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  • Triadic binaural brainbake

    Ok, bit of a brainbake, and a wall of text to get through here, if you're not interested in binaurals and acoustics, it could cave your head in a bit.

    I've just done a track using Keely's Key to Vibrational Rotation as a guide, where for the first time I've produced a carrier tone comprised of three notes. The carrier tone is bounced to audio, and the audio reproduced into two channels on the mixer, one panned left and the other panned right. The audio panned right is then pitch shifted up by the equivelent of 4hz. I was only expecting a single oscillation at 4hz, but instead found three distinct osciallations which have the psychoacoustic effect of allowing the listener to clearly percieve and seperate the tonal elements of the triadic chord individually.

    The generated waveform (a complex interference pattern) was expected since this is not just a single frequency. However what is unexpected is the uniformity of three distinct oscillations. Also unexpected is the usual overall modulated amplitude fluctuations of the waveform when the two stereo tracks are then bounced to a single mono track are not present. How then is this waveform able to reproduce the psycho-accoustic illusions of split tones, harmonic dischord and three distinct volume modulations all at once, unless the listener's perception is being effected? Further, the root note, Ab in the 1st octave, is noted to have a harmonic oscillation with a psycho-acoustic illusory cycle of greater than 1 second, or less than 1hz, (I estimate around 0.5 ~ 0.3hz) well below any known or recorded mental state.

    The three notes of the triad themselves resonate in sympathetic vibration. When split into a binaural media with a difference of 4hz between the carrier and the modulator, the three oscilations seem to be around 0.3 hz (unknown state, sub-subconscious,) 4-6hz (high Theta/low Alpha) and 50-55hz (extremely high/hyper-alpha.) It is interesting that one tone produces oscilations to match brain wave frequencies for an unknown state beneath deep, intuitive thought, a relaxed cognitive state and a highly focused cognitive state all at the same time. This significance of the ultra low frequency oscilation and the brainwave state it coresponds to is not known. The implied significance of the hyper-alpha is manifest as fluctuating remarkably high levels of mental 'focus.' interspersed by a feeling of relaxation and general ease.

    Also, using the rudimentary equipment available to me to monitor perineural voltage, a decline of 0.1 to 0.15 volts (approx 20 to 25%) can be observed within seconds when playback begins. I would very much appreciate hearing the results of more conclusive tests with better equipment of more accurate monitoring of perineural voltage and EEG readings. Golly, lucky you and I coincidentally found these forums, huh?

    Sit where the oscillations sound as loud and pronounced as you can, and grab a notepad and pen and then kick back and relax and listen to your thoughts. The ideas and insights you'll be able to cognitise when you act as an aggregate in this particular resonant field are profound but fleeting, you'll want to take notes.

    Notes, Warnings and Blessings:

    Warnings first. DO NOT use this binaural if you SUFFER from tinitus (a form of auditory damage arising from bending the cillia which manifests as a ringing in the ears.) If like me you HAVE tinitus but don't SUFFER from it, be aware this binaural will effect the condition and make the ringing more intense and frequent than usual for some time after listening.

    Some mild dizziness or vertigo for a moment or two has been noted by some subjects, to date nobody has had a significant middle ear effect from this binaural but if you experience a significant disorentation like seasickness, stop playback, remain seated and look around the room focusing for a moment on objects at various distances and elevations from you until the feeling passes before trying to stand. Something on the roof, somethinng on the desk, something on the floor, something on the wall, something on the other end of the desk, you get the idea. This re-orients and re-alligns perception and middle ear function. These two being out of allignment is what causes motion sickness.

    Do not operate machinary or operate any vehicle while listening to, or for a reasonable period after listening to this binaural. It effects are not fully understood or quantified and as always, please err on the side of caution and good sense for your own and other's saftey. Ok? Ok.

