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  • Manifestation of My Biggest Dream ...

    Hi Everyone

    An opportunity has come up, to get me the closest I could imagine, to my Biggest dream - working in film and television in L.A.

    I was accepted for an introduction to Hollywood package, which includes not only auditioning for 15 top Hollywood agents, but also all the prepartion and support that can enable me to make the most of the opportunity!

    It's practically impossible to even meet the top agents in Hollywood, never mind audition for 15 of them! (these are agents who have placed people in: 24, Heroes, Friends, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Mission Impossible, High School Musical, ER, CSI Miami, Spin City, Angel, That 70s Show, Ugly Betty, Something's Gotta Give, Entourage, Iron Man, Grey's Anatomy, My Name is Earl, Casino, Sister Act, CSI NY, Just Shoot Me etc.)

    It's a 10 day trip to L.A. and includes a choice of monologues for the auditions; a two day master class at the Stella Adler Accademy of Acting (one of the most famous and well respected acting schools) to perfect the audition monologues; a make-over with a top Hollywood stylist and image consultant; a photo session (and 100 prints) with a top Hollywood Celebrity photographer (Alan Weisman: ALAN WEISSMAN PHOTOGRAPHY ) at his Beverly Hills Studio; a consultation with an acredited imigration lawyer; help with a standard Hollywood resume; follow up career advice; and a possible offer of management... and other bits like sight seeing, limo service to and from the airport, networking etc. and staying in a studio suite in the Marriott Residence Inn, Burbank:

    Residence Inn Burbank Downtown: Spacious suites and amenities for longer stays

    After checking out the company, all the people involved and actors who have already done the trip (some of whom now have agents in Hollywood) we're satisfied that it's a Brilliant opportunity. Everyone who has spoken about going on the trip has raved about it, and said it exceeded their expectations!

    It's an opportunity I never knew existed! It costs a lot of money (well, it's not a lot for what it is - the opportunity is priceless - but it's a lot to get together if you don't have it ). However... I have now manifested the money as well!!! I've just booked my flights and will be making the payment to the company this evening!! I wanted to wait until it was all confirmed before posting about it... and now it is confirmed!!! I'm SO SO excited!!

    I'm now busy choosing monologues, and will need to learn and prepare three. I must also polish up my American accent lol. I want to make the very most of the opportunity so that I have the best shot at my dream!

    So, I fly to L.A. on the 21st March, and arrive back in the UK on the 31st March.


    And I attribute this Incredible and Magical Manifestation mostly to the PATHS Trauma Release module!!! It has cleared limitting, self sabotage patterns and programming, so that I am now finally ALLOWING my dreams to come in!

    The other modules I'm on that I think have contributed to this are Self Esteem; Synchronicity and Mindset for Money - but I think the Trauma Release one has been key in boosting the effects of those.

    So, I now have three weeks to get into shape - I'd better get onto that trampoline now!

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    wowie!!!! Congrats!!!

    WOW Odille this is really fantastic!!!! I'm so excited for you and very proud!!! You will be on this side of the world for a time! I hope you have a fabulous time and I know it will all be majick...and lead to even greater success and adventures! Look forward to seeing you on all these shows!


    very cool! xoxo
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      I am so so happy for you! This is such brilliant brilliant news.

      dreams really do come true! Hollywood look out!

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        Have an ab fab time!!!!!!!!!!!!

        XO Jessica
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          Oh, Odille!!!

          That is AWESOME news!!!

          There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to Shine Brilliantly, as you ALWAYS do!!!

          I wish you an absolutely Fabulous and Successful trip, my friend!

          With Much Love and Gentle Blessings,

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            Fantabulous Illusions!! Why doesn't this surprise me the slightest??!!

            You go girl, and make them all see you shine!! Well Done You!!!!

            You will blow their socks off, Honey!!!

            Am So looking forward to hear about your experience!

            Moria x
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              HOORAY FOR YOU! What wonderful, wonderful news! You are truly an inspiration to us all, Odille.


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                WHOO HOOO!!!

                Odille, I am so happy and excited for you!!!

                I am sure you will have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear about it when you return.


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                  Congratulations Odille!

                  Hi Odille,

                  Glad to hear the news - I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you Odille! Congratulations!
                  Aaron Murakami

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                    How exciting!!!
                    Hollywood is just down the road from us.
                    I just know you will be a shining STAR
                    Then you can come visit us average folks here in California
                    Best of luck.
                    You GO GIRL!!!
                    Oh, and if you're from California you will learn to say "Dude" a lot. Honestly, we all really do that
                    Love and Blessings,

                    Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
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                      Thank you all so Very much!!

                      I'm very excited, and a little daunted lol. I have a lot to prepare, but that will make the three weeks go faster.

                      I will definitely let you all know how it goes. I might be able to post from the hotel - there's a library with computers and internet there, so I will try to pop in here at least once during my stay and say "Hi Dudes " (thanks for the tip DeAnn )

                      Love and Light and Big Dreams xxx
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                        Wow! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear of your adventures on the trip!

                        You've come so far on your journey - thank you for sharing it with all of us!



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                          Oh Odille!

                          Congratulations!!!!!!! I'm so very, very happy for you!!!!! You're a shooting star!
                          With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


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                            Dear, sweet Odille!!!! You cannot know how positively thrilled I am for you I have been away on a business trip with very limited access to email but I could not wait to post my "Congratulations" to you!!

                            You are going to totally knock them off their feet! I could not be happier for you! No one deserves this more than you
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                              Hi Kim, Christine and Pamela

                              Thank you so much

                              Love and Light and Magic xxx
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