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The Dog Whisperer Method of Changing Thought Habits...

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  • The Dog Whisperer Method of Changing Thought Habits...

    I wanted to share some insight that has come to me while watching the T.V. program "The Dog Whisperer", which I believe can be very helpful for retraining the mind to more positive thoughts...

    In "The Dog Whisperer", Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs from some of the most dramatic issues. And one of the main reasons it works so effectively and so quickly, is that dogs live in the moment. Since they don't reason, when they are being rehabilitated, they don't think "This isn't going to work - I've tried this before!" or "This is ridiculous - I've tried EVerything!" and so on. They just follow the lead .... and the brain Automatically makes new associations. And it's like Magic.

    There are three main requirements that Cesar introduces:

    1. Excercise
    2. Rules, boundaries, limitations
    3. Affection

    And in this order. The reason for putting excercise first, is that the brain is less open to learning or paying attention when there is pent up energy.

    So, how does it apply to us? ....

    1. Excercise:
    When we have subconscious programming that results in negative habitual thinking, it generally builds up a lot of negative energy, frustration, anger, fear and so on. Before we're able to be receptive to a new, more positive and calm way of thinking, we need to drain that negative energy. Just as Cesar advises draining the pent up energy in the dog by giving him enough excercise before attempting to make any changes... so we sometimes need to find a way to drain the pent up negative energy before we're able to fully open receptive to changing our habitual thinking.

    We can do this through physical activity - running, sport, punching pillows, screaming therapy, dancing etc. and/or through expressing it in writing. Write a letter you'll never send. It can be a general open letter to everyone, or to one or more people in particular. In this letter, write absolutely Everything that comes into your mind. Insult, cuss, blame, rant, rave, be unreasonable - just get it all out and onto the page/screen. Once you've drained that negative energy, your mind will be more receptive and open to new thought patterns and habits - more positive ones.

    2. Rules, boundaries, limitations:
    The way Cesar corrects a dog when he displays unwanted behaviour, is by making a short, sharp "sh" sound. This snaps the dog out of the unwanted state of mind, and into a calm, attentive state. This is usually required several times before the change becomes natural.

    He teaches that timing is the key - to catch the intention before it escalates. This requires becoming aware of the dog's change in attitude, and correcting at the very first sign. This way, the behaviour doesn't escalate. So, for ourselves, if we become aware of our thoughts, we can catch ourselves at the first sign, and correct our habitual thinking immediately - nipping it in the bud with a short, sharp "sh" lol. Well, of course it doesn't have to be a "sh" but I find that's very effective - especially after watching "The Dog Whisperer" because my mind is used to hearing it as a correction. But you can have a word or another sound. And of course, the sound doesn't have to be out loud, you can say it in your head. It's a way of snapping your automatic thinking out of that frame of mind in the moment, before it takes hold.

    3. Affection:
    Of course, this is something most of us are lacking when it comes to displaying it to ourselves. Find ways to show yourself affection. Do at least one thing for yourself each day, just because it feels good. Do for yourself what you wish someone else would do for you. Treat yourself the same way you treat loved ones - with the same compassion and the same consideration.

    And finally, Cesar teaches that the most important ingredient to being successful is a Calm, Assertive energy. This works with dogs of course - BUT it ALSO works with humans - AND with Ourselves!! Practising being in a Calm Assertive state does Wonders for your vibration, your state of mind, and reassuring your mind.

    I HIGHLY reccomend watching "The Dog Whisperer" even if you don't have dogs (I don't have a dog, but I'm intrigued by the process) - and while you're watching, see how much you can relate to the subconscious, your own issues, and your own rehabilitation.

    I hope this is useful.
    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    Thanks for that - I'm not a dog owner either, but I like this show too. I don't watch tv very much, so I've only caught it a handful of times, but love it when I do. The way he shows that the dog picks up on the energy of the owner is great - the owner has to work on their own energy, not so much feel powerless over the behaviour for the dog. Nice demo of the law of attraction in regard to relationships.



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      Wow, that is some good advice!

      I use the Emotional Guidance System ( ) as my "Rules, boundaries, limitations", among other things.

      for the great insight!


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        In principle this is a good process.

        My Golden Retriever lives in the moment. And like most dogs is very happy for it!

        Having watched the program a few times for training tips. It is interesting to see some of the psychology that overlaps to the human realms.

        Living with rules is essential for healthy living.

        Dogs and other creatures are here to help us understand boundary's.

        I would love to see someone attempt whispering to cats. That would be worth learning a few tricks from
        "But ye shall receive power..."
        Acts 1:8