    So then, here's a link to a short mp3 sample of the resultant binaural for your own listening pleasure. Ab & Cb complex interference binaural.mp3

    Ideally, use bi-amplified nearfield reference monitors for playback, but any stereo system or 2.1 speaker setup should do the trick. If you don't have a soundproof room, at least cut out as many environmental sounds as possible, especially anything subtle and rythmic. Switch off airconditioners, water pumps, ticking clocks etc, anything with a constant, repetitive sound. Put the left and right speakers an equal distance from your left and right ear, sit comfortably at a point that forms the tip of an equalateral triangle with the two speakers as the base line and you as the tip and turn up the volume. Imagine the speakers are at the sides of a pond, and are radiating concentric rings outwards across the surface of the pond. Sit where the waves are meeting. Fine tune your position by moving about a little to the left, a little right, a little forward, a little back, until the bass harmonic (the longest, lowest sound) is cycling from left to right in front of you, from one speaker to another. This is the center of the harmonic dissonance field.

    A more mundane and practical application of this psycho-acoustic illusion is to set the balance in your car stereo system, when you hear the effects of the tone ringing evenly, you know you've set up a perfect stereophonic or quadraponic field. hmmm. out of the blue comes the hexaphonic field again. The body is water, water crystalises (freezes) in hexagons. So a six phase audio field would be more conducive to inducing a harmonic effect on the body's water mass, which is the part of this exchange which is the attracrtive manifestation of vibratory force. The sound is the creative manifestation, the air the transmissive manifestation. A disonant hexaphonic field of three pairs of two phases would create a further level of resonance conducive to reception by the water's fundamental structure as observed in it's solid, cystaline form (ice), optomisising the sympathetic resonance, the attractive force, which acts in the listener. There's that six speaker insight again. Ok, thank you, get 4 more speakers for a test, 2 off hilton, two off NOG, got it, thanks big guy. Oh and array them as point on a triangular pyramid, because the field and space has four dimensions, and arraying them in a flat, euclidic hexagon is just trying to impose a theoretical geometric paradigm into three dimensional space? If you say so. ...That's going to take some doing

    From what I understand from I've read elsewhere on these forums, those of you doing TRV are tapping into exactly the same source as me for your answers. So I'd be very interested to read about anyone's experiences doing TRV's during or after exposure to this particular binaural. I suspect the more in tune with touching the matrix you are, the easier you will get a result from this binaural. If you're already resonating close to this state often enough, it becomes a familiar state, and easier to induce and recognise. As always, it is my intent to understand, to create, and then to share freely, knowing that what I give is already yours and that applying it moves us all closer to manifesting the greatest possible good. Use it freely with the same intent. In the spirit of unity, Namaste.
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    I use binaurals when I TRV. If you could make a 30 minute version of this track I will use it and let you know what effect it has on my TRV session.



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      Interesting three-phase mind-beat... Something tesla would listen to if he were alive today, seeing how everything had to be in 3's for him.

      Are you aware of a binaural beat program called BWgen?

      You have much more control over the signal you output using that program then ANY other I have seen to date, and to boot you can make presets and share the preset with others condensing a multi hour binaural beat programme into mere kilobytes. Some good stuff offered there, but I would be interested if you could take some time to learn that program and make that preset that I know you can? Would save folks from visiting the local music store and purchasing those 200+$ sound softwares, plus its another venue for showing your idea. Free if I didnt mention it. Easier for you to share your idea with small files then large ones.

      Thanks! keep up the good work.


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        Thanks for the link to that software, I'm behind a proxy that prohibts downloading executables but I'll grab a copy from another connection later today and will certainly check it out. The screenshots look interesting, more like a filter than a tone generator, but it looks pretty straightforward. feel free to post any frequencies in particular you'd like me to upload.

        I'm also becoming more interested in investigating the relevence specific carrier tones frequencies and the frequency of the carrier tone and the modulator tones average rate. I can think of no reason why these elements shouldn't be important contributing factors to the overall effect. I think just randomly picking any old tone and only worrying about the mean difference is a bit of a flat earth concept.

        I'll go back and bounce out a 30min version and PM Kevin (or anyone else who's interested) a link. Should be done and uploaded in a day or two.
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          Most of the good binaural beats I have heard used an octave of what ever frequency they wanted as a carrier frequency, which was modulated to get the beat desired, and even had the volume adjust up/down at a different octave/frequency, so your getting a triple-whammy on just one tone.

