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  • About Dreams.......

    I've always had lively dreams, some of them recurring, a lot of flying , and generally fairly busy. But since starting Paths, my dreams have become weirder and much busier... especially with the addition of the Trauma module.

    Here's what I've realised over the last few weeks....

    I believe that dreams are the result of the conscious mind coming up with "logical" interpretation of subconscious programming it is unable to compute.

    For example, if you've seen the movie, "The Matrix"... when the characters are out of the matrix, and they look at it on the monitor, they see the code, there are no pictures, it is code. But when they're in the matrix, the conscious mind interprets that code as pictures, people and experiences. Neo, of course, learns to see the code from inside the Matrix as well.

    It is slightly different in that, in The Matrix, the code is created specifically for the Conscious mind to interpret as those particular pictures, people and experiences. Whereas I believe that in the case of dreaming, the Subconscious is simply getting on with the processing, while the Conscious mind, unable to comprehend the processing itself (like putting a DVD into a Video player), comes up with pictures, people and experiences which are as close as it can get to interpretting the processing.

    Another way of describing it is: a rural tribe, seeing a motor vehicle for the first time, unable to comprehend machinery, may see a strange and threatening animal.

    Because the processing the Subconscious does is so beyond the ability of our Conscious minds to comprehend, the Conscious mind sees pictures, people and experiences which make some sense of it.

    I just thought this was interesting, and it's given me a whole new perspective on my dreams - I'm finding it absolutely Fascinating. I have found also that since I've been using Paths, part of my Conscious mind is actually begining to comprehend some of the incomprehensible (if that makes sense lol) there are now things I understand while I'm dreaming, that, on waking, are so incomprehesible that it's like trying to grasp a piece of wet soap in the bath.

    I'd be interested to hear from others who have insight into this.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    Dreams visions and plans

    Dreams and interpretations of them are as old as how David won favor in the court of the Egyptian Pharaoh...

    As you unlock the mind with awareness and general awakenings. The subconscious also resounds with new life. This is part of your journey to enlightenment.

    Turn your dream of flight to reality. Certainly it shows you are rising above bounds that no longer restrain you
    "But ye shall receive power..."
    Acts 1:8