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A 7 Day Experiment - Living in the Vortex

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  • A 7 Day Experiment - Living in the Vortex

    For the last couple of months, I've been experiencing the most Magical improvements in my life - financially, socially, career-wise, physically - and in every other area. I shared what I'm doing differently in a post:

    ... and I've been recently inspired to create a 7 Day Experiment, with a step-by-step guide, to see how it works for others. It's only 7 days, and if you completely commit to it, I'm certain that at the end of the 7 days, you'll have seen such Magic that you'll want to continue.

    It costs nothing but a few minutes a day, a willingness to practice, and a desire and determination to stick to it no matter what - for at least just 7 days.

    Here's the program:

    Daily Morning Exercise - to be done as close to first thing in the morning as possible - I usually have a cup of tea first, and then do this:

    * Go to PATHS ~ Mind Energetics scroll down and click on "Click here and try it FREE!" - "Mood Elevation - Increase Happiness and Joy"

    * If you have stereo headphones, use them for this. If not, just turn the sound down.

    * Press F11 on your computer keyboard to make the screen full-size.

    * Select whichever colour you like - it doesn't matter which one you choose, just choose the one you like.

    * Adjust the "Kinesthetic Input" slider to whatever feels most comfortable to you.

    * Relax your body, and while you're watching and listening, start to chanel your Power (send Unconditional Love) to each of the 50 trillion cells that make up your body. See the post for details of exactly how to do this - it's important to make sure you tune in correctly.

    * Once you feel you've created the right feeling and you've aimed it at each of those amazing individual cells all doing their utmost to benefit the whole (you), then imagine that energy - the Unconditional Love - as a Gold Light, which has now completely saturated every part of you, every single cell. Next, imagine that Gold Light starting to expand out, filling the room, then the building, then the world, and finally the day ahead. LOVE that Thursday or Friday, or whatever day it is. Love it Unconditionally. Love that day ahead, regardless of what it holds for you.

    * If the module is still running after you've done this, take that Power - that Unconditional Love - and aim it at one situation/ issue/ person you've been concerned about. Remember, as mentioned in the original post, keep the Love Unconditional.

    So, for example, I was worried about phoning someone. I was worried about a particular outcome from that phone call. When I sent this Power, this Unconditional Love, I tuned into the feeeeeling that I Loved that phone call and the person on the other end - Regardless of the result. Even if the result I was worried about occured, I Loved it and I Loved that person - just for existing. (and it will ALWAYS - as long as you keep that Love Unconditional no matter what happens - it will ALWAYS turn out good, even if it's not the "good" you imagined. It may be something you'd never have thought of. )
    Now, if you haven't done this before, it might sound impossible or far-fetched, but I assure you it is ABSOLUTELY possible. It only takes practice. It's as impossible as learning to walk, or learning to ride a bicycle or to drive a car, or to swim - or anything else that at first seems too hard.... and just takes practice.

    * Now, go back to: PATHS ~ Mind Energetics scroll down and click on "Click here and try it FREE!" - "Increased Synchronicity - Amplified Awareness"

    * Do the same as you did for the first one, and this time, once you've sent the Unconditional Love to your cells, try aiming it at something else - a loved one, or another issue that's concerning you. Remember UNCONDITIONAL - the Power is in the Unconditional bit. When you slip off the bicyle seat of Unconditional Love and feel an attachment to a particular outcome, your bike has fallen over - you need to straighten it up again (focus on Unconditional - Love whatever or whoever it is just for existing!Regardless of any outcomes - you'll feel the difference Physically!)

    This is your Daily Exercise. It will only take about 7 minutes - each module is only about 3 minutes. The modules will help with focus, as well as the other benefits you get from them - and they will also amplify your Unconditional Love.


    For these 7 days, make the commitment to change the way you react to things - Just for these 7 days. So, when it feels difficult, remind yourself "Okay, it's only for 7 days. Then I'll go back to reacting the old way." And know that at the end of 7 days, if you want to, you can just go back to your old ways. But of course, if you've seen results and you want to continue, then you can choose to do that too.

    So, here's how you're going to react differently for these 7 days:
    When something happens that upsets you, frustrates you, worries you, or even just mildly irritates you.... even something as minor as - it's pouring with rain (my own experience from yesterday here lol), and it's supposed to be summer, and it's miserable weather... your initial and instinctual reaction might be (as mine was ) oh for goodness sake! I'm so sick of this rain! What ridiculous weather..... at this point you're going to catch yourself, conjour up that Unconditional Love you practiced this morning - conjour it up for your cells first, I find that's the easiest way ... or if something else works for you, for example you could conjour it up first for a loved one, pet, activity you love - whatever tunes you in.... and then AIM it at the weather. It only takes a moment. Change your language from "I'm so sick of this weather" to "I Love you" - with a cheeky smile on your face. A sense of humour helps. You can also use the McDonalds jingle "I'm lovin' it"

    Do this with Everything that comes up in your day. And whenever you think of it (you could put a post-it reminder for yourself on the back of the bathroom door, your computer monitor or the fridge), focus Unconditional Love on your all your cells. Practice it, and become familiar with the feeling - you'll feel it Physically when it's spot on.


    Think of something that would make you beside yourself with excitement . For example, winning the lottery, a date with a certain person, a specific opportunity, (mine is "I've been cast in a T.V. series") - the type of thing that, if it happened today, not only would you be exstatic, but that when you woke up tomorrow morning, and remembered it, you'd have that experience all over again. The sort of thing that you would remind yourself of during the day because it would be just so Incredible you'd have to remind yourself that it's real.