          Which is why I like BWgen alot, it has many filters but at the base of it it is a signal generator. You can adjust volume ranges and white noise volume at specific frequencies too...

          I read that the mind entrainment works with any frequency, be it pulses of light, sound, electric current or electro-magnetic pulses (rife device). I doubt electric current would be all that safe for recreational mind entrainment, but I do know that violet rays feel soooo good...


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            ok, I pushed the bottom end forward a bit so the slowest oscillation should really rattle some windows now.

            I noticed while I was running the recording pass and watching the wave form at different resolutions that the complex waveform is fundamentally just three sinewaves with some regular phasing. The respective sinewaves can be seen for highest note at a resoloution of about 1/64th of a beat, the middle at around 1/8th of a beat and the lowest at around every 2nd beat. The phasing is the interesting part, I had a feeling once I noticed it that the ULF (0.3hz) harmonic could be a function of that phasing's stereo convergence when split to a binaural. Watching playback later has confirmed it, I understand what's going on with both the interference waveform and the "mystery" oscillation now.

            $200 for software? I wish that's all I'd spent! Actually no I don't

            I my toys.
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              OK, let's clarify some nomenclature.

              Binaural (or Binaural beats) a stereo audio signal where the left channel and the right channel are out of harmonic allingment.

              Carrier tone: the unmodified, original audio tone, panned to one side of a stereo field. Value defined in Hertz or as a note on the classical twelve note musical scale.

              Modulator tone: The modified, harmonicly discordant audio tone produced by adjusting the pitch of a copy of the carrier tone. Expressed in Hertz or as a percentage pitch shift of the carrier tone. (cent)

              Mean tone. eg if carrier tone = 440hz, modulator tone = 450hz, the mean tone of the binaral is 445hz

              harmonic disonance: in the above example, the disonance produced by a carrier tone of 440hz and a modulator of 450hz has a value of 10hz. aka the binaural beat or disonant oscilation rate.

              Wave form. the visible representation of a sound's physical shape as shown by a wave editor, digital audio workstation or software sequencer. sound can be generated as sine waves, triangular waves, square or pulse waves, sawtooth waves or other more complex wave forms. (bare in mind, wave forms are only shown as two dimensional, euclidic geometries, their real three dimensional shapes and dynamics can be assumed to be extensions of these elemental indicators.)

              Monophonic: a sound having only a single tone
              polyphonic: a sound having two or more tones

              monophasic: having only one rate of harmonic disonance.
              polyphasic: having two or more distinct rates of harmonic disonance.

              Harmonic ratio. any tone, when doubled, is said to be raised by one octave, or seven whole notes to the next instance of the same note. thus a note an octave above the last instance of the same nore has a harmonic ratio 8 times that of the second, lower note. Common harmoc ratios include 2nds, 5ths 7ths and 9ths of the original tone.

              base tone: some of my own binaurals will include a tone which is not disonant, that is, the tonal value is the same in the left and right channel. (nb base as in bottom or foundation, not bass as in subwoofers.)

              So if I describe a binuaral as being polyphonic and polyphasic, with carrier tones of 42 and 144hz and modulator tones of 46 and 188hz, not only should you know what I mean, you should be able to quickly work out there's going to be two harmonic disonance rates of that binaural, you'd the notice that the mean of the lower mean tone is the same as the disonance rate of the higher tone and that the lower rate of disonance is one tenth the higher rate of disonance, that the whole binaural is just loaded with numerical serendipity based on fours and say wow dude, could I have a copy of that one please?

              Here's a bit of a treat, screen captures of the polyphasic binaural described above as seen at resolutions of 4, 3 and 1 second.

              4 seconds

              3 seconds

              1 second

              Note how as you zoom in the complex geometries are resolved into a single, seemingly erratic and corse signal? The geometries you can see at four seconds that look like interwoven spirals are the harmonics of the carrier and modulator tones. When the geometries of the two tones converge every several cycles, the auditory illusion of a cyclic volume modulation is produced, and that's the binaural beat, or beats in this case. Also notice how at one second, the most erratic looking parts of the wave form are the exact same parts which at higher resolutions form these extremely regular and symetrical patterns. Order from chaos, isn't it? And I wouldn't post all this cool stuff and not give out the audio too, that would remiss of me.

