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Addition to "The Magic Pill" - a Magical new phrase - short but Extremely Effective!

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  • Addition to "The Magic Pill" - a Magical new phrase - short but Extremely Effective!

    Hello All

    For those who've read "The Magic Pill" and "The Second Dose" - here's a phrase that occured to me just yesterday, which is Incredibly simple, but Highly Powerful - to add to the information in the ebooks. And this short phrase works in two ways, on two levels....

    1. Becoming aware of every "good" thing you've manifested/ created/ attracted (and baring in mind that every "good" thing in your life HAS been manifested/ created/ attracted by You ) - when you notice each thing, say to yourself "Look how much I love myself!".

    The fact that it's not raining when you have to go out; the fact that you have a car; the fact that you are able to buy milk; the fact that you have a store nearbye; the fact that you have a television; the fact that you have a computer; the fact that you have this wonderful forum; the fact that you have shoes; the fact that the traffic light turned green as you got there; the fact that you have somewhere to live; the fact that you have a loved-one; the fact that you're not in pain; the fact that you're not cold; the fact that there are birds tweeting outside; the fact that you can turn on a tap and get clean running water.... I could go on lol, but you get the idea - for every good thing you notice in your life (and it takes awareness for this because we - being human - tend to not notice the simple good things in our lives, unless they're no longer there ) - for each good thing you notice during your day, say to yourself "Look how much I love myself!".

    Notice how you feel when you say that.

    2. When you daydream about what you want - about your desires - as you daydream and imagine what it's like to have them.... say to yourself "Look how much I love myself!" - that phrase is Powerful and Magical in manifesting, as it's connected to the things you already have that you appreciate... it's like a Magical wand that you are pointing at your target desires They are then endowed with the same energy as the things that already exist in your life.

    Let me know if you do this, and how it goes.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    What synchronicity! Just recently I started to do something very similar!

    Each morning I write down 10 things I am grateful or appreciative of. I keep this on a running Word doc to make it easy. I try to keep the list diverse - some major things and some little everyday things make each day's list.

    I then move on to my next Word doc of 10 things I am currently attracting. This list is also diverse and includes big things (that new house with an in-ground pool) and little things (a compliment from someone I know).

    I was just telling Raymond yesterday morning how good this makes me feel. We have had mostly rain here everyday for a week. Yesterday I woke up feeling like I didn't want to go in to work or really do anything at all. However, I sat down and wrote out my "appreciation" and "attraction" lists, and almost instantly felt much better!

    When you focus, even for a few minutes, of what you are thankful for, more things will come into your experience to be thankful for. And when you focus for a few minutes on things you want to attract, you realize you are setting your intentions for the day and are deliberately creating your life.

    By the way, both of the above lists took no longer than about 5 minutes to complete. When I got to work, I felt great and energized. By 10:30 in the morning I had a nice, unexpected sale.

    I have not been saying "I love myself" when I make these lists, but I think I will now add that in the equation.

    Thanks once again for an insightful post, Odille
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