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  • Love healing sessions

    Who else here has had the idea to use healing sessions in these forums to help others.

    More specifically, what about using the forum to create a thread for healing sessions.

    Lets say someone comes here with issues that need healing and clearing. So they decide on a time which they will be in a quiet enviroment which they can lay/sit and go into a trance state and begin to receive energy from whoever decides to send it.

    So here's the fun part. As the one sending the healing energy you can send it to the person anytime you want, an hour before the receiver goes into a meditative/receiving state, or two days later it doesn't matter. See where this is going, lets say the receiver sets a time of 6 pm to receive and a month later someone new that is learning to send love/healing decides to send some healing energy that way as well. The receiver will still receive that healing energy at 6pm on the day they chose. If you are here then I beleive you have come to a concept of time as only a tool to keep the boss from telling you you're late. (AKA it don't exist) And it has been proven using reiki healing sessions from a distance. The healer and the one being healed don't even need to be sending/receiving at the same "time".

    I hope that is clear enough to understand. Even if all you can spare today is 5 minutes to send love to heal then it will help because there will be more than one person sending healing and it will simply compound into the person receiving the healing.

    Basically we can help heal people on the forums that ask for it. We can help clear their blockages and help them learn to send healing energy as well.

    Anyhow, I had that idea and I didn't wanna keep it bottled up.

    Oh yeah I forgot to say but hoped that the idea came across, more than one person can send the healing, aka whomever wants to send love can. And hopefully it turns into more than a handful. That would make the healing more powerful and healing.
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    If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.

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    Healing sessions

    I think this is a wonderful idea!!! I make sure to send love everyday and I would love to send love to heal. It really helps!!
    With Infinite Love and Gratitude,