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    Hello all

    I've become aware recently of something that may be one of the reasons many people don't seem to get what they order....

    As we know, when we manifest something, it can come in ways we would never have imagined - it often comes in disguise, and in a round-about way.

    However, many of us have been conditioned to mistrust the world, people, opportunities that seem "too good to be true", etc. And some people discount an opportunity because of suspicion - because of an ingrained tendancy to mistrust something that's not familiar....

    And so, they may well be getting results from the LOA, but because they don't recognise them in the way they expect, they may be discounting them, dismissing them, without looking further. I'm not suggesting blindly trusting every opportunity and person that may come along, but if it costs nothing to look into it further, research it, find out more... then it may well be worth doing that.

    I manifested an opportunity for my biggest dream recently - but it came in the most unexpected way. It took three times of me looking at it and dismissing it as a "hoax" or "scam" ... before I said to myself "Well, it costs nothing to look." ... I read through the information - it was unbelievable - definitely sounded "too good to be true" - I had no idea such an opportunity existed. I was still suspicious... BUT.... instead of dismissing it, I researched it further... and as I did, I discovered it was genuine. I took the opportunity - manifested the money for it from a completely unexpected source... and it turned out to be Everything it promised - and more! I am SO glad I was open enough to at least look into it.

    So, if you believe you're not getting what you're asking for, check with yourself if you're dismissing possible opportunities because of being suspiscious or wary and not giving them a chance.

    Hope this helps.
    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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