlightened may have done something at one moment (or many moments) to deserve that accolade; but personally, I think the term is used much too loosely these days.

    Enlightenment cannot be self accredited, it must be recognized by others (or the Universe) in you, or your deeds and actions. It cannot be shared in a purely physical way, but can be shared spiritually and of course, energetically. It can be measured, but only by the effect your choices (and words, actions and deeds) have on others. It can be taught, but only in concept and by observation in some form. One has to make the right choices in order to experience Enlightenment firsthand.

    I have this nagging sensation that there is much more to this than I have written here. But now, at this moment, my thoughts cannot focus on, and I cannot find the words to describe, what that may be...

    'Be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Ghandi
    Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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