              It's only three minutes, but loop it, put it on repeat. Oh and start with the volume down, this one's a real boomer in the bottom end.

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                I just grabbed that BWgen program, I'm at a client's wworkplace but I'll load it up and take a look later tonight. thanks again for the link, and once again, post any specific frequencies you'd like me to work with, either as carriers, means or oscilation rates.
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                  Sonar Tech

                  Noises, If you didn't know already, I was a sonar technician for 5 years, and listening to you speak of this holy waveform and how it was made is giving me a sonargasm again

                  That is a beautiful waveform, only one thing... I seem to have seen that before! or something like it. I Oscope probed one of my many isolated ground rods and saw that waveform, but instead of triphasic, it was biphasic, and when I got the resolution down to where it was staying put (very active in the khz range) it looked like DNA spiral, if you were to look at the 3 dimensional object from a screen. There was about 5 or 6 beats peak to peak, with the 3rd one having half the volts of the tallest, but the signal got fatter in the middle then the peaks. I confirmed this was indeed ground power by probing everything metallic in my house and nothing came close to this signal, until I hooked up the lead from the ground. I'll hunt for that screeny but I'm not near that oscope right now so when I find it I'll let you know.

                  Very Very interesting.

                  Yes, sound software can break the bank but its always useful and is more of a tool then anything. I do have a request, though, could you use the Schumann resonance frequencies in some aspect? if you say this works with speakers, then I am seriously looking to try this while curing chembusters. Regardless, I belive if you can synchronize this to the actual frequencies in the ground, then you might easily pull voltage in a coil stuck in the earth, something that is next on my list. (and many other people's too!)

                  Great work. Complicated waveform. sounds good too! hopefully Kevin didn't fall into a brain-black hole while he tried to trv with this.


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                    I'm at another forum member's place and he's got a few monopoles cranking, and he's laughed when I showed him this wavefor. he fired up his oscope and handcranked one of his motor's flywheel, and showed me the 1second res, right hand (top) wave form is the same as the ac waveform from the coil when it's not running with power.

                    The part of the wave that forms the dynamic in larger res of 4 seconds is right there on the oscope as I type,that complex sawtooth.
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                      You must have discovered something universal then.

                      When you say monopole you mean the Bedini monopole motors? I've only done the single coil ones, I would love to try a 3 phase one.


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                        I'm pretty sure someone else has already discovered harmonic resonance besides, in AC at home, you see a sine wave, but anywhere there 3 phase power, you get a three phase sine, afaik.

                        \Kevin, I've got the file down to around 30mb, I'll try to get it uploaded tonight but things are going slowly here.

                        EDIT: still having problems with my hosting site and these large files. Bit hard to find anyone happy to host half an hour of audio at the best of times (it's getting better, slowly,)
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                          Sorry kevin still no progress with the upload. My host says files up to 50mb are fine but I've been having trouble with files over 20mb for a couple of weeks now.

                          Cosmic Farmer I've checked out BWgen, it's actually only free for a month then it's a $40 registration. That notwithstanding, it's not a bad tool, but I've already paid for other programs that have the same functionality so it's not much use to me. However if your interest in audio only extends as far as producing binaurals, this seems like a 'sound' option. lol bit of audio engineer humor there, don't mind me.

                          ps. editing to point out I've posted a link in the HOWTO> making your own binaurals thread for another program, just a wave editor, but with a much greater degree of accuracy in tone generation, and it's free and open source, wins all round!
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                            Sorry for the bump but I am still interested in any developments in this thread. If you have something you want to share, I think gmail can take large files. PM me and I'll give you my email. Or ftp. But I loved the Ab Cb complex! Its like a drug, I have to plan weeks ahead of time to get the space and quiet, but its worth it.


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                              no problem, I'll make some time next week to get back here and do some serious writing on the binaurals so please post any questions here in the meantime. catch ya shortly like n stuff.
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