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Programming Biofeedback & Binaural Beats

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  • Programming Biofeedback & Binaural Beats

    Recently I bought a Neurosky "Mindset" brainwave-reading headset online, it hasn't yet arrived in the mail, but the free API library and drivers are already available for use here for free. I've been interested in hypnosis for years now but I've always struggled horribly with induction. I find that binaural beats work, but never seem to take me as deep into trance as I'd like to be.

    I was hoping someone could help with making a simple program that would generate and auto-adjust both of the tones using the headset's output as a feedback, as well as possibly playing a sound file when the desired state is achieved.

    I'm not expecting someone to just outright do it for me (although that would be great ) I was just wondering where to begin in terms of making binaural beats, and the programming.