    Pick a phrase that you would use in that case - like "I've won the lottery" or "Peter's asked me out" or "I got that contract" - and whatever it is, practice saying it, and conjouring up the feeling of excitement you would genuinely get in that situation.

    Again, this takes practice, and sometimes the feeling will be spot on and sometimes you won't be able to conjour it up. Just keep practicing it. When you get it, you'll feel it Physically - and it will be too much to keep up for very long at first. But with practice, you'll be able to extend the time. Do this whenever you think of it, and it will eventually become a habit .... and do you see then what the result is..... it is becoming a HABIT to vibrate in the same frequency with what you want - it is becoming a habit to vibrate in sync with exactly the feeeeling you're wanting to achieve... and then... (and this is from my own VERY Powerful experience) .. even while you're waiting for that specific desire to manifest, things you'd never have imagined will appear - which ALSO cause you to have that EXACT same reaction!!! It really is magic.

    Here are some tips:

    * Practice practice practice - this really does take practice. It helps to remember learning something else that took practice, like riding a bicycle or driving a car, or playing an instrument... and sometimes you'll get it and sometimes you wont. But the key is: the times you don't get it - recognise that it's exactly like learning to ride a bicycle. When you go a few yards, and then you fall off.... do you give up and decide you can't ride a bike or that it's impossible to stay upright on two wheels anyway... or do you pick up the bike and just keep practicing until it becomes muscle memory - and I Promise you that is exactly what will happen with this - it will become muscle memory, and you will eventually find yourself doing it Automatically!

    * When "bad" things happen during your day - aim that Power at them. But remember, it's Unconditional... so don't expect the "bad" things to turn out right - just Love them regardless (and as mentioned before, tune into that Power by using your cells or a loved one or a pet, then, once you've got the feeling and you're tuned into it, THEN aim it at whatever the issue is).

    * REMEMBER... things are often not what they appear - During this experiment, just because something appears to be "bad" doesn't mean it is - I've found that EVERYTHING, even the "bad" stuff, has turned out to be either good, or nothing to worry about.

    * Post your progress in this thread, and ESPECIALLY post your challenges. When you feel like giving up, before you do, just post here, and we'll all offer our support and encouragement. It's only for 7 days, so see if you can stick it out for at least that, and then see what happens.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    WOW! What a challenge!

    I am leaving tomorrow for a couple of weeks and my internet connectivity will be limited. However, I am going to print out this post and start practicing per your instructions.

    I will post progress/questions/comments upon my return.


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      This sounds very powerful!!!

      I as well will be away for the next few weeks, however am willing to give this a try. Currently we are not PATHS users however I believe this could provide a very nice insight.

      Thank You
      Thank You



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        Yay! Kevin and Tree of Life, I'm so looking forward to hearing how it works for you!

        Love and Light and Magic xxx
        Reprogram Your Subconscious to Achieve Conscious Goals. Now you can try PATHS for Free!
        Please pop in to my new: Law of Attraction Tools Blog - It would be Wonderful to see you there!
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          looks great!

          I appreciate the idea and your experiences as well. Nicely explained BTW -- it's very empowering and good info to be reminded of! Throwing some unconditional love to the cells is excellent. I'll let you know how it goes!!

          Thank you,
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            I am sending unconditional love to you Illusions!

            And too the rest of you too!
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              7-Day Experiment: Lving in the Vortex

              Well, I did it. 10 days so far. DEFINITELY changed me.

              On Day #5, I experienced a very strong awareness of the exact nature of the strong and dense resistance I had, to believeing that everything was good or would be good whether I could see it that way or not. I clearly saw such questions, arguments, and concerns as, "Aren't I CLUELESS, in today's world, with the situation in the U.S. with the total loss of freedom of 99% of the American people due to the coup d'etat brought forth by the privileged elite that now controls our Government, and the situation with the planet and its changing of axis and what that is bringing forth and will bring forth, to believe truly that all that is GOOD???? That death and pain and loss and separation are truly GOOD???" Anyway, I saw the conversations of resistance ... the ones I just shared and many others ... and as I was letting them express themselves ... watching them with .. well, with no RESISTANCE ... I felt a wave of understanding of what it means to be beyond judgement and I simply let them go. Thank you, Illusions.


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                theta healing

                Well written post regarding abundance
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                  Sounds like a nice experiment, the cool thing is that you get into a whole more positive attitude for at least a week which usually transforms in some little shifts in your life. Once you remark it, mmmh that sounds good and you keep going...

                  I share here a very related article i wrote on my blog: Your life Vortex



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                    this sounds very similar to something I've been doing lately, which is something that i've been inspired to do by techniques like the Sedona method and the release technique. When meditating (to the paths meditation theatre!), I think of something that has been bothering me, something I need to 'release' on. And I explore the different 'bad' feelings that the issue inspires and how they feel as energy in my body, and focus on acceptance - realising that they too are a part of ME and are not less desireable than 'good' feelings. So, similar to aiming unconditional love at them (although i think it will take me more practice to get to the unconditional love point - right now, 'acceptance' is easier for me).

                    It's really amazing finding that you are able to face those bad feelings without resisting them, and being reconciled with them - but it's even more amazing that when doing this, they lessen in intensity until I am filled with feelings of peace. It's like EFT, but supercharged and a lot simpler (all that tapping is tiring!)

                    I've only done the meditation about 4 times so far, but i have already managed to triple the amount of tips I make at work! And it's so much fun too!