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  • How to attract what you want $ wise

    It's great not working a "zillion" hours for now and having time for being creative, having some fun and of course -- going for a 30 mi. bicycle ride. On that solo jaunt testing out some new fast tires, 60 weather and a dry day finally was a blast. I had time to ponder some thoughts... With remembering the Ho Oponopono phrases, "I Love You, Thank You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me" Saying these out loud put a huge smile on my face (who's gonna hear?) and I was amazed how well I was feelin halfway through this tour.

    I was remembering also the great question -- "Does it get any better than this?" which everyone should ask -- because the Universe will respond in a generous manner!!! (that and a chuckle/smile will occur) I turned off to a new development of huge houses being built in the hilly terrain of Tennessee. The views were magnificent and the roads were smooth as silk (great for 1" wide tires)
    It came to me all of a sudden surrounded by affluence of these 3-4,000sq ft houses, that a good question to ask is (and to keep asking) -> "What do I have to do to make ______ $100,000 easily??? and in the The Magic of Thinking Big book, I up'd the amount to $250,000 (a quarter of a mil sounds better) It felt great asking that question and the grins were non-stop and great ideas came to mind... even my bike even felt lighter -- a pretty cool cosmic experience! In a sense, I felt my own vibration rising and great ideas were coming to mind, it was very invigorating.

    Can it get any better than this? Sure thing! After the ride I got to resume w/my PhotoReading course study from -- you can go to: Learning Strategies Corp. One of the things they teach as part of the process of reading up to 25,000 words a min. is some preparation work that's needed to familiarize yourself w/the book, before you start.
    Asking yourself "why am I reading this book, how will it help me with what I'm doing, how will I benefit? helps in connecting, followed Then stating your purpose and affirming the impact you desire. Even mentioning the title of the book being used to accomplish the goal helps. These tips although just the tip of the iceberg for PhotoReading may seem trivial but again, asking good questions aids in getting good results. I see it as a way to help set the stage for the great outcomes in this great "play" we're all in!
    "What we say, makes our day!" As you all may know, vague goals manifest vague results. The clearer we are in our thinking, the better. Keep asking the right questions that will bring the right answers and results you'll appreciate.
    I am so glad I went for that bike ride!!! Can we all go for one soon???

    I wish you all the best,
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    Hey Doug!

    Great post, very inspiring.

    Let me know how it goes for you with the photo reading. I learned while in college.

    When you think about is interesting that photo reading, TRV and PATHS all have one thing in common-

    They bypass the conscious mind and work with the subconscious on a level that is not experienced in normal day to day activities for most people.


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      Thanks for your post Doug. It inspired me to rephrase some questions I've been asking so I'm going to use it today. Your photoreading course sounds like fun! I'm a pretty fast reader but every day I find more and more things I want to read and explore and find out about and even my speedy reading just can't fit it all in so something like that would be very helpful! And thanks for the reminder to focus and be specific with our goals. Hope you get another bike ride soon
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        Thanks guys,
        You're right Kevin! Most are conscious mind oriented. Let that work on: "Did that car just put on its brakes to turn right in front of me??" "If I don't hit the brakes, I'm flyin' right over trunk of that car!"
        For learning and retention, a relaxed theta mind state is best. I'm adjusting to that w/photoreading. On the contrary, the teacher making you sit thoroughly focused and in an alpha/beta state isn't the best! I can't wait to photoread all my Seth books, that'll be a blast. (and every book I own, whew!)

        Sunshine, it is a good course and even the way it's taught is cool too! I've been continuing with my "better questions" and more good things are happening. Glad you enjoyed that. The prosperity prayer is helping as well. Rode yesterday and it's sunny again now!
        Very cool
        With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

        Hear how here: Live the Energized Life