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Abraham Videos That Helped Me to Keep On Track.....

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  • Abraham Videos That Helped Me to Keep On Track.....

    When I first started working with the Power of Unconditional Love, these are some of the videos that helped to keep me on track. So, for those who are doing the experiment (, when you do have times when you feel less than great - when you feel worried or doubtful, or when you feel you can't bring up that feeling of Unconditional Love.... watch one of these videos - it will help you to get back into the Vortex.

    The first one is my favourite .....

    YouTube - Abraham~Hicks ♥ Get Happy !

    YouTube - Abraham Hicks (How do we get into the Vortex)

    YouTube - Abraham: THE MOST PROFOUND QUESTION - Esther and Jerry Hicks

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    As I have said many times on this forum, the messages from Abraham have always resonated with me strongly. I have read all of their books at least once and some of them three times.

    For anyone who has Netflix, I just recently discovered there are about 10 Abraham dvds available. Raymond and I saw one of them over the weekend and we put the remaining ones in our queue.

    We were also fortunate enough to see them in person in Maryland in October 2007. We are hoping to see them again in Tarrytown, NY this coming October.

    Thanks for starting this thread Odille
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      I am not sure if I can thank you enough for posting these links, there are exactly what I needed to hear right now. This was actually the first time that I have heard any of there teachings, and they are dead on.
      The last video was probably my favorite even though part of the message is sometimes a hard on to swallow. Good or bad or what we perceive as good or bad, a realities that we are creating every moment. Now for me that is not always the easiest thing to think about, it is much easier to either take credit for the good or call it luck or what have you but when "bad" things happen it becomes so easy to say that "I got screwed",or blame someone else. When as they said, when bad things happen to us it is because we do not know what we are doing .
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        Josh, if you liked the videos, maybe you will like the books as well. I strongly recommend Ask and It is Given. If you live near a Barnes and Noble or a Borders, I am sure they will have it in stock. You can probably also get it from a library.

        Though they have written many books since, even Abraham will say this is the best book they have ever written. I have read it three times in the past two and a half years and have given about ten copies away to various friends.

        Even people who do not believe in "channelling" have said they cannot deny the truth they feel when reading this book.
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          Hi! I really like Abraham videos too. This one is my favourite so far:

          YouTube - Abe Hicks on low self esteem and connection

          Their book is great too, I like the videos because they include ideas which aren't in their book and also you can watch just a short video according to the specific topic you want to look into at a particular moment, instead of searching all over the book to find the material on a specific topic.

          So long! Serena
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            Rafting with the Hicks, I love that one of many
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